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8 May 2012 Matlab Training | Course in Matlab, Simulink & Stateflow

They provide training classes both online and classroom for learning Matlab and some toolboxes.

classes, coaching, gui, matlab, simulink 125 1
5.0 | 1 rating
30 Mar 2010 Free Recorded Webinars - learn more about our products

Free Recorded Webinars on using MathWorks products to help solve problems

free, training 152 0
10 Aug 2007 Management Training Programme

We supply management training courses and management training programs throughout the UK, Europe ...

courses, training 5 1
5 Oct 2005 Formation MATLAB Initiation (French)

Training course from the University of Lyon in France....

courses, training 26 1
7 Jun 2005 Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations [MIT OpenCourseWare]

Introduction to linear and nonlinear elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic PDEs and integral equations

course mate..., academic, aerospace e..., computation..., courses 818 3

NUMERICAL ANALYSIS I: Fall 2004 at Rice University. Site has references, software, and supplement...

courses, training 24 1
18 Feb 2004 MathWorks Course - Modeling Systems with Simulink and Stateflow

This is a series of four courses, Modeling Dynamic Systems with Simulink, Advanced Modeling Techn...

courses, training 17 1
26 Jun 2002 Westminster DES: MATLAB Courses

This is a new series of short, intensive courses, with abundant closely-supervised hands-on exerc...

courses, training 52 1
2 Jul 2001 New Eagle - MATLAB / Simulink Consulting

New Eagle Software provides tools and services to Accelerate Model-Based Control Software Develop...

courses, training 35 1
18 Apr 2000 MathWorks Course - Simulink for Digital Signal Processing

Covers the basics of using the DSP Blockset in Simulink, from creating a model to simulating the ...

courses, training 20 1
7 Apr 2000 Adaptics, Inc. Training and Consulting - Consulting and training in automated multivariable system identification

Adaptics offers consulting and training services in the area of automated multivariable system id...

acoustics, controls, courses, modeling, signal proc... 8 1
7 Apr 2000 Chemometrics using MATLAB Short Course - Chemometrics training customized to fit your specific needs using MATLAB

Eigenvector Research, Inc. (EVRI), is a full-service chemometrics research
and applications compa...

courses, physics, training 66 1
7 Apr 2000 Data Analysis and Visualization - Consulting, development, and custom training

Datatool specializes in data visualization -- a suite of powerful and efficient
methods for extra...

courses, training 9 1
7 Apr 2000 Opti-Num Solutions (Pty) Ltd - Providing worldwide MATLAB-based consultancy and local training

Opti-Num Solutions provides consulting and training in MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow as well as...

courses, training 3 1
7 Apr 2000 ADSP32X-39/89 I/O Library - Device drivers for ADSP32X-00/50 DSP board

ADSP32X-39/89 is a Simulink I/O library for the ADSP32X-00/50 DSP
board. The library provides dev...

automotive, courses, embedded, measurement, real time 14 1
7 Apr 2000 ADI System Integration Services - Specializing in system engineering services

ADI's System Integration Services (SIS) offers a broad range of system
engineering services to he...

courses, dsp, earth sciences, embedded, mapping 20 1
5 Apr 2000 Cranes Varsity

Cranes Software provides training in the areas of controls, DSP, and embedded engineering using M...

courses, training 26 1
24 Oct 1999 ATI Courses Technical Training Courses

ATI specializes in technical short courses in space, communications, defense, sonar, and radar. A...

courses, training 39 1

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