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updated 1 hour ago

Numeric to English Words by Stephen Cobeldick

Convert a numeric scalar to a string giving the English name of the number value (GB/US). (dialect, words, number names)




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updated 30 days ago

intersectPlaneSurf by Mehmet OZTURK

Intersection points of an arbitrary surface with an arbitrary plane. (plane, vector, intersection)

intersectPlaneSurf(p0, v, exx, eyy, ezz)


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updated 1 month ago

vector3 by Paul Kassebaum

3-D vector plot. (3d, vector, field)


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updated 2 months ago

Generate Random Numbers from a 2D Discrete Distribution by Tristan Ursell

Random numbers from any 2D discrete probability distribution, at any resolution. (discrete, distribution, generate)


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updated 4 months ago

Object oriented program demo: animated traffic lights on road intersection by Bogumila & Zbigniew MROZEK

simple classes and superclass are used to arrange flexible object oriented programming environment (demo, gui, simulation)


tLamps % trafficLamp


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updated 4 months ago

Export figure to 3D interactive PDF by Ioannis Filippidis

Export figure as U3D file or directly to 3D interactive graphics within PDF. (3d, u3d, graphics)

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updated 5 months ago

Prefixed-String Conversion (SI or Binary) by Stephen Cobeldick

Convert between numeric values and SI (or binary) prefixed strings. (data, communications, iso 80000)




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updated 8 months ago

Generating Gaussian Filter 2D Matrix by Duc Chung Tran

The function is used to generate Gaussian Filter 2D Matrix. (gaussian, filter, matrix)

g=Gaussian_filter(Filter_size, sigma)

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updated 10 months ago

Read Gml by Elias

Stores gml info in hierarchical structure. Derive Adjacency Matrix (graph, gml, struct)


get_next_struct(content, i)


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updated 10 months ago

Linear fit with both uncertainties in x and in y by Julien Browaeys

Performs a linear fit with uncertainties in x and y, using a Monte Carlo method (fit, linear, plot)

linfitxy( xdatain, ydatain, xerrin, yerrin, varargin)

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updated 11 months ago

Phase Plots of Complex Functions by Elias Wegert

Routines for creating color representations of complex functions (phase plots) (complex functions, phase plot, domain coloring)


GUI_PhasePlot(hObject, ~)


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updated 1 year ago

Linear Equation by James Adams

Calculates a linear equation for two given points. (linear, inversion, matrix)


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updated 1 year ago

Connect Randomly Ordered 2D Points into a Minimal Nearest-Neighbor Closed Contour by Tristan Ursell

Connects randomly ordered 2D points into a minimal nearest neighbor contour. (contour, nearest, neighbor)


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updated 1 year ago

struct2tree by Daniel

Renders a structure as a uitree in a graphics container (uitree, struct, graphics)



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updated 1 year ago

Create a colored, tilted 2D error ellipse scatter plot. by Nathan Orloff

Create a colored, tilted 2D error ellipse scatter plot. (ellipse, error, errorplot)


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updated almost 2 years ago

legend1.m by Stavros Zanos

Control line and text entries in a legend object, individually. (plot, legend, loop)


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updated 2 years ago

Image Noise Reduction by Local Statistics by Tristan Ursell

Reduce image noise by measuring local pixel statistics and remapping intensities. (image processing, image, noise)


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updated 2 years ago

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Export of Figures by Juerg Schwizer

Converts 3D and 2D MATLAB plots to the scalable vector format (SVG). (specialized, plotting, svg)




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updated 2 years ago

Connected Component Analysis on an Undirected Graph by Tristan Ursell

Connected component analysis on undirected graphs, with thresholding and connectivity constraints. (graph, theory, undirected)


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updated almost 3 years ago

Matrix Convolution with Sub-Pixel Resolution by Tristan Ursell

Convolve two matrices at sub-pixel resolution, using bilinear interpolation. (matrix, convolve, convolution)


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updated almost 3 years ago

CNCCoder by Sagheb Kohpayeh Araghi

This is a basic CNC coder which allow user to write CNC codes. (cnc, gui, cnc code)


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updated 5 years ago

Edges generation by Jan Valdman

Algorithm generates edges of a conforming 2D/3D triangulation. (edges generation, matrix, 2d)

[element2edges, edge2nodes]=getEdges(elements)



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