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updated 5 years ago

Convert Unix Time (seconds since Jan 1 1970) to MATLAB Serial Time by Val Schmidt

Val Schmidt

Converts unix time to MATLAB serial time. (unix time, serial time, unix)

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updated almost 10 years ago

GUI Examples using Nested Functions by Steven Lord

Steven Lord

These two examples demonstrate how to use nested functions to reduce parameter passing in GUIs. (gui tools, example, red_blue)



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updated almost 12 years ago

General Selection Dialogs by Mike Thomson

Mike Thomson

Extensions to inputdlg, listdlg, menu. (gui tools, example, gui)

inputdlg2( cellItems, figId, charMode, inputDef )

ipFig=dispdlg( cellItems, figId, Mode )

listdlg2( inItems, figId, selMode, inDeft )

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