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updated 1 day ago

Plug-in Direct Particle Swarm Repetitive Controller by Bartlomiej Ufnalski

This project demonstrates repetitve process control using evolutionary dynamic optimization tools. (repetitive control, iterative learning co..., ilc)




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updated 1 day ago

Automated Ziegler Nicholas PID Tuning by Waleed El-Badry

GUI for easily finding P,PI and PID gains using Ziegler Nicholas (pid, zieglernicholas, control design)

CLS( Wp,Wc )

CreatePlant( num,den )


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updated 2 months ago

Flexible Beam in SimMechanics by Pravesh Sanghvi

Flexible beam using lumped parameter and state-space methods for static, modal, and dynamic analysis (physical modeling, flexible bodies, cantilever beam)

Compute_GFE_Prop(rho, youngsM, shearM, numelem, beam_leng...

Extr_Data_Box(box_ox, box_ix, varargin)


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updated 3 months ago

Mult&T by Franklin Pineda

Realizations and Control of Multivariable Linear Systems. (control design)

[A B C D T]=hoform(Gt,W)

[A B C D]=lcfform(Gt)

[A B C D]=lmpf2ss(D1,N)

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updated 4 months ago

MSD Toolbox by Ahmed Shahein

Multi-stage decimation filter design and optimization (fir, fir filter, polyphase)


CICCompensationFilter(N, R, Fs)

CICFilter(M, N, R, Fs, Data)

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updated 1 year ago

Data-driven Control by Pravallika

Files used in webinar Data-driven Control conducted on 12 July 2012 (control design, simulink, demo)




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updated 1 year ago

kappa - Frequency-wise nu-gap metric by Daniel Auger

This function calculates the frequency-wise version of the nu-gap between two systems. (control design)

kappa(P1, P2, varargin)


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updated 1 year ago

phlead by Daniel Auger

Phase-lead compensator with specified centre frequency and lead. (control design)



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updated 1 year ago

graphsymbols by Daniel Auger

Compute the normalized left and right coprime graph symbols of a system. (control system design, graph symbols, feedback)



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updated 1 year ago

rho - frequency-wise stability margin by Daniel Auger

Frequency-wise stability margin for a [P,C] pair (control design)

rho(P, C, omega)


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updated 1 year ago

CRCBode() - Contoured Robust Controller Bode Plot Function by JD Taylor

Generate controller Bode plots with contours showing robust performance and stability metric. (robust control, control design, loop shaping)


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updated 1 year ago

Controls Tutor by Craig Borghesani

Help understand the fundamentals of classical control theory. (root locus, bode, nyquist)




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updated almost 2 years ago

Rice Grain Quality Control by wilmer ariza

Small application to show the viability of implement a quality control for kernel rice grain (image processing, signal processing, measurement)




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updated almost 2 years ago

Controllability gramian for unstable systems by Chris Bowden

Computes the controllability gramian for an unstable linear system in state space form. (controllability, gramian, unstable system)


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updated 2 years ago

PID Basics by Lucas GarcĂ­a

PID Basics is a nice way to obtain a quick intuition and understanding of PID control. (gui, control design, pid)



PID Basics

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updated 2 years ago

Controller Design GUI by Hadi Saadat

Tool for the design of a first-order controller in the forward path of a closed-loop control system (control design, gui)




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updated 2 years ago

SCOPE: interactively tabulate SEER excel variables by Rex Cheung

This takes SEER excel column data interactively, tabulate them, write back in table format. (data import, data export, optimization)


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updated 2 years ago

TargetTracker by James Potter

This is a one-dimensional tracking game. Use a joystick to make the cursor follow the target. (game, manual tracking exper..., human factors)


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updated 2 years ago

Routh Pade Approximation by Janardhanan Sivaramakrishnan

To Compute Routh-Pade Approximant of a given stable transfer function to a desired degree. (control design, modeling, model order reduction)


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updated 2 years ago

Frequency-Domain Min-Max Optimization for Delta-Sigma Modulators by Masaaki Nagahara

Matlab codes are provided for min-max optimization for loop-filter design in delta-sigma modulators. (delta sigma, optimization, signal processing)

NTF_MINMAX(order, OSR, H_inf, f0, zf)

NTF_MINMAX_MB(order, OSR, H_inf, f, zf)

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updated 2 years ago

Discrete Lorenz Water Wheel Simulation by Trevor

This is a simulation of an 8 tank lorenze water wheel. The water speed is manually controlled. (lorenz water wheel, chaotic system)




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updated 2 years ago

OptimPID: an optimal PID controller design interface by Dingyu Xue

OptimPID is a MATLAB based interface and it can be used to optimize PID parameters (pid controller, optimum pid, optimal control)




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updated almost 6 years ago

Smart Tool Program-Demo Update by GAMAL ALKIRSHI

This program includin matlab's course in arabic language, It's desigen for students. (gui, data acquisition, introduction)




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updated 6 years ago

MPC: Multivariable Constrained State Space example by Paul Mc Namara

A constrained MPC stirred tank reactor example (simulation, constrained, mpc)

formRss( p, HN123 )

formcss( p, Upast, f )

futureSetPt( p )

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