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3 Nov 2009 Teaching Cognitive Science with MATLAB at Stanford University

Students use MATLAB simulations to explore complex cognitive processes

Contributed by: Linda Webb
cognition, matlab, academic, cognitive n..., cognitive s... 157 1
17 Nov 2009 Getting Started with Simulink 3D Animation (Part 3) - Connect Simulink Model with 3D World

Getting Started Simulink 3D Animation

3d animation, graphics, simulation, simulink, visualization 116 1
15 Jul 2010 3D motion simulation in MATLAB/Simulink environment

Video of 3D motion simulation of a robot assisted femur fraction reduction.

3d, animation, robot, simulink, visualization 800 4
4.5 | 2 ratings
13 Nov 2007 3d Animation From Simulink

3d Animation From Simulink
Written in C++ using Ogre

It is a little rough at this point but the ...

graphics, visualization 124 1
23 May 2011 6-Robot Cluster Control - Simulation

6-robot-cluster control simulation

3d, animation, reality, simulink, toolbox 140 1
5.0 | 1 rating
16 Nov 2009 A day in the life of the MBTA

Cool visualizations of Boston's subway system using MATLAB and other tools

Contributed by: John Booker
visualization 27 0
16 Mar 2012 A good divergent color palette for Matlab

Review of the Light and Bartlein Orange-white-purple color palette

color, vision, visualization, colormap 135 1
22 Jun 2010 ABB robot visualization with Simulink 3D Animation

3D visualization for robots

3d, animation, reality, robot, robotics 394 0
2 Nov 2009 ARMADA - Automated Robust MicroArray Data Analysis

A MATLAB program with GUI to perform all steps of typical microarray data analysis

Contributed by: Helen Chen
biotech, gene analysis, gui, visualization 150 1
22 Jun 2010 Aircraft simulation video with Aerospace Blockset and FlightGear

Aircraft dynamics modeling and visualization

visualization, 3d, 3d car, aerospace, aircraft 342 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
3 Jul 1999 Animation in MATLAB

One of the uses for Matlab is to make a series of calculations and plots. For example, in the

graphics, visualization 41 1
22 Jun 2010 Bioloid with KRG3 gyro swinging in sync with 3D model

Robotics visualization

bioloid, 3d, animation, gyro, krg3 115 1
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Jul 1999 Colorbar for Filled Contour Plots

Produces a colorbar for a filled contour plot with the appropriate colors and tick marks....

graphics, visualization 132 1
3 Jul 1999 Creating a GUI in MATLAB 5

One of the major comments that we hear about MATLAB is "I don't know how I can use it in my class...

graphics, visualization 33 1
16 Dec 2009 Damping of Bouncing Ball with Temperature Visualization

Continuation of the Getting Started with Simulink 3D Animation video series.

3d, animation, ball, bouncing, simulation 66 1
29 Jun 2009 Developing a Motion-Stereo Parking Assistant at BMW

BMW developed a motion-stereo system to construct a 3-D model of area around the car from 2-D images

Contributed by: Linda Webb
kalman filter, 2d, 3d, algorithms, alorithms 258 1
6 Jun 2005 Displaying Bit-Mapped Images

Overview, Images in MATLAB, Image Types, Working with 8-bit and 16-bit Images, Displaying Graphic...

graphics, visualization 34 1
18 Mar 2001 Export MATLAB to Word, FrameMaker, PowerPoint, the web & more

Using The Graphics Connection, you can convert MatLab output into scalable vector formats such as...

graphics, visualization 154 1
14 Nov 2005 Flickr photos tagged "matlab"

This is a collection of all the photos submitted to that have been tagged "matlab"....

Contributed by: Ned Gulley
graphics, visualization 20 1
22 Jun 2010 Glory Orbit Video: North Pole View using Simulink 3D Animation

3D visualization of stalleite orbits

animation, glory, lasp, nasa, reality 61 1
5.0 | 1 rating
22 Jun 2010 Glory Orbit video: Spacecraft Front View using Simulink 3D Animation

3D visualization for satellites

3d, animation, glory, lasp, nasa 107 1
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Jun 2005 Gnuplot Homepage

Gnuplot is a portable command-line driven interactive data and function plotting utility for UNIX...

graphics, visualization 226 1
19 Jul 2004 Graphic User Object (GUO) Toolbox

Programming tool for creating reusable Graphic User Interface (GUI) components....

graphics, visualization 45 1
18 Apr 2000 Graphics & Visualization M-files

Graphics and visualization mfiles from the MATLAB Central File Exchange....

graphics, visualization 37 1
25 Apr 2011 International Flight Route Planning Simulator using Aerospace Blockset

Example that shows how you can visualize airline routes on the globe.

