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3 Sep 2011 Learning Basic Mechatronics Concepts Using the Arduino Board and MATLAB

Recorded webinar on introducing mechatronics with a MATLAB interface to Arduino

academic, country us, downloadabl..., electrical..., language en... 205 1
31 Dec 2009 Teaching Mechatronics Using MATLAB and Simulink

Webinar on using Simulink to model, analyze, and visualize mechatronic systems

academic, electrical..., energy prod..., language en..., mechanical... 417 1
4 Mar 2011 A Hands-On Approach to Teaching with LEGO MINDSTORMS and Simulink

Recorded webinar introducing the Villanova LEGO Real Time Target and classroom applications

academic, aerospace e..., control sys..., electrical..., language en... 139 1
9 Sep 2010 BEST Robotics Library for Simulink with the VEX Cortex Microcontroller

Simulink block library and target for creating programs that will run autonomously on a VEX robot

academic, downloadabl..., electrical..., language en..., mechanical... 714 2
14 Jan 2010 LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Software for MATLAB and Simulink

MATLAB toolboxes for USB & wireless (Bluetooth) control; Simulink blocksets for NXT code generation

academic, downloadabl..., electrical..., language en..., mechanical... 581 1
9 Sep 2010 MATLAB Support Package for Arduino

MATLAB library and Simulink blocks for communicating with a Arduino over a USB cable

academic, downloadabl..., electrical..., language en..., mechanical... 1170 1
4 Mar 2011 MATLAB-based Simulator for the iRobot Create

MATLAB simulator for interactively or programmatically controlling a virtual iRobot Create robot

academic, computer sc..., curriculum..., downloadabl..., industrial... 565 1
9 Sep 2010 Simulink Support Package for Arduino

Simulink library and target for creating applications that will run autonomously on an Arduino

academic, downloadabl..., language en..., mechanical..., project bas... 999 1
12 Jan 2010 Simulink Support for Quanser Workstations

Integrated hardware/software solutions (based on Simulink) and course material for mechatronics

academic, control sys..., course mate..., electrical..., language en... 300 1
19 Jul 2010 University of Applied Sciences Augsburg Students Develop and Simulate Advanced Robotic Control Systems

Article describing MATLAB & Simulink integration in a robotics curriculum

academic, language en..., resource, robotics an..., technical l... 96 1
4 Mar 2011 Villanova University LEGO Real Time Target (VU-LRT)

Simulink library for autonomous LEGO MINDSTORMS robots; suitable for teaching robotics and controls

Contributed by: Rohit Shenoy
academic, downloadabl..., electrical..., language en..., mechanical... 246 2
26 Nov 2009 DAMA^{ROB} Toolbox

MATLAB Robotics Toolbox for kinematic and dynamic modeling of manipulators

dama^{rob}, denavit har..., downloadabl..., academic, carmine dar... 752 1
5.0 | 2 ratings
31 Mar 2011 FiO board and RapidSTM32 Blockset

Tutorial on low-cost embedded target for student projects, model-based design and rapid prototyping

academic, aerospace e..., downloadabl..., control sys..., electrical... 980 3
4.0 | 1 rating
13 Sep 2011 MATLAB Interface to the Machine Science Breadboard Microcontroller Starter Kit

MATLAB library for communicating with the Machine Science ATmega168 microcontroller board

academic, country us, downloadabl..., electrical..., language en... 135 1
26 May 2010 MATLAB Toolbox for the Surveyor SRV-1 Mobile Robot

Toolbox to remotely control a Surveyor SRV-1 robot from MATLAB

academic, computer sc..., downloadabl..., language en..., project bas... 338 1
31 Dec 2009 MATLAB Toolbox for the iRobot Create Mobile Robot

A MATLAB toolbox for controlling an iRobot Create over a serial port or Bluetooth wireless

academic, downloadabl..., electrical..., language en..., mechanical... 422 1
6 Feb 2010 Mechatronics: Principles and Applications

Textbook on combined mechanical & electronic systems design and analysis (uses MATLAB and Simulink)

academic, aerospace e..., control sys..., electrical..., language en... 177 1
10 Sep 2011 Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB

MATLAB library by Peter Corke, for modeling and simulation of robot arm kinematics and dynamics

Contributed by: Peter Corke
Updated by: Davy Lib
academic, quadcopter, robot, dynamics, ekf 9535 6
4.8 | 5 ratings
7 Dec 2009 Robotics: Modelling, Planning and Control

Advanced textbook on foundations of robotics, modeling, and control (MATLAB and Simulink examples)

academic, control sys..., downloadabl..., electrical..., language en... 1200 1
5.0 | 1 rating
8 Jun 2011 Teaching practical engineering for freshman students using the RWTH – Mindstorms NXT toolbox for MATLAB

Book chapter on using a MATLAB interface to LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots for project-based learning

Updated by: harry
academic, electrical..., language en..., mechanical..., project bas... 130 1
5.0 | 1 rating
5 Feb 2010 3-d MATLAB simulation of a Puma Robot

3-d simulation of a 6-link Puma robot, with direct user control of joint angles via a GUI

academic, computer sc..., downloadabl..., language en..., mechanical... 588 1
7 Jun 2013 AER-525: Robotics Laboratory

MATLAB and Simulink based materials and online simulator for teaching robot dynamics and control.

academic, aerospace e..., country us, course mate..., electrical... 134 1
30 Apr 2013 Applied Autonomous Robots

Course materials on programming of actual autonomous robots

Contributed by: Ye Cheng
academic, course mate..., curriculum..., downloadabl..., electrical... 64 1
31 Jan 2011 Applied Autonomous Robots 1 Courseware

Course materials by M. Ani Hsieh at Drexel University.

