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updated 1 month ago

Local binary patterns by Nikolay S.

Calculates image LBP (Local binary patterns). (lbp, image processing, pattern)

[outImg, varargout]=tightHistImg(inImg, varargin)

[radInterpFilt]=generateRadialFilterLBP(p, r)

[radInterpFilt]=generateRadialFilterLBP(p, r)

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updated 2 months ago

Image enhancement using Hybrid Metaheuistic by Anupriya Gogna

Demo for image enhancement using memetic algorithm (image enhancementhybr...)



mean_n (image)

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updated 2 months ago

De-Speckling SAR (Synthetic Aperture RADAR) Image by Ashish Meshram (Meet)

De-Speckling SAR (Synthetic Aperture RADAR) Image (image processing, nondecimated wavelet ..., savitzkygolay filter)




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updated 3 months ago by Weicheng Kuo

Fourier shape descriptors for simple binary region (tutorial, image processing, geometry)


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updated 5 months ago

ECC image alignment algorithm (image registration) by Georgios Evangelidis

This is a Matlab implementation of the ECC image alignment (image registration) algorithm. (image alignment, image registration, gradientbased registr...)

ecc(image, template, levels, noi, transform, delta_p_init)

image_jacobian(gx, gy, jac, nop)

spatial_interp(in, warp, str, transform, nx, ny)

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updated 5 months ago

SaivDr Package by Shogo Muramatsu

System object definitions for sparsity-aware image (and volume data) restoration (image processing, nsolt, ista)




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updated 7 months ago

Real Time Microphone and Camera data acquisition and audio-video processing by Theodoros Giannakopoulos

This Matlab-code is a demo for real-time audio and image processing. (audio processing, video processing, camera)

realTimeMic(duration, nBlocks, useVideo)

zcr(signal,windowLength, step, fs);

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updated 8 months ago

Infrared Image Software (IRIS) by Kevin Hellemans

FTIR Image Data Processing (ftir, gui, chemistry)




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updated 9 months ago

Image Denoising based on Non Local-means Filter and its Method Noise Thresholding by Shreyamsha Kumar B. K.

Image details that are removed by NL-means filter is added back after wavelet thresholding (non localmeans filter, bilateral filter, method noise)

[g_all, vv_all]=vifsub_est_M(org,dist, subbands, M);

[ssarr, l_arr, cu_arr]=refparams_vecgsm(org,subands,M)


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updated 10 months ago

Trainable COSFIRE filters for keypoint detection and pattern recognition by George Azzopardi

A COSFIRE filter detects features or patterns of interest, e.g. traffic signs in complex scenes. (cosfire, keypoint, feature)


Gabor(img, lambda, aspectratio, bandwidth, orientation, s...


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updated 11 months ago

Two-dimensional trilateral filter by Pekka Astola

Filters a grayscale image with the trilateral filter by P. Choudhury and J. Tumblin (trilateral filter, bilateral filter, filtering)




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updated 1 year ago

Image fusion based on pixel significance using cross bilateral filter by Shreyamsha Kumar B. K.

Fuses multifoucs and multispectral images by weighted average using the weights computed from CBF. (image fusion, pixel significance, multifocus)


[gv gh]=sobel_fn(x)


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updated 1 year ago

Gabor filtering on an image by Deepak Kumar Rout

Application of gabor filter on image (gabor filter, image processing, image)



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updated 1 year ago

Content Based Image Retrieval by Chez

Simple content based image retrieval for demonstration purposes. Either using knn or classification (image retrieval, content based image r..., classification)

L1(numOfReturnedImages, queryImageFeatureVector, dataset)

L2(numOfReturnedImages, queryImageFeatureVector, dataset,...

[obj, overall]=confMatPlot(confMat, opt)

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updated 1 year ago

Multi-Scale Edge Detection by Shan

Multi-Scale Edge Detection with Gaussian and Laplacian Pyramids (edge detection, gaussian pyramid, laplacian pyramid)

[EdgeDecision, var]=funcVarianceMapMod(inputImage, row, c...

[varianceImg, timeTaken]=funcVarianceMap(inputImage, wind...

convolve(I, F, str)

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updated 1 year ago

Bregman Cookbook by Jerome Gilles

This toolbox provides signal/image/3D processing based on Bregman Iterations (bregman, l1, sparse)




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updated 1 year ago

JPEG-based computing by Boris

This is a function to test a JPEG-based encoding/decoding algorithm (demo, image processing, compression)

entropy_cod( input_matrix, n)

get_quantization( q )

huffman_cod( input_matrix)

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updated 2 years ago

Gabor Filetr GUI by Nikolay S.

