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3 Dec 2014 A 3D Dynamically Balancing Bipedal Robot Modeled Using SimMechanics

A simulation of a bipedal robot. Static balance, transition and stable walking are demonstrated.

Contributed by: Philip
biped, dynamic wal..., robotics, simmechanics, simulink 5 1
26 Sep 2014 Designing a Nonlinear Feedback Controller for the DARPA Robotics Challenge

Nonlinear Feedback Control Design for DARPA Robotics Challenge

Contributed by: Alex
academic, atlas, darpa robot..., drake toolbox, matlab algo... 53 1
17 Apr 2014 RPIt: control lego EV3 with your RPI

Embedded coder Raspberry Pi target that lets your control the new Lego EV3 brick via USB.

embedded coder, free, imu, lego, matlab coder 31 1
9 Dec 2013 Inverting the Robotics Classroom with a Massive Open Online Course

Inverting the Robotics Classroom with a Massive Open Online Course

Contributed by: Alex
control of..., embedded co..., khepera robot, massive ope..., mooc 75 1
4 Dec 2013 Applied Autonomous Robots 2 Courseware

Course materials by M. Ani Hsieh at Drexel University.

electrical..., mechanical..., robotics, teaching 49 1
26 Aug 2013 Simulink Models with 3D Animation environment for BEST Robotics 2013 Competition (Gatekeeper 2013)

Simulink models with 3D animation of game field and robot for BEST Robotics 2013 Competition

3-d, 3d animation, best robotics, gatekeeper, package 91 1
21 May 2013 LCM: Lightweight Communications and Marshalling

Publisher/Subsciber Library with MATLAB bindings

computer sc..., robotics 33 1
7 May 2013 Computer vision resources

A blog post by Young Hoon Lee

Contributed by: Helen Chen
computer vi..., cv, robotics 66 1
5 Mar 2013 Think engines blog by Zilani

MATLAB, Simulink and robotics tutorials

Contributed by: Helen Chen
matlab, robotics, simulink 76 1
26 Nov 2012 SynGrasp - a MATLAB Toolbox for Hand Modeling

By SIRSLab Group, Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Scienze, Matematiche, Univ di Siena

Contributed by: Helen Chen
modeling, robotics 157 1
18 Sep 2012 Symbolic Robot Modeling Toolbox

The Symbolic Robot Modeling Toolbox is a collection of Matlab functions for symbolic robot modeling.

Contributed by: Jörn
control design, downloadabl..., embedded code, robotics, simulation 336 1
10 Aug 2012 Teaching Computer Programming to First-Year Undergraduates with a MATLAB Based Robot Simulator

Teaching Computer Programming with a Robot Simulator

Contributed by: Linda Webb
autonomous..., introductio..., introductor..., irobot create, matlab tool... 91 1
5 Jun 2012 Webots MATLAB interface

Instruction on how to interface Webots with MATLAB.

robot, robotics, webots 134 1
23 Feb 2012 sRD-SIFT : SIFT keypoint detection and matching in images with radial distortion

Binaries with Matlab interface for SIFT invariant to radial distortion.

computer vi..., fish-eye, medical end..., mini-lens, radial dist... 891 1
10 Feb 2012 Barrett WAM 7DOF Arm Simulation Control via Matlab

Simulated control and visualization of a Barret WAM (Whole Arm Manipulator)

robotics 81 1
4 Mar 2011 Villanova University LEGO Real Time Target (VU-LRT)

Simulink library for autonomous LEGO MINDSTORMS robots; suitable for teaching robotics and controls

Contributed by: Rohit Shenoy
academic, downloadabl..., electrical..., language en..., mechanical... 246 2
13 Jul 2010 Robot Soccer: An Exercise in Learning the Key Features of Simulink

Demo files to accompany the Introduction to Simulink webinar

3d, animation, ball, collaborative, competition 269 1
22 Jun 2010 Khepera II Robot Visualization with Simulink 3D Animation

Robotics visualization

3d, animation, camus, k-team, khepera 158 1
5.0 | 1 rating
22 Jun 2010 Nonholonomic moblile manipulator - path following video using Simulink 3D Animation

Motion planning visualization

3d, animation, following, holonomic, manipulator 155 1
5.0 | 1 rating
22 Jun 2010 Nonholonomic mobile manipulator - parking maneuver using Simulink 3D Animation

Motion planning visualization

3d, animation, holonomic, manipolator, mobile 126 1
5.0 | 1 rating
22 Jun 2010 ABB robot visualization with Simulink 3D Animation

3D visualization for robots

3d, animation, reality, robot, robotics 394 0
22 Jun 2010 LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT GT simulation using Simulink 3D Animation video

3D visualization for the NXT

3d, animation, kit, lego, nxt 273 1
5.0 | 1 rating
15 Dec 2009 Buchtipps zu MATLAB und Simulink

Neue Lehrbücher für die Bioinformatik, Finanzinformatik und Robotik

Contributed by: Linda Webb
books, computation..., computation..., control design, controls 20 1
15 Dec 2009 Fruchtbare Zusammenarbeit von Industrie und Hochschulen

Wettbewerbe fordern Studenten heraus, sich den gleichen technischen Problemen zu stellen

Contributed by: Linda Webb
academia, challenge x, control design, curriculum, ecocar 13 1
15 Dec 2009 MATLAB and Simulink Based Books

New textbooks in computational biology, computational finance, and robotics

Contributed by: Linda Webb
books, computation..., computation..., control design, controls 92 1
15 Dec 2009 A Winning Collaboration Between Academia and Industry

Competitions challenge students to tackle the same technical issues as professional engineers

Contributed by: Linda Webb
academia, challenge x, control design, curriculum, ecocar 22 1
26 Nov 2009 DAMA^{ROB} Toolbox

MATLAB Robotics Toolbox for kinematic and dynamic modeling of manipulators

dama^{rob}, denavit har..., downloadabl..., academic, carmine dar... 751 1
5.0 | 2 ratings
8 Oct 2009 Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Takes Prize in Robot Soccer Competition Using MATLAB and Simulink

In only its third year of competition, the TU/e team placed second in the RoboCup championship

Contributed by: Linda Webb
academic, ai, algorithm, article, artificial... 104 1
2 Jul 2009 LEGO Mindstorms NXT resources for MATLAB and Simulink

Summary of MATLAB and Simulink resources for programming LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots.

robotics, education, lego, mindstorms, robots 352 1
29 Jun 2009 Freshman Engineers Build MATLAB Powered LEGO Robots

Enable students to learn math and signal processing theory and implement it by MATLAB algorithms

Contributed by: Linda Webb
article, communications, education, electrical..., language en... 68 1
4 Mar 2009 MATLAB Packages for the NXT

There are now several MATLAB packages for robotics, and specifically for the NXT. One paradigm i...

blogs, lego, mindstorms, newsletters, robotics 169 1

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