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5 May 2014 Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers (MATH 246) at University of Maryland

Course materials: syllabus, lecture notes, assignments, quizzes and exams, and MATLAB tutorials.

academic, computation..., country us, course mate..., downloadabl... 164 1
19 Aug 2008 Numerical Computing with MATLAB, by Cleve Moler

Online textbook on numerical methods, with downloadable chapters and supporting MATLAB files

computation..., academic, downloadabl..., course mate..., textbook 5986 1
4.5 | 2 ratings
11 Jan 2010 Symbolic Computing Tools for Academia

Recorded webinar on new features of Symbolic Math Toolbox, MuPAD language, & their use in teaching

academic, language en..., mathematics, mw webinar, numerical a... 146 1
4 Mar 2011 Teaching Math and Physics with Symbolic Math Toolbox

Recorded Webinar on using Symbolic Math Toolbox and MuPAD notebook interface for teaching

mathematics, numerical a..., academic, language en..., physics and... 196 2
5.0 | 1 rating
7 Sep 2010 Differential Equations with MATLAB

MATLAB published files introducing symbolic and numerical solutions for differential equations

mathematics, academic, course mate..., language en..., numerical a... 864 2
5.0 | 1 rating
1 Nov 2010 Exploring Mathematics with MuPAD

First year undergraduate course using MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox at the University of Oxford

academic, numerical a..., course mate..., language en..., mathematics 421 2
4 Sep 2011 Introduction to Linear Algebra, 4th edition

Textbook by Gilbert Strang (MIT), with downloadable MATLAB examples

academic, country us, downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics 369 1
6 May 2014 Introduction to MATLAB (MATH 206) at University of Maryland

Course materials include: syllabus, tutorials, homework and solution, and projects.

academic, computer sc..., country us, course mate..., downloadabl... 247 1
5 May 2014 Mathematical Modeling (MATH 420) at University of Maryland

Course materials include syllabus, lecture notes, assignments, projects, and MATLAB tutorials.

academic, computation..., country us, course mate..., downloadabl... 97 1
12 Apr 2010 Multivariate and Vector Calculus with MATLAB

Published MATLAB files demonstrating concepts in multivariate and vector calculus

academic, mathematics, course mate..., language en..., numerical a... 868 2
7 Dec 2009 An Introduction to Optimization, 3rd edition

Introduction to optimization methods at the senior undergraduate level, with MATLAB exercises

downloadabl..., academic, statistics..., industrial..., language en... 641 1
29 Dec 2008 Assignments for Mathematics courses using MATLAB

MATLAB files for a variety of mathematics courses (calculus, matrix theory, numerical analysis etc.)

academic, computation..., course mate..., downloadabl..., language en... 415 1
7 Sep 2010 Calculus / Precalculus II

Demonstration of fundamental concepts in calculus using MuPAD notebooks and Symbolic Math Toolbox

academic, course mate..., language en..., mathematics, numerical a... 219 1
7 Dec 2009 Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications, 9th ed.

Introduction to theory and computational techniques in linear algebra (with MATLAB exercises)

academic, analisis nu..., computation..., downloadabl..., language en... 424 1
20 Aug 2010 Examples of Symbolic Programming in Mechanical Engineering

Collection of problems showing symbolic programming in engineering (uses Symbolic Math Toolbox)

academic, aerospace e..., civil and e..., downloadabl..., language en... 265 1
28 Dec 2010 Holistic Numerical Methods Institute

Videos and lecture notes for engineering students learning numerical methods with MATLAB

Contributed by: Todd
academic, electrical..., course mate..., business ec..., downloadabl... 3604 2
22 Jul 2008 Infinite Random Matrix Theory [MIT OpenCourseware]

Course on the mathematics of infinite random matrices, with extensive MATLAB examples

downloadabl..., academic, course mate..., language en..., mathematics 198 1
20 Feb 2004 Introduction to Linear Algebra, 5e

Introductory textbook on matrix theory and systems of linear equations, with MATLAB examples

mathematics, academic, books, language en..., numerical a... 59 1
16 Jul 2008 Introduction to Numerical Methods [MIT OpenCourseware]

Advanced topics in numerical linear algebra (eigenvalue decomposition, QR/SVD factorization, etc).

academic, computation..., computer sc..., course mate..., downloadabl... 675 1
6 Jan 2008 Linear Algebra and Applications

Introductory course on linear algebra, with extensive MATLAB assignments

academic, course mate..., downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics 177 1
18 Aug 2008 Numerical Analysis [French]

Course on numerical methods for linear systems, with MATLAB exercises and lecture notes.

resource, academic, computation..., course mate..., downloadabl... 209 1
22 Jul 2008 Numerical Fluid Mechanics [MIT OpenCourseware]

Lectures and MATLAB homeworks on numerical methods in linear systems, ODEs, and PDEs

academic, aerospace e..., computation..., convert ppr..., course mate... 2183 1
22 Jul 2008 Random Matrix Theory and Its Applications [MIT OpenCourseware]

Introduction to random matrix theory, with final projects based on MATLAB

academic, course mate..., language en..., mathematics, numerical a... 707 1
6 Mar 2008 Topics in Applied Linear Algebra

Course on advanced topics in linear algebra, with extensive MATLAB projects

academic, course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl..., language en... 128 1
24 Mar 2008 A Signals and Systems Laboratory using MATLAB & Simulink

Tutorial introduction to MATLAB & Simulink for signal processing concepts (PDF, 71 pages)

digital sig..., academic, biomedical..., electrical..., language en... 968 1
8 Jul 2008 Advanced Mathematics and Mechanics Applications Using MATLAB

