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updated 20 days ago

Color Palette Tables (.cpt) for Matlab by Kelly Kearney

Create and apply GMT-style colormaps in Matlab (color palette table, colormap, gradient)


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updated 22 days ago

legendflex: a more flexible legend by Kelly Kearney

Create a legend with more flexible positioning and labeling capabilities (legend, label, potw)




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updated 1 month ago

contourfcmap: filled contour plot with precise colormap by Kelly Kearney

Creates a filled contour plot, with more precise control over colors than contourf. (contour, filled, contourf)




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updated 2 months ago

plotboxpos by Kelly Kearney

Returns the position of a plotted axis region (annotation, customization, plotted)


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updated 2 months ago

line2arrow: Add an arrowhead to a plotted line by Kelly Kearney

Combines line plotting with annotation arrows. (line, arrow)


line2arrow(h, varargin);

parsepv(Param, pvpairs, varargin)

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updated 2 months ago

tick2text: create easy-to-customize tick labels by Kelly Kearney

Customized tick marks, maintained on zoom and pan (annotation, customization, tick)



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updated 2 months ago

boundedline: line plots with shaded error/confidence intervals by Kelly Kearney

Plot one or more lines with a shaded boundary (can represent error, confidence intervals, etc). (bounds line confidenc..., so well programmed, potw)



outlinebounds(hl, hp)

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updated 4 months ago

ecopathlite: a Matlab-based implementation of Ecopath by Kelly Kearney

Reproduces the main mass-balance algorithm from the popular ecosystem modeling tool, Ecopath (ecopath, ecosystem)




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updated 11 months ago

vec2grid by Kelly Kearney

Reshapes vector data to a grid (matrices, reshape, griddata)


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updated 1 year ago

aggregate.m by Kelly Kearney

Group (and apply functions to) values in one matrix based on grouping variables in another (accumarray, aggregate, group)

aggregate(x, y, fun)

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updated almost 2 years ago

N Dimensional Cardinal Spline (Catmull-Rom) Spline Interpolation by Dr. Murtaza Khan

N -Dimensional cubic Cardinal spline (Catmull-Rom) Interpolation (approximation, interpolation, cardinal spline)


[Pu] =evalcrdnd(P0,P1,P2,P3,T,u)


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updated almost 4 years ago

bufferm2 by Kelly Kearney

Creates a buffer zone around or inside a polygon or polygons (buffer zone, polygon, bufferm)


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updated almost 6 years ago

subdir: a recursive file search by Kelly Kearney

Performs a recursive file search using same input and output format as dir function (path, directories, files)


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updated 7 years ago

depfuntoolbox by Kelly Kearney

Determines the functions a file depends on, separated by toolbox (path, directories, files)


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updated 8 years ago

interpshapefile by Kelly Kearney

Determine value at a given location or locations based on data in an ESRI shapefile (shapefile, esri, map)

interpshapefile(S, lat, lon, attribute)

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updated 8 years ago

aviread16bitcol by Kelly Kearney

Reads in a 16-bit color avi movie (data import, data export, read)


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updated 9 years ago

inpolygons by Kelly Kearney

Finds points inside multiple polygons, holes possible. (approximation, interpolation, polygon)


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