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24 Dec 2003 Computational Frameworks for the Fast Fourier Transform

By Charles F. Van Loan, ISBN 0-89871-285-8
This book is especially useful for professionals inter...

books, signal proc... 38 1
24 Dec 2003 Computational Signal Processing with Wavelets

By Anthony Teolis, ISBN 0-8176-3909-8
Written for the senior or beginning graduate student in mat...

books, signal proc... 65 1
24 Dec 2003 Computer Explorations in Signals and Systems Using MATLAB, 2e

By John R. Buck / Michael M. Daniel & Andrew C. Singer, ISBN 0-13-042155-3 Included in the MATLAB...

books, signal proc... 134 1
24 Dec 2003 Digital Filters and Signal Processing, 3e - with MATLAB Excercises

By Leland B. Jackson, ISBN 0-7923-9559-X
This third edition presents a general survey of digital ...

books, signal proc... 121 1
24 Dec 2003 Digital Signal Processing

By Thomas J. Cavicchi, ISBN 0-471-124729...

books, signal proc... 19 1
24 Dec 2003 Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Using MATLAB

By Sanjit K. Mitra, ISBN 0-07-232246-2
This book is designed for a computer-based DSP laboratory ...

books, signal proc... 295 1
24 Dec 2003 Digitale Signalverarbeitung: Filterung und Spektralanalyse mit MATLAB-Übungen

By K.D. Kammeyer & K. Kroschel, ISBN 3-519-36122-1...

books, signal proc... 13 1
24 Dec 2003 Digitale Signalverarbeitung: Grundlagen und Anwendungen Beispiele und Ubungen mit MATLAB

By Daniel Ch. von Grünigen, ISBN 3-905214-16-4
This book, written in German, covers the fundament...

books, signal proc... 9 1
24 Dec 2003 DSP First: A Multimedia Approach

By James H. McClellan / Ronald W. Schafer & Mark A. Yoder, ISBN 0-13-243171-8
This hands-on, mult...

books, signal proc... 46 1
24 Dec 2003 Fourier Series and Optical Transform Techniques in Contemporary Optics: An Introduction

By Raymond G. Wilson, ISBN 0-471-30357-7
For anyone new to Fourier methods, this book depicts in ...

books, signal proc... 127 1
24 Dec 2003 Fundamentals of Wavelets: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

By Jaideva C. Goswami & Andrew K. Chan, ISBN 0-471-19748-3...

books, signal proc... 33 1
24 Dec 2003 Higher-Order Spectra Analysis

By Chrysostomos L. Nikias & Athina P. Petropulu, ISBN 0-13-678210-8
Responding to the recent grow...

books, signal proc... 131 1
24 Dec 2003 Introducción a las Onditas: Una presentacion para Cursos de Grado de Ingenieria con MATLAB

By Carlos E. D'Attellis / Marta T. Anaya / Maria I. Cavallaro & Francisco F. Villaverde, ISBN 950...

books, signal proc... 37 1
24 Dec 2003 Introduction to Applied Statistical Signal Analysis, 2e

By Richard Shiavi, ISBN 0-12-640010-5...

books, signal proc... 6 1
24 Dec 2003 Introduction to Random Signals and Applied Kalman Filtering: with MATLAB Excercises and Solutions, 3e

By Robert Grover Brown & Patrick Y. C. Hwang, ISBN 0-471-12839-2
This book focuses on applied Kal...

books, signal proc... 195 1
24 Dec 2003 Introduction to Signal Processing

By Sophocles J. Orfanidis, ISBN 0-13-209172-0
This book is an applications-oriented introduction ...

books, signal proc... 33 1
24 Dec 2003 Introduction to Signals and Systems

By Douglas K. Lindner, ISBN 0-256-25259-9...

books, signal proc... 6 1
24 Dec 2003 Introduction to Spectral Analysis

By Petre Stoica & Randolph L. Moses, ISBN 0-13-258419-0
This text is designed to be used in a fir...

books, signal proc... 82 1
24 Dec 2003 Labs for Signals and Systems Using MATLAB

By Virginia Stonick & Kevin Bradley, ISBN 0-534-93808-6
Included in the PWS BookWare Companion Se...

books, signal proc... 85 1
24 Dec 2003 Mathematical Methods and Algorithms for Signal Processing

By Todd K. Moon & Wynn C. Stirling, ISBN 0-201-36186-8...

books, signal proc... 135 1
24 Dec 2003 Signal and Linear System Analysis: with MATLAB, 2e

By Gordon E. Carlson, ISBN 0-471-12465-6
This book is aimed at the junior level signals and syste...

books, signal proc... 95 1
24 Dec 2003 Signal Processing Using Optics: Fundamentals, Devices, Architectures, and Applications

By Bradley G. Boone, ISBN 0-19-508424-1
This book covers the fundamental aspects of optical signa...

books, signal proc... 53 1
24 Dec 2003 Signals & Systems: Continuous and Discrete, 4e

By Rodger E. Ziemer & William H. Tranter, ISBN 0-13-496456-X
Suited for junior-level electrical e...

books, d2c, signal proc... 44 1
24 Dec 2003 Signals and Systems, 2e

By Alan V. Oppenheim / Alan S. Willsky & S. Hamid Nawab, ISBN 0-13-814757-4
This book is the seco...

