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15 Dec 2009 Automatic Hardware Implementation of Digital Filters for an Audio Codec

At Mediatek, modifications that used to take almost a month are now completed in three days

rtl code, audio codec, dsp, filter design, fir filter 46 1
15 Dec 2009 Developing the World’s Most Advanced Prosthetic Arm Using Model-Based Design

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory leads a global team

algorithm, control, control alg..., controls, darpa 103 1
9 Nov 2009 modulation-spectrum audio coding in MATLAB

Marios Athineos from LabROSA @ Columbia University shares code and sample sound clips

modulation, audio, signal proc..., visualization 297 1
4 Nov 2009 HMM Toolbox

A HMM Toolbox with a discrete and a continuous HMM

hmm, signal proc... 1704 1
28 Oct 2009 A blog focusing on cool things to do with MATLAB

Focuses on a range of topics including Plotting, Matrices, etc.

blog, signal proc..., tutorial 1820 0
28 Oct 2009 A Numerical Tour of Signal Processing

A collection of tours (a set of experiments) that can be performed using Matlab

book, curriculum, signal proc... 119 1
8 Oct 2009 Automatic Hardware Implementation of Digital Filters for an Audio Codec

With MathWorks tools, Mediatek can reduce the RTL code development cycle from 3 months to 2 weeks

article, audio codec, dsp, filter design, fir filter 108 1
22 Sep 2009 FPGA design and verification using Simulink

Here's how to implement the H.264 CABAC encoder on an FPGA using System Generator for DSP

dsp, signal proc..., simulation, simulink 370 1
6 Jul 2009 MATLAB and Simulink Based Books: Real-Time Implementation and Signal Processing Laboratories

Textbooks support the trends of signal processing, introductory programming and model-based design

article, matlab, model based..., paper, programming 143 1
2 Jul 2009 Automating the Implementation of Software Defined Radios at Northrop Grumman

An integrated framework enables technicians to specify an SDR design at a high level of abstraction

aerospace a..., article, communications, fixed point, hdl 113 1
29 Jun 2009 Freshman Engineers Build MATLAB Powered LEGO Robots

Enable students to learn math and signal processing theory and implement it by MATLAB algorithms

article, communications, education, electrical..., language en... 68 1
29 Jun 2009 Supporting Undergraduate Research with MATLAB and Data Acquisition Toolbox

Article on DSP course at VMI that uses MATLAB for live measurement, analysis and visualization

academic, article, data acquis..., digital sig..., dsp 79 1
1 Jun 2009 SimuWave: Wavelet Simulink Toolbox

Simuwave is a Simulink 2.2 toolbox which implements various wavelet transforms, including wavelet...

signal proc..., wavelets 475 1
9 Oct 2008 Convolutive extension of the FastICA source separation method

The C-FICA algorithm (Convolutive extension of FastICA) is a time-domain fast fixed-point algorit...

signal proc... 458 2
7 Oct 2008 LI-TIFROM blind source separation method

LI-TIFROM is a sparsity-based Blind Source Separation method. It is based on a time-frequency (TF...

signal proc... 311 1
2 May 2008 Signal Processing Labs Based on DSP First Labs

Series of labs showing how to synthesize music with Simulink and then target a TI C6000 DSK

academic, electrical..., course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl... 274 1
12 Mar 2008 DSP log - Thoughts on digital signal processing for digital communication

DSP log
The blog started some in February 2007 on the free Blogger platform and was hosted at htt...

academic, blogs, curricula, electrical..., engineering 76 1
6 Dec 2007 MATLAB-to-C translation

A three part article at DSP Design Online about converting MATLAB to C code....

dsp, signal proc... 498 1
28 Dec 2006 HPLOT - Signal Data Visualization and Processing Tool for Matlab

HPLOT is a dynamic gui tool made for rapid visualization and signal treatment, filtering, FFT and...

automotive, etas, inca, instruments, measured da... 201 1
9 Oct 2006 Simulink sound

This demo shows you how to acquire sound data directly into Simulink using your PC sound card and...

signal proc... 273 1
28 Sep 2006 JLAB: Matlab freeware for data analysis

JLAB is a set of Matlab functions I have written or co-written over the past fifteen years for th...

signal proc... 344 1
22 Jul 2006 MATLAB sound

This demo shows you how to acquire sound data directly into MATLAB using your PC sound card and t...

signal proc..., sound card 165 1
23 Feb 2006 (Lattice) Wave Digital Filter Design and Scheduling Pages

With the MATLAB software described on these pages, it is possible to design
Butterworth, Chebyshe...

filter design, signal proc... 338 1
20 Oct 2005 Radar Signals Plotting

The following m-files appear in the book Radar Signals by Nadav Levanon and Eli Mozeson (Wiley, 2...

books, signal proc... 568 1
15 Jun 2005 PLP and RASTA (and MFCC, and inversion) in Matlab

