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7 Apr 2000 Stellar and Spin Axis Attitude Determination Toolboxes - Tools for performing stellar and spin axis attitude determination

The Stellar Attitude Determination Toolbox implements a complete stellar
attitude determination s...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
aerospace 83 1
20 Jan 2014 Test and verification of dynamic safety relevant embedded software, Simulink models using Time Partition Testing.

TPT the model based testing tool enables systematic testing and verification of Simulink Models.

Contributed by: Jens
Updated by: Norbert B├╝ttner
aerospace, automotive, control design, data explor..., embedded code 74 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
1 Jul 2010 UAV 2301 project with MATLAB animations: Mechanics of Flight, Aerospace Toolbox

Animation with Aerospace Toolbox

Contributed by: Simulink Dude
aerospace, animation, blockset, toolbox, uav 203 1
19 Oct 2013 Unified framework for rapid prototyping of Linux based real-time controllers with Matlab and Simulink

This paper describes how to remotly develop a real-time controller for a robot by Simulink.

Contributed by: Mohammad Aref
Updated by: Ali
aerospace, article, automotive, communications, control design 75 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
8 Jan 2013 Virtual Reality Builder

Reads Airloads®-V4 Geometry Files And Creates An Indexed Face VRLM Model

Contributed by: ZerO
aerospace, modeling, simulation 32 0

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