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updated 4 months ago

Natural Gas Storage Optimization & Intrinsic Valuation by Ameya Deoras

Calculate optimal injection/withdrawal schedules for gas storage facility (energy trading)

Natural Gas Storage Optimization & Intrinsic Valuation

createConstraints(facility, N, daysInMonth, startVol, end...

Intrinsic Storage Optimization

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updated 9 months ago

ForwardandBackwardEulerExplorer by JM Modisette

Launches an interactive GUI for comparing forward and backward Euler. (demo, gui, teaching)




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updated 11 months ago

Algorithm Development with MATLAB by Sumit Tandon

Demo files to go with recorded webinar. (data import, gui, image processing)


Green Object Detection App

Find Green Object

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updated 1 year ago

MATLAB Tools for Scientist by Asawari Samant

Files from the webinar: MATLAB Tools for Scientists- Introduction to Data Analysis and Visualization (dose response, data import, gui)

Dose Response Analysis


createFit(doseB, y, clr)

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