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updated 1 month ago

geom2d by David Legland

Geometry library for matlab. Performs geometric computations on points, lines, circles, polygons... (color, mathematics, computational geometr...)

Demo Medial Axis

Draw Poisson lines


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updated 2 months ago

geom3d by David Legland

Library to handle 3D geometric primitives: create, intersect, display, and make basic computations (potw, pick of the week, 3d)




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updated 3 months ago

Geometric measures in 2D/3D images by David Legland

Measure of geometric parameters in 2D or 3D images (surface area, perimeter, Euler Number...) (image analysis, particle analysis, region properties)




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updated 4 months ago

Feret diameter and oriented box by David Legland

Compute Feret diameters and oriented bounding box from label image (feret diameter, image processing, label image)




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updated 6 months ago

Table class by David Legland

A class for handling data tables together with row and column labels (statistics, data table, data exploration)

Using the Table Class

anova(data, groups, varargin)

anova1(this, factor, varargin)

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updated 9 months ago

ImageM by David Legland

A GUI for image processing and analysis (image processing, image analysis, image)


uiextras.calculatePixelSizes( availableSize, sizes, minSi...

uiextras.callCallback( callback, varargin )

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updated 10 months ago

Correlation circles by David Legland

Display correlation matrix using colored circles (data exploration, data visualization, correlation matrix)

correlationCircles(data, varargin)

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updated 1 year ago

3D Slicer by David Legland

Slicer for exploring 3D images (grayscale, color or vectorial) through planar or 3D slices. (slice, viewer, 3d)

computeSliceRGB(slice, displayRange, lut)

createRGBStack(img1, img2, img3)

cropStack(img, box)

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updated 1 year ago

Region Adjacency Graph (RAG) by David Legland

Computes the graph of adjacent regions in a labeled image (image analysis, rag, image)


imRAG(img, varargin)

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updated 2 years ago

Image chamfer distances and geodesic diameter by David Legland

Propagates geodesic distances in binary images, and compute geodesic diameter (image, distance, geodesic)




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updated 3 years ago

image ellipsoid 3D by David Legland

Inertia ellipsoid of a 3D grayscale image (image processing, inertia, ellipsoid)




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updated almost 4 years ago

double2rgb by David Legland

Converts an array of double (2D or 3D) to an RGB image using specified colormap (image processing, image display, rgb)

double2rgb(img, map, bounds, varargin)

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updated 4 years ago

imOverlay by David Legland

Add colored markers to an image, that can be 2D or 3D, grayscale or color. (image processing, color image, display)

imOverlay(img, varargin)

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updated 4 years ago

imHistogram by David Legland

Histogram of 2D/3D grayscale or color images (image, histogram, color histogram)

imHistogram(img, varargin)

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updated almost 6 years ago

Accurate polygon extension by Krispijn Scholte

Enlarges polygon by a specified range. Also generates internal polygons caused by intersections. (polygon, extend, extension)


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updated 8 years ago

blue to red colormap by David Legland

colormap showing a gradient from blue to green, then from green to red (annotation, customization, colormap)

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updated 9 years ago

munit by David Legland

Unit tests with MATLAB. (unit test, junit, regression tests)



assertEquals(var1, var2, varargin)

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