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10 Nov 2001 MATLAB und Simulink in Signalverarbeitung und Kommunikationstechnik

By Josef Hoffmann. Written in German, this book is intended for engineering students and practici...

books, communications 7 1
26 Apr 2002 Electronic Communication Systems, 2e

By Roy Blake. ISBN 0-7668-2684-8. Written for students in two-, three-, and four-year programs in...

books, communications 48 1
26 Apr 2002 Control Engineering: An Introductory Course

By Jacqueline Wilkie, Michael Johnson & Reza Katebi. This book provides a first-level introductio...

books, controls, systems 44 1
26 Apr 2002 Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems, 3e

By Charles Close, Dean K. Frederick & Jonathan C. Newell. ISBN 0-471-39442-4. This book presents ...

books, controls, systems 30 1
26 Apr 2002 Specification and Design Methodology for Real-Time Embedded Systems

By Randall S. Janka. ISBN 0-7923-7626-9. Written for researchers and practicing engineers, this b...

books, controls, systems 3 1
26 Apr 2002 Electromechanical Systems, Electric Machines, and Applied Mechatronics

By Sergey E. Lyshevski. ISBN 0-8493-2275-8. Written for students and practicing engineers, this b...

books, electronics 34 1
26 Apr 2002 Electronic Communication Systems, 2e

By Roy Blake. ISBN 0-7668-2684-8. Written for students in two-, three-, and four-year programs in...

books, electronics 10 1
26 Apr 2002 Mathematical Packages of Expansion for MATLAB: Special Handbook (Russian)

By V.P. Dyakonov. ISBN 5-318-00004-5. Written in Russian, this book introduces Simulink and the S...

books 8 1
26 Apr 2002 MATLAB 5 with Packages of Expansion (Russian)

By V.P. Dyakonov, I.V. Abramenkova & V.V. Kruglov. ISBN 5-89251-091-3. Written in Russian, this b...

books 7 1
26 Apr 2002 MATLAB 6: Poradnik Uzytkownika (Polish)

By Bogumila Mrozek & Zbigniew Mrozek. ISBN 83-7101-449-X. Written in Polish, this book provides a...

books 15 1
26 Apr 2002 Computer in Mathematical Study: Maple, MATLAB and LaTeX

By V.N. Govorukhin & V.G. Tsybulin. ISBN 5-272-00220-2 Written in Russian and intended for senior...

books, mathematics 17 1
26 Apr 2002 Electromechanical Systems, Electric Machines, and Applied Mechatronics

By Sergey E. Lyshevski. ISBN 0-8493-2275-8. Written for students and practicing engineers, this b...

books, mechanical... 47 1
26 Apr 2002 The DSP Handbook: Algorithms, Applications, and Design Techniques

By Andrew Bateman & Iain Paterson-Stephens. ISBN 0-201-39851-6. Written for students and practici...

books, signal proc... 51 1
21 Jun 2002 Virtual Control Lab 3.1

The VCLab approach integrates plugins and Java applets which use the powerful computational engin...

controls, modeling, systems, tutorials 71 1
26 Jun 2002 Westminster DES: MATLAB Courses

This is a new series of short, intensive courses, with abundant closely-supervised hands-on exerc...

courses, training 50 1
28 Jun 2002 DUBSI, a Simulink Blockset

The Dutchroll Blockset for Simulink (DUBSI), version 1.0, is a generic blockset with a number of ...

controls, modeling, simulation, systems 40 1
12 Jul 2002 FLOWMASTER - Fluid Systems Simulation

An interactive fluid flow analysis package that simulates one dimensional flow and heat transfer ...

controls, modeling, systems 661 1
19 Jul 2002 MathWorks - Simulink Report Generator

MATLAB and Simulink Report Generator creates customized reports in multiple output formats from y...

model-based... 46 1
15 Oct 2002 DECOMSYS

Simulink blocksets used by control engineers to design and simulate communication systems. They c...

controls, modeling, simulation, systems 5 1
12 Jan 2003 MathWorks - SimPowerSystems

SimPowerSystems models and simulates electrical power systems within the Simulink environment. It...

controls, electrical..., modeling, simulation, systems 315 1
13 Aug 2003 Reactis - Model-based Testing for Simulink and Stateflow

Model-based software design and testing....

automotive 36 1
7 Oct 2003 MathWorks - Embedded Target for TI C6000™ DSP

The Embedded Target for C6000 DSP Platform enables the rapid prototyping of real-time software fo...

dsp, signal proc... 1014 1
23 Oct 2003 MATLAB Usenet Newsgroup: Comp.soft-sys.matlab

comp.soft-sys.matlab is a public Usenet newsgroup for MATLAB, Simulink and related products. This...

newsgroups 61 1
24 Oct 2003 MathWorks - SimMechanics

With SimMechanics, you can directly model mechanical components (bodies and joints), simulate the...

controls, modeling, simulation, systems 83 1
24 Oct 2003 MathWorks - Embedded Target for OSEK/VDX®

The Embedded Target for OSEK/VDX® lets you create applications for the OSEK/VDX real-time operati...

