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30 Oct 2013 MATLAB graphing library for creating interactive, collaborative, beautiful, web-based graphs

Plotly APIs make beautiful, publication-quality graphs on the web. Easy sharing and collaboration.

aerospace, automotive, biotech, chemistry, communications 236 3
4.5 | 2 ratings
19 Jun 2013 Teaching Physics webinar

Learn how you and your students can benefit from incorporating MATLAB in your physics curriculum

analytical, concepts, learning, physics, symbolic 19 0
22 Mar 2013 Teaching Physics with MATLAB: Simulations and Experiments

Dr. Marie Lopez del Puerto describes ways to expose students to computational physics.

academic, computation..., country us, language en..., physics 84 1
2 Apr 2012 Combined use of MATLAB with QuickField FEA

QuickField is a FEA program for EM, Heat and Stress simulations. May be used with MATLAB via COM.

demo, electromagn..., fea, finite element, finite elem... 82 1
5 Mar 2012 Creating DoodleJump in MATLAB

Great blog post by zerocross_raptor how to make a game using MATLAB

article, demo, game, physics 63 0
3 Feb 2011 MatODE

Matlab interface to the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE), a rigid body physics simulator.

simulation, modeling, ode, open dynami..., physics 402 3
5.0 | 1 rating
30 Sep 2008 OMD For Simulink

OMD is a multibody dynamics tool for modeling mechanical system. OMD can handle three dimensional...

physics 51 1
19 Mar 2008 Physical Modeling

Accelerate system-level analysis and control design with accurate and intuitive models of your ph...

aerospace, automotive, controls, model-based..., modeling 89 1
6 Oct 2005 Viscosity of Water and Silicon Oil

Kinematic viscosities of pure water and Rhodorsil 47 silicon oils as a function of temperature....

physics, utilities 161 1
23 Sep 2005 Grating Diffraction Calculator (GD-Calcâ„¢)

GD-Calc, the Grating Diffraction Calculator, computes optical diffraction efficiencies of biperio...

physics 429 1
7 Jun 2005 Problems for MATLAB Fundamentals

Wind chill calculation and non-ideal gas problems from Gustavus Adolphus College....

physics 37 1
18 Mar 2005 Dielectric Resonator

Solver for an isolated dielectric resonator....

physics 47 1
18 Jan 2005 Physik der Halbleiterbauelemente (in German)

This textbook is an introduction into the physics of semiconductor devices, where emphasis is on ...

books, physics 11 1
7 Oct 2004 OSLO

Users of OSLO can simulate and optimize the performance of a wide range of optical systems by usi...

physics 62 1
20 Feb 2004 Contemporary Optical Image Processing with MATLAB

By Ting-Chung Poon & Partha P. Banerjee. This book serves two purposes: first, to introduce reade...

books, image proce..., physics 147 1
20 Feb 2004 Experiments in Modern Physics, 2e

By Adrian C. Melissinos & Jim Napolitano. Written for junior- and senior-level physics students, ...

books, physics 53 1
20 Feb 2004 Physics of Semiconductor Devices

By Jean-Pierre Colinge & Cynthia A. Colinge. Written for upper-level undergraduate and graduate l...

books, physics 135 1
24 Dec 2003 Numerical Methods for Physics, 2e

By Alejandro L. Garcia, ISBN 0-13-906744-2...

books, physics 25 1
26 Apr 2002 Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves: Theories and Applications

By Leung Tsang, Jin Au Kong & Kung-Hau Ding. ISBN 0-471-38799-1. This book introduces the fundame...

books, physics 135 1
11 Nov 2001 L. Kocbach: MATLAB in Physics

Matlab in Physics Teaching...

physics 14 1
8 Aug 2001 Elements of Modern X-Ray Physics

By Jens Als-Nielsen & Des McMorrow. Geared towards final-year undergraduates, first-year research...

books, physics 122 1
7 Apr 2000 Chemometrics using MATLAB Short Course - Chemometrics training customized to fit your specific needs using MATLAB

Eigenvector Research, Inc. (EVRI), is a full-service chemometrics research
and applications compa...

courses, physics, training 66 1
14 Oct 1998 Matlab References

WWW References, Tutorials and Introductions....

people, physics, tutorials 53 1

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