Companion software to "Advanced Mathematics and Mechanics Applications Using MATLAB, 3rd ed.

academic, computation..., downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics 243 1
2 May 2012 An interactive introduction to MATLAB

This is a short self-paced course for first year students to get started with MATLAB

academic, civil and e..., computation..., conditional, country gb 561 1
31 Aug 2009 Analytical Modeling of Aircraft Wing Forces Using MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox

Symbolic Math Toolbox is used to derive a mathematical model of a basic engineering system

aerospace e..., aircraft de..., aircraft pa..., aircraft wi..., analytical... 274 1
12 Jul 2012 Boot Camp in Quantitative Methods at Harvard Medical School

A short introduction to MATLAB including programming, image analysis, statistics, and data import.

academic, biological..., biomedical..., country us, course mate... 147 1
7 Sep 2010 Calculus II including application examples

Course materials and MuPAD examples to teach concepts related to integrals & differential equations

numerical a..., academic, course mate..., language en..., mathematics 223 2
30 Jul 2012 Conception et réalisation d’accordeurs de guitare dans le cadre du projet d’examen de terminale STI2D-SIN, par l'académie d'Orléans- Tours

Support de cours et modèles téléchargeables MATLAB-Simulink-Stateflow,

academic, académie do..., accordeur, acquisition, communicati... 89 1
9 May 2012 Course Material for C12.3b: Approximation of functions

A course covering approximation theory and practice using chebfuns as the basis of discussion.

academic, chefun, computation..., country gb, course mate... 64 2
1.0 | 1 rating
4 Feb 2010 Course on Convex Optimization using MATLAB

Theory of convex optimization and application to problems in engineering and statistics

downloadabl..., academic, aerospace e..., computer sc..., course mate... 1158 2
5.0 | 1 rating
4 Feb 2010 Course on Scientific Computing

Survey of practical numerical solution techniques for ordinary and partial differential equations

academic, aerospace e..., computation..., course mate..., language en... 195 1
4 Feb 2010 Demos for Symbolic Math Toolbox

Tutorial demos of Symbolic Math Toolbox (MATLAB and MuPAD) for applications in math and engineering

numerical a..., academic, downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics 252 1
15 Apr 2010 Differential Equations

Homework & MATLAB activities by College of the Redwoods prof David Arnold

academic, course mate..., downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics 211 1
22 Jun 2012 Enseignement Mécanique des fluides par Jérôme Hoepffner

Cours, TD et TP avec codes MATLAB sur la mécanique des fluides à l'UPMC par Jérôme Hoepffner

academic, country fr, course mate..., downloadabl..., ecoulement 144 1
29 Apr 2013 Enseigner l'automatique avec MATLAB et Simulink

Webinar enregistré

academic, asservissement, automatique, control sys..., country fr 78 1
10 Feb 2012 Heat Transfer -- Lessons with Examples Solved by Matlab

* discuss about technical issues
* cut and paste MATLAB Codes
* philosophical discussions

downloadabl..., academic, computation..., country us, course mate... 1037 1
8 Sep 2010 Interactieve MATLAB Cursus (IMC)

De IMC leert basisvaardigheden in gebruik van MATLAB als rekengereedschap voor technische problemen.

academic, downloadabl..., biomedical..., computation..., course mate... 238 1
5 Apr 2012 Interactive Computational Mathematics Tutorial

An interactive video-based tutorial that introduces linear algebra, solving ODEs and data fitting.

academic, aerospace e..., biomedical..., chemical en..., civil and e... 168 1
16 Oct 2008 Interactive MATLAB Course

This course is designed for students of the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical ...

academic, biomedical..., course mate..., curricula, language en... 168 1
21 Sep 2012 Introduction au calcul scientifique par la pratique: 12 projets résolus avec MATLAB. Par Ionut Danaila, Pascal Joly, Sidi Mahmoud Kaber, et al.

Etude de problèmes de physique, mécanique, chimie, traitement de l'image, etc

academic, agrégation, analyse num..., appliquées, calcul 143 1
15 Apr 2013 Iterative Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Equations

Textbook on iterative methods. MATLAB codes accompany the text.

academic, country us, language en..., mathematics, numerical a... 112 1
15 Jun 2012 Level Set Toolbox

A MATLAB Toolbox of Level Set Methods by Ian Mitchell

academic, business ec..., computer sc..., control sys..., country us 1080 1
15 Apr 2010 Linear Algebra

Homework & MATLAB activities by College of the Redwoods prof David Arnold

academic, course mate..., downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics 118 1
18 Dec 2014 ManOpt

A Matlab tool­box for opti­mization on manifolds

academic, aerospace e..., computer sc..., constrained..., control sys... 55 2
5.0 | 1 rating
10 Sep 2007 Math Refresher for Engineers, Rochester Institute of Technology

Tutorial of math concepts (matrices, complex numbers, calculus, polynomials, etc.) using MATLAB

academic, computation..., electrical..., language en..., mechanical... 77 1
12 Nov 2012 MathExplorer: Learn about math interactively with MuPAD!

MathExplorer is a set of hyperlinked MuPAD notebooks for teaching mathematical concepts.

course mate..., electrical..., language en..., mathematics, numerical a... 84 2
15 Apr 2010 MATLAB Cheat-sheet

One page .PDF document that contains commonly-used MATLAB commands and what they do

academic, language en..., mathematics, numerical a..., tutorial 1905 1

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