academic, robotics an..., course mate..., curriculum..., downloadabl... 1031 1
16 Jul 2013 Arduino et Simulink/Matlab® un outil innovant à coût réduit pour le prototypage

Article publié dans le Journal Je3A, par Mohamed Ali Zerzri,de l'ISET Tunisie

academic, arduino, asservissement, control sys..., country fr 104 1
25 Nov 2013 Attracting youngsters to Engineering Education through Simulation Based Teaching: The French Example

Diaporama de la présentation à la 41ême conférence SEFI, 16-20 Septembre, 2013.

academic, article, civil and e..., control sys..., country fr 37 1
9 Jul 2008 Automotive Research Lab at Penn State Gives Students Practical Hardware-in-the-Loop Experience

Article decribing the use of Simulink and xPC Target in a graduate-level automotive research course

academic, electrical..., embedded sy..., language en..., mechanical... 147 1
5 Jun 2012 Autonomous Mobile Robots Course

Autonomous Mobile Robots at ETH Zurich from Davide Scaramuzza (Slides and Videos).

academic, country ch, course mate..., electrical..., language en... 178 1
19 Mar 2013 Control of Mobile Robots Courseware

Course materials by Professor Magnus Egerstedtfrom Georgia Institute of Technology.

academic, computer sc..., control sys..., country us, course mate... 257 1
19 Jun 2013 Design of Mechatronics System and Capstone Design

Robotics analysis and simulation with MATLAB, SimMechanics.

Contributed by: Eunju Hwang
academic, country kr, course mate..., language ko..., mechanical... 49 1
5 Jun 2012 EKF-SLAM Toolbox for MATLAB

6DOF "active search" SLAM using the classical EKF implementation

Updated by: Sangyoon
downloadabl..., academic, country us, electrical..., language en... 1794 2
5.0 | 1 rating
28 Dec 2012 Embedded Control and Mechatronics Courseware

Embedded Control & Mechatronics course materials by Farzad Pourboghrat, S. Illinois Univ, Carbondale

academic, aerospace e..., control sys..., country us, course mate... 130 1
5 Jun 2012 Epipolar Geometry Toolbox

A wide set of functions to approach computer vision problems with multiple views

academic, country us, downloadabl..., electrical..., image and v... 209 1
29 Jun 2009 Freshman Engineers Build MATLAB Powered LEGO Robots

Enable students to learn math and signal processing theory and implement it by MATLAB algorithms

Contributed by: Linda Webb
article, communications, education, electrical..., language en... 68 1
22 Mar 2011 HAPTIK Library - Open source library providing uniform access to haptic devices

MATLAB and Simulink serial interfaces to haptic devices such as Sensable Phantom and Novint Falcon

academic, control sys..., downloadabl..., electrical..., language en... 478 1
12 Jul 2012 Initiation au progiciel Matlab

TP Initiation à MATLAB
par Y. Morère
Université de Metz
Licence Mécanique-Electronique 2005/2006

academic, country fr, course mate..., electrical..., initiation 79 1
23 Oct 2013 Innover en connectant MATLAB et Simulink à votre matériel

Webinar académique

academic, arduino, beagle board, control sys..., country fr 52 1
19 Jun 2014 Instrumentation and Microcontrollers using Automatic Code Generation

Microcontrollers using Simulink and code generation to open microcontrollers to all fields of study.

academic, aerospace e..., biomedical..., chemical en..., civil and e... 86 1
5 Mar 2014 Interactive Robotics Letters

Open journal and research forum with interesting articles (and example code) for robotics.

academic, aerospace e..., control sys..., country us, downloadabl... 28 1
5 Jun 2012 Kuka Control Toolbox (KCT)

Motion control of KUKA robot manipulators.

Updated by: nizar vv
academic, downloadabl..., country it, electrical..., language en... 617 1
5 Jun 2012 MATLAB USARSim Toolbox

Use MATLAB to control a USARSim robot.

academic, country us, downloadabl..., electrical..., language en... 148 1
8 Mar 2010 MATLAB and Simulink interface to a Robotino® mobile robot system

MATLAB and Simulink libraries to control a Robotino robot over a USB or TCP/IP interface

downloadabl..., academic, electrical..., language en..., project bas... 748 1
25 Dec 2012 MATLABによる移動ロボット制御


academic, computer sc..., control sys..., country jp, digital sig... 95 1
5 Jun 2012 Machine Vision Toolbox

A set of useful functions for machine vision and vision-based control by Peter Corke

image and v..., academic, country au, country us, downloadabl... 434 1
18 Dec 2014 ManOpt

A Matlab tool­box for opti­mization on manifolds

academic, aerospace e..., computer sc..., control sys..., country us 31 1
28 Mar 2013 Matlab cody contain code for different problem. All are interesting probleb to understand.

This blog will cover these topic mostly:
1) DIP
2) Control System
3) GUI

Contributed by: shehbaz Ali
academic, image and v..., textbook, communication, communicati... 371 2
16 Feb 2010 MecLab - Introduction to Mechatronics

MecLab is a turn-key solution for introducing the principles of Mechatroncis

Contributed by: Tony Oran
academic, automation, course mate..., digital sig..., industrial... 167 1
7 Jan 2013 Mechanics Demos for First Year Physics and Engineering

The simulations explore the behaviour of dynamical systems complementing a first course on mechanics

academic, aerospace e..., biomedical..., country gb, demo 161 1
6 Feb 2010 Mechanisms and Robots Analysis with MATLAB

Textbook on kinematics and dynamics, with application to robotics and multibody systems

academic, aerospace e..., language en..., mechanical..., robotics an... 334 1
14 Apr 2014 Modeling, Design, and Control of Robotic Mechanisms Courseware

Course materials by Han Sung Kim, Kyungnam University.

academic, control sys..., country kr, course mate..., electrical... 76 1

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