3d, air, animation, control, flight 134 1
22 Jun 2010 Joystick Control with Simulink 3D Animation

Joystick control with animation

3d, joystick, animation, hardware, matlab 362 1
5.0 | 1 rating
22 Jun 2010 LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT GT simulation using Simulink 3D Animation video

3D visualization for the NXT

3d, animation, kit, lego, nxt 273 1
5.0 | 1 rating
6 Jul 2009 Lockheed Martin Develops a Tool for 3-D Antenna Data Visualization

Engineers developed an application for analyzing gain patterns in 3-D and 2-D simultaneously.

Contributed by: Linda Webb
3d, aerospace, antenna, antenna(2), article 306 1
19 Jan 2010 LucidDraw: Efficiently visualizing complex biochemical networks within MATLAB

Press release overviews application by Sheng HeJuan MeiGuiyang ShiZhengxiang WangWeijiang Li

Contributed by: Helen Chen
biochem, biology, networks, visualization 117 1
8 Jun 2005 MATLAB 5 plots under Linux

I'll be sharing a few tips on how to get the most out of your MATLAB plots using a bunch of Linux...

graphics, visualization 17 1
23 Feb 2005 MATLAB Graphics Plugin

The MATLAB Graphics Plugin performs communications with the MATLAB graphics windows. It provides ...

graphics, visualization 31 1
14 Feb 2013 MATLAB Graphics and Data Visualization Cookbook

Very good resource to learn visualisation and graphics in Matlab

e-book, code, graphics, textbook, visualisation 332 1
4.0 | 1 rating
18 May 2010 MATLAB Tutorial on Diffusion Tensor MRI

How to use MATLAB for Diffusion-Weighted MRI processing

Contributed by: Helen Chen
mri, visualization 1009 1
23 May 2011 MATLAB V-Realm builder valves opening simple

MATLAB V-Realm builder valves opening simple

3d, animation, reality, simulink, virtual 72 1
5.0 | 1 rating
23 May 2011 MATLAB V-realm builder piston

Animation of piston motion with Simulink 3D Animation

3d, animation, reality, simulink, virtual 67 1
5.0 | 1 rating
22 Sep 2006 MATLAB interface to Partiview

Ndaona is a package of Matlab functions for automatically creating visualizations of certain type...

Contributed by: Ned Gulley
graphics, visualization 21 1
16 Jul 1999 MCAT

MCAT is a MATLAB based general purpose plotting package, that plots waveforms from columns of num...

graphics, visualization 144 1
28 Mar 2013 MSiReader — Free Open Source MS Imaging Software

MSiReader is a Matlab GUI for viewing and analysis of Mass Spectrometry Imaging data.

Contributed by: Ken Garrard
bioinformatics, chemistry, maldi, mass spectr..., visualization 392 1
22 Jun 2010 Mass Spring Animation

Simple mechanical systems visualization

3d, animation, matlab, pov-ray, reality 442 1
5.0 | 1 rating
3 Jul 1999 MathWorks MATLAB Gallery

A collection of MATLAB generated images and associated M-files from the MATLAB Central File Excha...

graphics, visualization 94 1
3 Jul 1999 MathWorks Virtual Reality Toolbox

The Virtual Reality Toolbox extends the capabilities of MATLAB® and Simulink® into the world of v...

Updated by: mehdi
graphics, visualization 1626 1
1.0 | 1 rating
22 Jun 2010 Motion Capture video of a Car with Simulink 3D Animation

Automotive visualization using Simulink 3D Animation

Updated by: Jayanth
motion, 3d, animation, capture, education 421 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
23 May 2006 Mplayer based video reader for Matlab on LInux

This package provides a simple matlab interface with mplayer (an open source video player) to rea...

graphics, visualization 119 1
22 Jun 2010 NXT SCARA video : Simulation with MATLAB/Simulink

NXT visualization

3d, animation, arm, lego, matlab 182 1
5.0 | 1 rating
22 Jun 2010 Nonholonomic mobile manipulator - parking maneuver using Simulink 3D Animation

Motion planning visualization

3d, animation, holonomic, manipolator, mobile 126 1
5.0 | 1 rating
22 Jun 2010 Nonholonomic moblile manipulator - path following video using Simulink 3D Animation

Motion planning visualization

3d, animation, following, holonomic, manipulator 155 1
5.0 | 1 rating
31 Aug 2009 Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Modeling of Population Pharmacokinetics Data

The new PK functionality in SimBiology R2009a is used to build simple nonlinear mixed-effects model

Contributed by: Linda Webb
article, data analysis, datapreproc..., drug, drug trial 158 1
2 Jul 1999 PNM Toolbox

A collection of programs for reading and writing PPM (portable pixelmap), PGM (portable graymap),...

graphics, visualization 22 1
28 Feb 2013 Perceptual rainbow colormap for Matlab

Describes the method used to create a new rainbow colormap (avaialbe as FEX submission)

spectrum, color, color blind..., color visio..., colormap 239 1
22 Apr 2009 Photoshop + MATLAB = art

One of the sleeper features making its debut in Photoshop CS3 Extended is its ability to interfac...

adobe, blogs, graphics, photoshop, visualization 349 1

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