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updated 2 years ago

Animation *.wav to *.avi spectrum animation generator. by Héctor Corte

Héctor Corte (view profile)

This script takes an audio file in *.wav and converts it into an *.avi animation using its spectrum. (signal processing, data exploration, image processing)


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updated almost 5 years ago

Video: GUIDE Basics Tutorial by Doug Hull

Doug Hull (view profile)

Five minute video about building GUIs in MATLAB. (gui, wow, amazing great materia...)


102 Basics Guide Reshoot_controller.swf

102 Basics Guide Reshoot_preload.swf

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updated 6 years ago

Voice Audio Processing by Paolo Di Prodi

Paolo Di Prodi (view profile)

Basic processing of audio samples in wav format, using fourier transformation. (fourier transformatio..., signal processing)




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