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updated 3 months ago

export_fig by Oliver Woodford

Exports figures nicely to a number of vector & bitmap formats. (data export, export figure, print)

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updated 1 year ago

xlwrite: Generate XLS(X) files without Excel on Mac/Linux/Win by Alec de Zegher

Generates ‘.xls’ & '.xlsx' files on Mac/Linux/Win without Excel, using same syntax as xlswrite. (xlswrite, excel, xlwrite)

[status, message]=xlwrite(filename,A,sheet, range)


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updated 3 years ago

Pack & Unpack variables to & from structures with enhanced functionality by Adi Navve

v2struct packs and unpacks variables to and from structures with enhanced functionality. (variables, structures, struct)




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updated 7 years ago

Performing random numbers generator from a generic discrete distribution by Gianluca Dorini

This function extracts random numbers distributed over a discrete set; the PDF is user-defined (statistics, probability, random numbers)


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