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1 Sep 2011 Pattern Recognition Toolbox

The PRT provides access to a wide range of pattern recognition tools in a simple unified framework.

Contributed by: Peter
Updated by: pramod bhatt
rvm, pattern rec..., machine lea..., bagging, data mining 4055 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
8 Jan 2010 MATLAB Videos at DataminingTools

A collection of short videos on how to use MATLAB in data mining

Contributed by: Helen Chen
Updated by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
video, data mining, academic, image and v..., language en... 1028 1
5.0 | 1 rating
19 Jul 2007 Data Mining in MATLAB

Exploring data mining using MATLAB (and sometimes MATLAB Toolboxes)....

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
Updated by: MATLAB Central Team
data mining, classification, classifiers, image proce..., machine lea... 2063 1

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