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updated 1 month ago

System Identification using GA with a GUI interface by Wesam Elshamy

Wesam Elshamy

Idnetifying ARX model of a system using Genetic Algorithms with a GUI interface and compare it to Le (optimization, system identification, ga)

arx2(y, u, na, nb, nk, error, pop, mutation, no_of_genera...


genalg(error, population_size, mutation, no_of_generations)

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updated 3 months ago

Data based modeling of nonlinear dynamic systems using System Identification Toolbox by Rajiv Singh

Rajiv Singh

Perspectives on nonlinear identification using a throttle valve modeling example. (toolbox, system identification, narmax)

throttleODE(t, x, F, c, k, K, b, varargin)



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updated almost 5 years ago

Gravity Measurement Case Study by Robert Bemis

Robert Bemis

Scientific imaging case study with MATLAB and toolboxes. (tutorial, example, image acquisition)




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