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25 May 2010 Morphological Reconstruction: An excerpt from Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB

A useful but little-known method for extracting meaningful information about shapes in an image

Contributed by: Linda Webb
academic, computer sc..., digital ima..., image and v..., language en... 267 1
28 Oct 2009 A Numerical Tour of Signal Processing

A collection of tours (a set of experiments) that can be performed using Matlab

Contributed by: Helen Chen
book, curriculum, signal proc... 118 1
18 Mar 2013 Book on Simulation of Digital Communication Systems in Matlab

Book on Simulation of Digital Communication Systems in Matlab

book, communications, digital com..., matlab book, signal proc... 1013 1
13 Apr 2010 Examples for Mathematical Exploration with MATLAB

Files and solutions for Mathematical Exploration with MATLAB by Ke Chen, Peter Giblin, Alan Irving

book, mathematics 128 0
7 Nov 2009 MATLAB Books Online Review

my new blog about MATLAB Books Online Review, average 4-5 stars up

Contributed by: manee
book, book review, demo, matlab, matlab books 159 1
23 Feb 2010 MATLAB for Behavioral Scientists

This website accompanies MATLAB For Behavioral Scientists, by David A. Rosenbaum

Contributed by: Helen Chen
book 34 0
22 Jun 2010 Teach yourself VRML 2 in 21 days book

Classic text for authoring VRML worlds

3d, animation, book, language, modeling 255 1
5.0 | 1 rating

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