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updated 1 month ago

Graph Cut for image Segmentation by Amarjot


The code segments the grayscale image using graph cuts. (image processing, signal processing, segmentation)


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updated almost 2 years ago

k-means++ by Laurent S

Laurent S

Cluster multivariate data using the k-means++ algorithm. (data mining, clustering, kmeans)


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updated 4 years ago

Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB - 2010 by Stuart Kozola

Stuart Kozola

Files from the November 18, 2010 webinar. (algorithmic trading, trading, moving average)

Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB®: Evolutionary Learning

Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB®: More Signals

Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB®: Moving Average and RSI

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updated 4 years ago

Boosting Demo by Richard Stapenhurst

Richard Stapenhurst

A demo to illustrate the behaviour of Adaboost with various base learners on a few toy datasets. (machine learning, artificial intelligen..., demo)




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updated almost 7 years ago

Plot a Directed Graph by Joseph Kirk

Joseph Kirk

plots a directed graph represented by an adjacency matrix and xy points (specialized, plotting, directed graph)


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