Design apply and learn the Gabor Filter via GUI. (gabor, gabor filters, filter bank)


Gabor Filter GUI

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updated 2 years ago

Can you hear the Image? Tool that allows you to transform image into audible sounds by Uri Dubin

This demo transforms image spatial information to sounds. It helps blind to "see" the image. (image processing, signal processing)


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updated 2 years ago

SCOPE: interactively tabulate SEER excel variables by Rex Cheung

This takes SEER excel column data interactively, tabulate them, write back in table format. (data import, data export, optimization)


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updated 2 years ago

Vessel branch segmentation by Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Segment the vessel branches from dynamic image of fluorescent microscopy (image processing, gui, microscopy)


[appTime, mask]=VBSvesselMask(vimg)

[map sepTime]=VBSregionMerge(appTimeImg)

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updated 3 years ago

Motion Detection by Harsha Vardhan

Motion Detection using videos recorded still camera (signal processing, image processing, video processing)



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updated almost 4 years ago

Detect circles with various radii in grayscale image via Hough Transform by Tao Peng

Detect circular shapes in a grayscale image. Resolve their center positions and radii. (image analysis, circular hough transf..., various)

CircularHough_Grd(img, radrange, varargin)

DrawCircle(x, y, r, nseg, S)

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updated 4 years ago

DNA MicroArray Image Processing Case Study by Robert Bemis

Case study used in Biomedical and Image Processing seminars (highlights algorithm development). (biotech, pharmaceutical, crop)



Microarray Spot Finding Example

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updated 4 years ago

MPEG2 Video Encoder by Ravi Lakkundi

MPEG2 Video Encoder (mpeg2 video encoder, video codec, mpeg2)




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updated 4 years ago

fourier descriptor by michael scheinfeild

describe shape using fourier coefficients (fourier descriptor, shape, shape classification)




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updated almost 5 years ago

Introduction to MATLAB® Webinar materials by Jiro Doke

Presentation and demo materials from the live Webinar "Introduction to MATLAB®" (March 20, 2007) (whitepaper, article, paper)




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updated almost 5 years ago

Effect of Range Reduction in Video/Image Compression by Fitzgerald Archibald

Range reduction demonstration using JPEG codecs. (image processing, signal processing)

ssim_index(img1, img2, K, window, L)


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updated 5 years ago

Speckle Size via Autocorrelation by Joel

Outputs the size of speckles in an image that has a **uniform background**. (autocorrelation, autocovariance, speckle)


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updated 6 years ago

Video Surveillance System Design with Simulink® and Xilinx® FPGAs by Alan Hwang

Files for the joint MathWorks and Xilinx seminar: Video Surveillance System Design (video, fpga, system)

rgb2bayer(filename, sensoralign)



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updated 7 years ago

Gantry robot simulation by John Kluza

Supervisory and low level robot tracking control of a 5-bar or articulated gantry using desired posi (simulation, robot kalman video es...)


gantry_msfun_3color(t,x,u,flag, handles)


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updated 9 years ago

Pad array by Sergei Koptenko

Pad array or image. (application, padding array pad bor...)

array_padd(data_in, padsize, paddvalue, direction, paddmo...

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updated 10 years ago

Walsh Transform(2D) by Ahmad Poursaberi

The function implements the 2D Walash Transform. (transforms, walsh transform, 2d)

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updated 10 years ago

Walsh Transform(1D) by Ahmad Poursaberi

The function implements the 1D Walash Transform. (transforms, walsh transform, 1d)

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updated 10 years ago

Image Compression by Luigi Rosa

Demo source code for image compression. (compression, image compression, dct)

btcode (infile,bx,by,outfile)



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updated 11 years ago

Snakes & Ladders Game by M M

Run to ladders and beware snakes. (games, game, board)


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updated 11 years ago

Magic Cards by M M

Magic Card Game - You must try it. (games, magic, cards)

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updated 12 years ago

Simple DIP demos by Tan Chin Luh

Simple DIP demo using MATLAB 6.1, Image Processing Toolbox and NN Toolbox. (tutorial, example, template matching)




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updated 12 years ago

IMUI by Kotaimen Cao

Image Processing Toolbox Utilities (gui, display, annotation)




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