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updated 1 month ago

nasa/T-MATS by Jeffryes

Jeffryes (view profile)

Simulink Toolbox for the Modeling and Analysis of Thermodynamic Systems, such as gas turbines (simulation, simulink, example)

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updated 3 months ago

Files Associated with the Video "Creating a Simulink Block Using MATLAB Code" by MathWorks Student Competitions Team

The files in this submission are used in the video "Creating a Simulink Block Using MATLAB Code" (customization, simulink, block)



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updated 5 months ago

Calling Shared Libraries from Simulink by Mikhail

Mikhail (view profile)

This paper discusses several approaches for calling shared libraries from Simulink models (simulink, legacy code tool, lct)

Calling Shared Libraries from Simulink



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updated 9 months ago

Embedded Coder Target for Arduino by MathWorks Embedded Coder Team

Custom target for Arduno and other processors (arduino, support package, pil)

arduino_ec.flash( modelName )


arduino_ec_make_rtw_hook(hookMethod, modelName, ~, ~, ~, ~)

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updated 1 year ago

Analog / Mixed Signal Examples by Dick Benson

Dick Benson (view profile)

Extensive collection of examples for analog and mixed signal design work. (dsp, circuit, rf)




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updated almost 3 years ago

Expert System with PROLOG to Simulink by Marcelo Fernandes

PROLOG to Simulink with The SWI-Prolog and JPL (Java Interface to PROLOG) (expert system, prolog, swiprolog)

[sys,x0,str,ts] =SWIPrologInterface(t,x,u,flag,jarFile,pl...


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