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updated 12 days ago

export_fig by Yair Altman

Yair Altman

Exports figures nicely to a number of vector & bitmap formats. (jpeg, anti alias, marker size)

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updated 10 months ago

Cross Section Isosurface by Evan


easily plot and color 3D data (3d, data exploration, figure)

CrossSectionIsosurface(density3D, varargin)


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updated 1 year ago

Publish with automatic figure insertion by Ruben D. Gonzalez L.

Ruben D. Gonzalez L.

Automates insertion of full featured figure files (*.fig ) into published Word documents. (publish, figure, word)


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updated almost 5 years ago

Using patch() and rotate() - Basics by Husam Aldahiyat

Husam Aldahiyat

Powerpoint slides on the basic usage of the patch() and rotate() functions. Includes 13 Examples. (patch, rotate, slides)




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updated 5 years ago

Bias Field Corrected Fuzzy C-Means by Dirk-Jan Kroon

Dirk-Jan Kroon

Estimates the illumination artifact in 2D (color) and 3D CT and MRI and segments into classes. (bias field, biasfield, segmentation)




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updated 5 years ago

Learn Basic Plotting Principles by Husam Aldahiyat

Husam Aldahiyat

Powerpoint Slides on the fundamentals of plotting and using the function line() with animation. (gui, example, graphical)




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updated 5 years ago

ezgraph by Matt Fig

Matt Fig

Performs basic formatting of a plot with a single GUI. (annotation, customization, easy)


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updated almost 10 years ago

Show the Value from the Variable by Christian Schultes

Christian Schultes

This function opens a short window and shows the select variable. (figure, show, help)


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updated 11 years ago

exmanager by Francois Bouffard

Francois Bouffard

Small GUI for saving workspace, figures and diary. (gui tools, example, workspace)


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