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22 Mar 2010 Using Parallel For Loops (parfor) with MATLAB and Jacket

The post contains some helpful hints for parallel computing as well as hints for working with Jacket

Contributed by: Dave
gpu, image proce..., jacket, matlab, parallel co... 265 0
13 Apr 2010 Some Simple Image Processing Tools for MATLAB

MPEG compression algorithms

Contributed by: Anoush Najarian
audio, image proce..., mpeg 124 0
19 Apr 2010 MATLAB Blog posts by Cris Luengo

Cris Luengo from Swedish Univ of Agricultural Sciences blogs about image processing

Contributed by: Helen Chen
blog, image proce... 55 1
19 Apr 2010 A Two-Day Course on Stenography

Slides for class by EVID Solutions and IEEE SPCI-SPIT

Contributed by: Helen Chen
compression, encryption, gui, image proce..., tag"aes ima... 88 1
18 May 2010 Proposal For a Vision-Based Cell Morphology Analysis System”

Master Thesis in Information Coding at Linköping Institute of Technology by Jaime González García

Contributed by: Helen Chen
Updated by: subrajeet Mohapatra
biology, blog, edge-detection, image proce..., marked wate... 185 2
18 May 2010 Solving mazes using image analysis

Fun discussion of how to solve mazes using MATLAB's image processing capabilities.

Contributed by: Ned Gulley
image proce..., mazes 107 0
25 May 2010 Morphological Reconstruction: An excerpt from Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB

A useful but little-known method for extracting meaningful information about shapes in an image

Contributed by: Linda Webb
academic, computer sc..., digital ima..., image and v..., language en... 265 1
1 Jun 2010 Accelerating MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox Functions on GPUs

Third Workshop on General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU-3) Apr. 2010.

Contributed by: Helen Chen
ati stream, image proce..., matlab, nvidia cuda, opencl 484 1
7 Jun 2010 Robert Koprowski, Ph.D.

Domains of professional activity:
thermovision, biomedical measurements

Contributed by: Robert
image proce..., koprowski, matlab 29 1
3 Aug 2010 QTCapture: Capture images from your Quicktime camera in Java and Matlab

By Simon D Levy, Washington and Lee University

Contributed by: Helen Chen
image proce..., quick time 89 1
6 Aug 2010 Tesla C2050 (Fermi-based) versus C1060 GPUs on Real MATLAB Applications

Jacket version 1.4 is used to test the performance differences of C2050 versus C1060

Contributed by: Dave
cuda, gpgpu, gpu, image proce..., mathematics 226 1
9 Aug 2010 digital Image processing codes, tutorials, resource sharing

digital Image processing codes, tutorials, resource sharing

Contributed by: zhengjie li
codes, image proce..., tutorial, mathematics, signal proc... 1129 1
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Sep 2010 Mex OpenCV Face Detector and My own implementation

There are two versions mex, 32bits and 64bits

Contributed by: zhang
image proce... 306 0
28 Sep 2010 The Parallel Worm Tracker: A Platform for Measuring Average Speed and Drug-Induced Paralysis in Nematodes

Automated tracking system to quantify the locomotion of multiple individual worms in parallel.

Contributed by: Helen Chen
Updated by: Helen Chen
biology, image proce... 49 1
14 Oct 2010 Cleve’s Corner - “Magic” Reconstruction: Compressed Sensing

Cleve Moler demonstrates the MATLAB matrix computation underlying compressed sensing

Contributed by: Linda Webb
compressive..., nonlinear o..., nyquist-sha..., compressed..., dct 353 1
15 Oct 2010 MATLAB and Simulink Based Books - New Textbooks on Clean Energy and Image Processing

New textbooks demonstrate clean energy technologies, such as wind turbines, solar arrays, fuel cells

Contributed by: Linda Webb
clean energy, wind turbines, flood-filling, fuel cells, green energy 177 1
23 Dec 2010 MATLAB for Beginners

matlab tutorial,matlab programs,simulink program

Contributed by: noufel backer
Updated by: Helen Chen
academic, continous a..., matlab prog..., continous a..., image proce... 1393 2
5.0 | 1 rating
31 Dec 2010 MATLAB and Image Processing

A series of posts from Thilina's blog

Contributed by: Helen Chen
Updated by: Thilina Sameera
image proce..., matlab, simulink, verilog 307 2
9 Feb 2011 MATLAB Tutorial including principal components analysis

Written by Matt Daily in the AI Lab, Comp Sci and Engineering, UC San Diego

Contributed by: Helen Chen
image proce..., eigen, pca 1504 1
14 Feb 2011 DAISY: An Efficient Dense Descriptor Applied for Wide Baseline Stereo

By Engin Tola, Vincent Lepetit, Pascal Fua at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPFL

Contributed by: Helen Chen
image proce... 467 1
3 Mar 2011 Efficient Large-Scale Stereo Matching

A C++ library for efficient large scale matching of rectified stereo images with MATLAB wrappers.

Contributed by: Andreas Geiger
binocular, camera, computer vi..., depth, disparity c... 439 1
8 Mar 2011 STDetect

STDetect is a Spectrogram Track Detection toolbox.

Contributed by: Tom Lampert
academic, active contour, image proce..., machine lea..., passive sonar 91 1
7 May 2011 3D Point Cloud Tree Modelling

By Mark Graham and Adam Davies,
Intelligence, Defence Science and Technology Organisation

Contributed by: Helen Chen
image proce..., laser, tree 257 1
24 May 2011 Reproducible Research in Image Processing

Share the source codes of the latest advances in image processing and computer vision.