embedded, real time 122 1
24 Oct 2003 MathWorks - Communications Blockset

This blockset builds on the Simulink system-level design environment by providing more than 150 b...

communications 189 1
10 Dec 2003 MathWorks - DSP Blockset

This blockset provides a powerful solution for modeling and simulation of electronics systems in ...

controls, dsp, electronics, modeling, signal proc... 211 1
15 Dec 2003 Developing Embedded Targets for Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder

This document guides you in the development of a custom embedded target for use with Real-Time Wo...

embedded, real time 231 1
15 Dec 2003 Controller Style Guidelines for Product Intent Development using MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow

Modeling guidelines from the MATLAB Automotive Advisory Board....

embedded, real time 24 1
24 Dec 2003 Basic Control Systems Engineering

By Paul H. Lewis & Chang Yang, ISBN 0-13-597436-4
Suitable for junior or senior level engineering...

books, controls, systems 58 1
24 Dec 2003 Computer Controlled Systems: Theory and Applications

By Goerge A. Perdikaris, ISBN 0-7923-1422-0
This book provides advanced undergraduate and first-y...

books, controls, systems 18 1
24 Dec 2003 Cwiczenia Z Automatyki W Matlabie I Simulinku

By J. Brzózka, ISBN 83-87102-25-3
Written in Polish, this book covers topics such as time and fre...

books, controls, systems 9 1
24 Dec 2003 Komputerowe wspomaganie w projektowaniu ukladów regulacji

By Maciej Szymkat, ISBN 83-204-1655-8
This is the first book in Polish covering the field of comp...

books, controls, systems 12 1
24 Dec 2003 Sistemi di Controllo Digitale

By C. Bonivento / C. Melchiorri & R. Zanasi, ISBN 88-85040-96-9
Written in Italian, this book is ...

books, controls, systems 26 1
24 Dec 2003 The Art of Control Engineering

By Ken Dutton / Steve Thompson & Bill Barraclough, ISBN 0-201-17545-2
This book provides a new an...

books, controls, systems 89 1
24 Dec 2003 Dynamic Simulation of Electric Machinery: Using MATLAB/Simulink

By Chee-Mun Ong, ISBN 0-13-723785-5
This book offers a complete treatment of frequently studied m...

books, electronics 269 1
24 Dec 2003 Applications de MATLAB 5 et Simulink 2

By M. Mokhtari & M. Marie, ISBN 2-287-59651-8
This book, written in French, can be used by engine...

books 30 1
24 Dec 2003 Apprendre et Maîtriser MATLAB

By M. Mokhtari & A. Mesbah, ISBN 3-540-62773-1
Written in French, this text provides an introduct...

books 88 1
24 Dec 2003 MATLAB und SIMULINK: Beispielorientierte Einfuhrung in die Simulation dynamischer Systeme

By Josef Hoffmann, ISBN 3-8273-1077-6
Written in German and intended for engineering students and...

books 8 1
24 Dec 2003 Modern Control Systems Analysis & Design Using MATLAB & SIMULINK

By Robert H. Bishop, ISBN 0-201-49846-4
This supplement is designed as a companion to the main te...

books, controls, systems 214 1
24 Dec 2003 Process Dynamics: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation

By B. Wayne Bequette, ISBN 0-13-206889-3
This book applies MATLAB and Simulink to the dynamic beh...

books, controls, systems 101 1
24 Dec 2003 Laer Simulink: pa 3 timer!

By Finn Haugen, ISBN 82-91748-01-2
Intended for the beginning Simulink user, this book may be use...

books 6 1
24 Dec 2003 Learn Simulink 2 in 3 hours!

By Finn Haugen, ISBN 82-91748-03-9
Intended for the beginning Simulink user, this book is suitabl...

books 119 1
24 Dec 2003 MATLAB 5.x, SIMULINK 2.x: poradnik uzytkownika

By Bogumila Mrozek & Zbigniew Mrozek, ISBN 83-7101-376-0
Written in Polish, this book provides an...

books 16 1
24 Dec 2003 MATLAB, Uniwersalne srodowisko do obliczen naukowo-technicznych, 3e

By Bogumila Mrozek & Zbigniew Mrozek, ISBN ISBN 83-7101-325-6
This book provides a clear and conc...

books 15 1
24 Dec 2003 Understanding and Mastering MATLAB

By Zhi-Yong Zhang / Rui-Zhen Liu & Zu-Ying Yang, ISBN 7-81012-702-0
Written in Chinese, this book...

books 24 1
9 Feb 2004 Chemische Reaktionstechnik mit MATLAB und Simulink

By Arno Löwe....

books, chemical en..., chemistry 51 1
9 Feb 2004 Techniques of Model-Based Control

By Coleman Brosilow & Babu Joseph. Written for chemical engineering courses in process control an...

books, chemical en..., chemistry 62 1
9 Feb 2004 Home Networking Basis: Transmission Environments and Wired/Wireless Protocols

This book is intended as a reference resource for chip designers, systems developers, and service...

books, communications 39 1
9 Feb 2004 Electronics and Information Courses Using MATLAB

By Huaichen Chen, Dazheng Wu & Xiquan Gao. Written in Chinese for undergraduate electrical engine...

books, electronics 6 1

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