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26 Oct 2011 Resources for estimating, simulating, and forecasting with GARCH models and Econometrics Toolbox

Discovery page covering GARCH modeling in MATLAB

Contributed by: Stuart Kozola
Updated by: liu wen
econometrics, egarch, estimation, forecasting, garch 108 1
3.0 | 1 rating
8 Dec 2011 Cointegration added to Econometrics Toolbox for MATLAB

Major enhancement to Econometrics Toolbox including Cointegration

Contributed by: Stuart Kozola
cointegration, econometrics, engel-granger, garch, johansen tests 27 1
8 Dec 2011 Cointegration in MATLAB

Cointegration: Develop models containing cointegrating relations

Contributed by: Stuart Kozola
cointegration, econometrics, engle-granger, johansen test 138 1
5.0 | 1 rating
12 Dec 2011 IRIS Toolbox

IRIS is an open-source toolbox for macroeconomic modelling and forecasting, by J. Benes (IMF).

Contributed by: Giampiero Campa
Updated by: Clemens
computation..., academic, business ec..., country us, downloadabl... 561 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
12 Dec 2011 Dynare

Toolbox to handle a wide class of models, including DSGE and OLG.

Contributed by: Giampiero Campa
academic, business ec..., computation..., country us, downloadabl... 641 1
1 Feb 2013 DSGE Model Analysis with MATLAB

Code and resources for DSGE model analysis with MATLAB

Contributed by: Steve Wilcockson
dsge, dynare, econometrics, economic pr..., economy 245 1
8 Aug 2013 Econometric Computing Learning Resource

This page demonstrates how to implement Econometric Techniques in MATLAB

Contributed by: Ralf Becker
econometrics, maximum lik..., regression 41 1
24 Mar 2014 Matlab Cheatsheet

A concise two page list of often used matlab functions, tips and tricks.

Contributed by: Thor
cheat sheet, cheatsheet, econometrics, notes, referencesheet 336 0

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