Contributed by: Xin
compressed..., computation..., computer vi..., image proce..., machine lea... 141 0
1 Jun 2011 Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Course

Lab handouts, assignments and final project material for a real-time DSP course using MATLAB

Contributed by: Sandeep Math
Updated by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
electrical..., academic, course mate..., digital sig..., embedded sy... 837 2
8 Jul 2011 Kinect Calibration Toolbox

A matlab calibration toolbox for the Kinect Sensor.

Contributed by: Daniel Herrera
kinect, calibrate, calibration, depth camera, image proce... 2083 1
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Nov 2011 MATLAB Hyperspectral Toolbox

MATLAB toolbox containing various hyperspectral exploitation algorithms.

Contributed by: Isaac
Updated by: Xia
hyperspectr..., automatic t..., material ab..., image proce... 2092 0
5.0 | 1 rating
4 Nov 2011 Lending you a hand with image processing - basic techniques

I just started on my blog a semi-regular series on basic image processing techniques in Matlab

Contributed by: Matteo Niccoli
image proce..., tutorial 172 1
21 Nov 2011 MATLAB with Fun

A blog by Roh Fahn, an Application Engineer focusing on MATLAB & Simulink.

Contributed by: Helen Chen
Updated by: Lindsay Coutinho
blog, image proce..., matlab, signal proc... 306 1
1 Dec 2011 Image Processing tips for geoscientists

I just started a blog series of image processing tips to enhance geoscience maps

Contributed by: Matteo Niccoli
convolution, edge enhanc..., filtering, geology, geophysics 160 1
9 Feb 2012 "IMAGE2SEGY": Raster to SEG-Y Converter

Transforms raster image ( jpg, bmp, tif,..) to scaled and geo-referenced SEG-Y.

Contributed by: Farran
data export, earth science, image proce... 360 1
13 Mar 2012 Smart Voice Decoder System

Smart Voice Decoder System project for Electronics Students

Contributed by: Pawan
signal proc..., aerospace, communications, data export, image proce... 116 1
15 Mar 2012 Kinect Matlab

A File Exchange submission by Dirk-Jan Kroon containing C++ wrappers for Microsoft Kinect

Contributed by: kos sof
data export, demo, image proce..., mathematics, measurement 423 1
15 Mar 2012 MATLAB Projects Videos

MATLAB/Simulink Projects Videos

Contributed by: Saqer Ali Khalil
control design, image proce..., prediction, signal proc..., coin 317 1
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Apr 2012 Making a Media Computation class in MATLAB at UCSD

Blog post at Computing Education Blog

Contributed by: Helen Chen
image proce... 29 1
10 Apr 2012 New Features for High-Performance Image Processing in MATLAB

Recent enhancements to MATLAB® and Image Processing Toolbox™ increase image processing speed

Contributed by: Linda Webb
block proce..., blockproc, global thre..., graythresh, image proce... 87 1
28 Apr 2012 Need help- image processing, watershed, normalized cuts

Need an evaluation of my work

Contributed by: jayani
gui, image proce... 20 1
4 May 2012 A Website for discussing Signal Processing, Communication Engineering and Matlab programming

A Website for discussing Signal Processing, Communication Engineering and Matlab programming

Contributed by: Mathuranathan Viswanathan
bpsk, channel coding, gsm, cdma, cellular co... 405 1
5.0 | 1 rating
9 May 2012 MATLAB 画像処理

MATLAB 画像処理という用語の解説および関連する参考例やビデオなどを紹介するページです。

Contributed by: Toshiaki Takeuchi
article, image proce... 116 1
9 May 2012 画像 アルゴリズム

画像 アルゴリズムという用語の解説および関連する参考例やビデオを紹介するページです。

Contributed by: Toshiaki Takeuchi
article, image proce... 8 1
9 May 2012 画像認識


Contributed by: Toshiaki Takeuchi
article, image proce... 15 1
9 May 2012 動体検出


Contributed by: Toshiaki Takeuchi
article, image proce... 22 1
9 May 2012 動画処理


Contributed by: Toshiaki Takeuchi
article, image proce... 22 1
29 May 2012 Automating Electron Beam Free Form Fabrication with MATLAB

NASA Langley’s MATLAB based control system automates the welding process and produces components.

Contributed by: Linda Webb
cad, ebf3, electron fr..., fuzzy logic, g-code gene... 60 0
26 Jul 2012 MATLAB GUI for 3D point generation from SR 4000 images

Post from GeoVisualization blog, includes video of MATLAB-based GUI

Contributed by: Helen Chen
Updated by: Wajahat
gui, image proce..., matlab, motion capture, photography 288 2
30 Jul 2012 A Database of MATLAB functions

Interactive tutorials on scientific functions

Contributed by: William Craelius
data import, academic, biotech, course mate..., image proce... 213 1
6 Sep 2012 Using Image Processing and Statistical Analysis to Quantify Cell Scattering for Cancer Drug Research

Quantifying Cell Scattering for Cancer Drug Research

Contributed by: Linda Webb
cell scatte..., image proce..., image thres..., loglogistic..., matlab hist... 85 1

A blog post by Vladimir Yuzhikov on how to use MATLAB to restore defocused and blurred images

Contributed by: Helen Chen
bilinear an..., image proce... 269 1
30 Oct 2012 Visualization tips for geoscientists: Matlab, part 3

Advanced Visualization tips for geoscientists in Matlab - check it out and get the code

Contributed by: Matteo Niccoli
data, earth science, geoscience, image proce..., influence maps 94 1
7 Feb 2013 Mapping A Maze Using Matlab Image Processing Toolbox

Recently I saw an article about mapping a maze and I thought to myself; how could this be done

Contributed by: Romaine Carter
image proce..., morphologic... 77 0

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