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updated 3 months ago

calc_meshdata by Immanuel Anjam

Calculates the affine transformations for integration in 2D/3D via the unit triangle/tetrahedron. (integration, 2d, unit reference triang...)



amsv (ama,svx)

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updated 2 years ago

read_tetgenmesh by Immanuel Anjam

Reads Tetgen meshes into Matlab (tetgen, 3d, mesh)

read_tetgenmesh( file )


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updated 2 years ago

inttet by Immanuel Anjam

3D integration quadrature for unit tetrahedron (3d, integration, quadrature)


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updated 4 years ago

Multiple eigen-values for 2x2 and 3x3 matrices by Bruno Luong

Compute in one shot the eigen-values of multiples (3 x 3) matrices using Cardan's formula (eigenvalues, cardan formula, 3x3 matrices)




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updated 5 years ago

NUMUNIQUE by Zhigang Xu

Returns unique elements in an array and all the indices for the repetitious values. (mathematics, set, unique)

[x, p, f]=numunique(x)

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updated 5 years ago

Edges generation by Jan Valdman

Algorithm generates edges of a conforming 2D/3D triangulation. (edges generation, matrix, 2d)

[element2edges, edge2nodes]=getEdges(elements)



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