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updated almost 3 years ago

TA-Lib Mex Functions and OSLion binaries by Davide Onofrio

The TA-Lib Library is widely used by trading software developers. (talib, technical analysis, finance)


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updated 5 years ago

Bar- and candle style graph for stocks by Jelle Veraa

Plots a bar graph of stock OHLC values, o (finance, chart, bar chart)



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updated almost 8 years ago

TA-Lib 0.3.0 as MEX by Pranas Baliuka

The Technical Analysis library (finance, modeling, analysis)

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updated 10 years ago

CheapHLOCPlot by Michael Robbins

CHEAPHLOCPLOT Free High-Low-Open-Close (and volume, moving average) plot to answer a CSSM question. (specialized, plotting, plot)

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