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4 Dec 2013 Applied Autonomous Robots 2 Courseware

Course materials by M. Ani Hsieh at Drexel University.

Contributed by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
electrical..., mechanical..., robotics, teaching 43 1
4 Dec 2013 Advanced Model-Based Systems Design Courseware

Course materials by Zachariah Chambers & Marc Herniter at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Contributed by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
automotive, control design, electrical..., mechanical..., simulation 64 1
25 Nov 2011 Aeropendulum and Real Time Windows Target Examples

An example of using the aeropendulum with Real Time Windows Target in Control System Design Course.

Contributed by: Eniko
Updated by: suwijak
aeropendulum, control design, modeling, real time w..., simulink 172 1
5.0 | 1 rating
15 Dec 2009 ‚Embedded Control Systems‘ – Ein Kurs der University of Michigan

Ein unter der Führung von Ingenieuren aus Detroit entwickelter Kurs lehrt Model-Based Design

Contributed by: Linda Webb
academia, algorithm, code genera..., control sys..., controls te... 46 1
17 Sep 2008 PPR toolbox

PPR (robust poles placement) is a set of Matlab functions for the design of digital controllers....

Contributed by: Gilles
academic, control sys..., curricula, electrical..., engineering 58 1
26 Jun 2008 Feedback Control Systems

Develop fundamentals associated with the analysis, design and simulation of automatic control sys...

Contributed by: Dan Lluch
control sys..., academic, curricula, electrical..., engineering 100 1
26 Jun 2008 Vorlesung MATLAB/Simulink [German content]

Diese Vorlesung stellt eine Einf? in die numerische Simulationsumgebung MATLAB und Simulink dar. ...

Contributed by: Alex Mayer
academic, curricula, electrical..., engineering 145 1
2 May 2008 Signal Processing Labs Based on DSP First Labs

Series of labs showing how to synthesize music with Simulink and then target a TI C6000 DSK

Contributed by: Mark Yoder
academic, electrical..., course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl... 265 1
12 Mar 2008 DSP log - Thoughts on digital signal processing for digital communication

DSP log
The blog started some in February 2007 on the free Blogger platform and was hosted at htt...

Contributed by: Krishna Sankar M
academic, blogs, curricula, electrical..., engineering 74 1
11 Apr 2000 Ptolemy Simulation Engine

Ptolemy Simulation Engine - Ptolemy Simulation Engine - Ptolemy is a full simulation suite and co...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
academic, controls, curricula, electrical..., engineering 80 1
7 Apr 2000 Feedback Control Experiments - Experiments for feedback control education and research

Quanser Consulting, Inc., offers a complete line of feedback control experiments. The systems are...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
control sys..., academic, aerospace e..., controls, curricula 130 1

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