books, signal proc... 18 1
24 Dec 2003 Signals, Systems, and Transforms

By Leland B. Jackson, ISBN 0-201-09589-0
This book is for use in a one-year introductory course c...

books, signal proc... 12 1
24 Dec 2003 Stochastische Signale: mit Übungen und einem MATLAB-Praktikum

By J.F. Böhme, ISBN 3-519-16160-5...

books, signal proc... 14 1
24 Dec 2003 Synthetic Aperture Radar Signal Processing: with MATLAB Algorithms

By Mehrdad Soumekh, ISBN 0-471-29706-2. This book provides a foundation in signal processing.

books, signal proc... 451 1
24 Dec 2003 The Analysis and Design of Systems Using MATLAB: Signal Processing

By Lou Shuntian & Li Bohan, ISBN 7-5606-0634-2...

books, signal proc... 0 1
24 Dec 2003 Traitement numérique du signal: simulation sous MATLAB

By Gérard Blanchet & Maurice Charbit, ISBN 2-88601-667-X...

books, signal proc... 23 1
24 Dec 2003 Wavelet Transforms: Introduction to Theory and Applications

By Raghuveer M. Rao & Ajit S. Bopardikar, ISBN 0-201-63463-5
This book provides engineers, scient...

books, signal proc... 84 1
24 Dec 2003 Wavelets and Filter Banks

By Gilbert Strang & Truong Nguyen, ISBN 0-9614088-7-1
This text offers a clear and easy-to-unders...

books, signal proc... 76 1
24 Dec 2003 Signal Processing Algorithms in MATLAB

By Samuel D. Stearns & Ruth A. David, ISBN 0-13-045154-1
Designed for a one-semester course on si...

books, signal proc... 104 1
24 Dec 2003 Statistical Digital Signal Processing and Modeling

By Monson Hayes, ISBN 0471-59431-8
Suitable for the senior/graduate level in advanced DSP or digi...

signal proc..., books 75 1
9 Jan 2004 MathWorks - Signal Processing Toolbox

The Signal Processing Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB functions that provides a rich, customiza...

filter design, signal proc... 107 1
19 Feb 2004 Introduction to MATLAB for Signal Processing and Image Processing

By Nobukatsu Takai. Written in Japanese, this book is suitable for use as an introductory MATLAB ...

books, image proce..., signal proc... 126 1
19 Feb 2004 Multimedia Signals and Systems

By Mrinal Kr. Mandal. Written for advanced-level courses and professionals, this book provides a...

books, communications, image proce..., signal proc... 40 1
19 Feb 2004 Nonuniform Sampling: Theory and Practice

By Farokh Marvasti. Written for practicing engineers, this book covers the basic theory of both u...

books, image proce..., signal proc... 438 1
20 Feb 2004 Adaptive Blind Signal and Image Processing: Learning Algorithms and Applications

By Andrzej Cichocki & Shun-ici Amari. Written for engineers and researchers in various fields, th...

books, image proce..., signal proc..., system id 207 1
20 Feb 2004 An Introduction to Random Vibrations, Spectral & Wavelet Analysis, 3e

By D.E. Newland. This text is designed for senior-level undergraduate students in engineering and...

books, mechanical..., signal proc... 181 1
20 Feb 2004 An Introduction to Wavelet Analysis

By David F. Walnut. Written for students and professionals in applied mathematics, electrical eng...

books, signal proc... 139 1
20 Feb 2004 Analog Filters, 2e

By Kendall Su. Written for readers in telecommunications, signal processing, electronics, control...

books, signal proc... 75 1
20 Feb 2004 Basics of Multimedia Technology: Discrete Cosine Transform

By Hitoshi Kiya & Syougo Muramatsu. Written in Japanese, this book discusses the fundamental theo...

books, signal proc... 40 1
20 Feb 2004 Biomedical Signal Processing and Signal Modeling

Advanced textbook on biomedical signal processing, with MATLAB and Simulink examples

academic, biomedical..., digital sig..., signal proc..., biosciences 456 1
20 Feb 2004 Cislicove Filtry

By Robert Vích & Zdenek Smékal. Written in Czech, this book presents one-dimensional digital sign...

books, signal proc... 14 1
20 Feb 2004 DAFX: Digital Audio Effects

By Udo Zölzer. This book investigates the use of digital signal processing, its application to so...

signal proc..., books 199 1
20 Feb 2004 Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory, Part IV: Optimum Array Processing

By Harry L. Van Trees. This book provides a fundamental understanding of array processing suitabl...

books, communications, signal proc... 292 1
20 Feb 2004 Digital Signal Processing by Operator Method

By Yoshinao Aoki. Written in Japanese, this book describes digital signal processing from the per...

books, signal proc... 21 1
20 Feb 2004 Digital Signal Processing Learned with Simulation

By Hiroshi Ochi. Written in Japanese for technical college and university students, this book beg...

books, signal proc... 28 1
20 Feb 2004 Digital Signal Processing, 2e: Concepts and Applications

By Bernard Mulgrew, Peter Grant & John Thompson. Designed for undergraduate and graduate courses ...

books, signal proc... 31 1
20 Feb 2004 Digital Signal Processing: A MATLAB Based Tutorial Approach

By John Leis. Written for students and practicing engineers, this introductory text presents the ...

books, signal proc... 307 1

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