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2 Dec 2014 PEVD Toolbox

Iterative algorithms and tools for polynomial eigenvalue decomposition of parahermitian matrices.

Contributed by: Stephan Weiss
array proce..., matrix fact..., parahermiti..., paraunitarity, polynomial... 11 1
5.0 | 1 rating
3 Dec 2014 Developing Motion Analysis Algorithms for Medical, Sports, and Occupational Safety Applications

Developing Motion Analysis Algorithms

Contributed by: Alex
data visual..., dorsavi live, matlab algo..., motion anal..., signal proc... 1 1
6 Dec 2014 OFDMA Class for modulation and demodulation

OFDMA class file.

Contributed by: Cherian Danny
Updated by: Hilmi Alhaddad
communications, fft, ifft, ofdma, signal proc... 204 1
5.0 | 1 rating

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