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updated 3 months ago

Bytestream Save Toolbox by Jan Berling

Ultrafast saving of workspace variables as bytestreams. Especially useful for big cells and structs. (save, bytestream, cell arrays)



getCaseSensitiveFilename( pathAndVarnameDotMat )

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updated 4 months ago

Export figure to 3D interactive PDF by Ioannis Filippidis

Export figure as U3D file or directly to 3D interactive graphics within PDF. (3d, u3d, graphics)

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updated 5 months ago

easy matlab and shell interaction library (ez.m) by Jerry

make it easy to interact with shell, os in matlab (shell, matlab, python)

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updated 5 months ago

Cell Array to CSV-file [improved cell2csv.m] by Jerry

Writes cell array content into a *.csv file. (cell arrays, array to file, array to text)

cell2csv(fileName, cellArray, separator, excelYear, decimal)

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updated 5 months ago

readcsv.m by Dongxi Zheng

This function imports a csv file into a structure array (csv, structure, array)

readcsv(filename, showprgrs)

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updated 8 months ago

num2clip board with column names by Roberto

Easy function to copy a numeric array to the clipboard, allowing to write costum column names. (clipboard, excel, numeric)


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updated 12 months ago

toTable: Simple Manual Matlab to Excel or Word Function by Kirk

Take data from Matlab to an Excel Spreadsheet or a Word Table. (excel, convert, matlab)


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updated 1 year ago

struct2csv by James Slegers

Output a structure to a .csv file, with column headers (csv, struct, struct2csv)


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updated 1 year ago

MyPatcher by Michael Ryan

Function to patch files a la the UNIX patch utility from unified diff files using pure Matlab. (file, file distribution, programming)

mypatcher( varargin )

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updated 2 years ago

Copy Files in Batches using Search Terms by Tristan Ursell

Copy files matching search terms, from sub-directories matching search terms into a new directory. (array, cell, copy)


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updated almost 3 years ago

struct2File by Ivar Eskerud Smith

Print a struct to file. (struct, print, file)

struct2File( s, fileName, varargin )

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updated almost 3 years ago

image_save by Tristan Ursell

You know that annoying error when trying to write to an image stack in Matlab? (image, stack, save)


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updated 3 years ago

Loads Preferences File by Tiago

This function loads a .mat file containing a structure and appends all the loaded fields and respect (load, file, preferences)

Load_Pref_File(prefs_default, prefs_file)

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