One of the first decisions in any pattern recognition system is the choice of what features to us...

signal proc... 554 1
15 Jun 2005 Digital Signal Processing at Rice University

Exchange Algorithms Complementing the Parks-McClellan Algorithm...

dsp, signal proc... 80 1
8 Jun 2005 What Bode Plots Represent

One of the most commonly used test functions for a circuit or system is the sine wave......

signal proc... 39 1
8 Jun 2005 Dynamic Time Warp (DTW) in Matlab

The code and example on this page show a simple implementation of dynamic time warp alignment bet...

signal proc..., acoustics 3709 1
7 Jun 2005 Band-Limited White Noise

Introduce white noise into a continuous system....

signal proc... 604 1
7 Jun 2005 Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Links, references, and m-files from a course offered on EE 468 Digital Signal Processing....

dsp, signal proc... 62 1
7 Jun 2005 Hidden Markov Model (HMM) Toolbox for MATLAB

An HMM is a Markov chain, where each state generates an observation. You only see the observation...

dsp, signal proc... 3447 2
1.0 | 1 rating
6 Jun 2005 PLP and RASTA in MATLAB

PLP and RASTA (and MFCC, and inversion) in Matlab using melfcc.m and invmelfcc.m - contains code,...

signal proc... 1374 1
6 Jun 2005 MATLAB Tips and Tricks

In order to motivate the DSP people out there, I am showing bellow how we can apply a window and ...

dsp, signal proc... 38 1
29 May 2005 Signal Analysis with MATLAB

Examples for signal analysis. Very good for starting up with this things....

signal proc... 77 1
24 Feb 2005 Cross Recurrence Plot Toolbox

A MATLAB toolbox for creation of recurrence plots, cross recurrence plot and their quantification...

signal proc..., time series 1004 1
7 Feb 2005 Fast LDPC toolkit for GF(2) and GF(2^m)

LDPC package contains fast encode and decode routines, tools for inverting parity check matrices ...

low density..., signal proc..., dsp 427 1
17 Jan 2005 MATLAB DSP Discussion Group

Discussion group to facilitate the exchange of information between MATLAB Users (DSP related topi...

dsp, log-polar, signal proc... 56 2
16 Aug 2004 MathWorks - Video and Image Processing Blockset

The Video and Image Processing Blockset extends Simulink with a rich, customizable framework for ...

object dete..., image proce..., signal proc... 900 1
5.0 | 1 rating
11 Aug 2004 VTAR - Vocal Tract Acoustic Response Calculation

VTAR is a MATLAB-based computer program for vocal tract acoustic response calculation. Based on a...

acoustics, signal proc... 232 1
15 Jul 2004 SINUS Measurement Toolbox (SMT) for MATLAB®

Two families of data acquisition hardware with a common dynamic MATLAB® interface for the field o...

acoustics, signal proc... 53 1
21 Jun 2004 MathWorks - RF Blockset

The RF Blockset extends Simulink with a library of blocks to model the behavior of RF filters, tr...

signal proc... 53 1
21 Jun 2004 MathWorks - RF Toolbox

The RF Toolbox extends the MATLAB technical computing environment with functions and a graphical ...

signal proc... 50 1
21 Jun 2004 MathWorks - Fixed Point Toolbox

The Fixed-Point Toolbox provides fixed-point data types and arithmetic in MATLAB. You can use it ...

signal proc... 270 1
21 Jun 2004 Filter Design HDL Coder

The Filter Design HDL Coder adds hardware implementation capability to MATLAB. It lets you genera...

signal proc... 98 1
5 Mar 2004 Acoustic Ideas Toolboxes for MATLAB

The four Acoustic Ideas Toolboxes for MATLAB allow computation of ultrasonic focusing parameters ...

acoustics, signal proc... 335 1
24 Feb 2004 MathWorks - Link for ModelSim

Link for ModelSim® is a cosimulation interface that integrates MATLAB® and Simulink® into the har...

signal proc... 872 2
5.0 | 1 rating
20 Feb 2004 Adaptive Blind Signal and Image Processing: Learning Algorithms and Applications

By Andrzej Cichocki & Shun-ici Amari. Written for engineers and researchers in various fields, th...

books, image proce..., signal proc..., system id 207 1
20 Feb 2004 An Introduction to Random Vibrations, Spectral & Wavelet Analysis, 3e

By D.E. Newland. This text is designed for senior-level undergraduate students in engineering and...

books, mechanical..., signal proc... 181 1
20 Feb 2004 An Introduction to Wavelet Analysis

By David F. Walnut. Written for students and professionals in applied mathematics, electrical eng...

books, signal proc... 139 1
20 Feb 2004 Analog Filters, 2e

By Kendall Su. Written for readers in telecommunications, signal processing, electronics, control...

books, signal proc... 75 1

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