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16 Sep 2010 Integration of Green and Renewable Energy in Electric Power Systems

Textbook on integrating green and renewable energy into electric power systems

academic, book alert, electrical..., energy prod..., language en... 339 1
16 Sep 2010 Biosignal and Medical Image Processing, 2nd edition

Textbook for a single semester course on biomedical signal and image processing

academic, biological..., biomedical..., book alert, computation... 503 1
16 Sep 2010 Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems

Introductory textbook on mathematical modeling and analysis of systems, uses MATLAB and Simulink

academic, book alert, language en..., mechanical..., system mode... 246 1
16 Sep 2010 What Every Engineer Should Know About MATLAB and Simulink

Introduction to MATLAB & Simulink with examples from mechanical & electrical engineering

academic, book alert, electrical..., language en..., mechanical... 255 1
16 Sep 2010 Digital Communication Systems Using MATLAB and Simulink

Undergraduate textbook introducing simulation for digital communication systems

academic, communicati..., downloadabl..., resource, book alert 2204 1
19 Oct 2010 Introduction to the Simulation of Dynamics Using Simulink

Detailed overview of mathematical modeling and simulation with Simulink

academic, aerospace e..., book alert, electrical..., language en... 355 1
19 Oct 2010 MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications, 4e

Introduction to MATLAB for math, science & engineering; requires no prior programming knowledge

mathematics, academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological... 692 1
19 Oct 2010 Biomechanics: Concepts and Computation

Undergraduate textbook on biomechanics & computational modeling, with biomedical applications

academic, biological..., biomedical..., book alert, computation... 247 1
3 Mar 2011 Numerical Computing with MATLAB, by Cleve Moler

Online textbook on numerical methods, with downloadable chapters and supporting MATLAB files

computation..., academic, downloadabl..., course mate..., textbook 5986 1
4.5 | 2 ratings
23 Apr 2011 Holistic Numerical Methods Institute

Videos and lecture notes for engineering students learning numerical methods with MATLAB

Contributed by: Todd
academic, electrical..., course mate..., business ec..., downloadabl... 3604 2
16 Jul 2011 Electromagnetic Waves & Antennas Toolbox

Supporting software for the online textbook "Electromagnetic Waves & Antennas" by S. Orfanidis

resource, academic, communicati..., electrical..., mw fileexch... 936 1
4.0 | 1 rating
24 Jul 2011 Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, 2nd ed.

Comprehensive textbook on image processing theory and implementation (w/ extensive MATLAB examples)

image and v..., academic, biomedical..., computer sc..., language en... 2305 2
1.0 | 1 rating
26 Aug 2011 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, 3rd ed.

Introductory textbook on biomedical engineering design and modeling (MATLAB & Simulink examples)

academic, biomedical..., computation..., language en..., resource 614 1
4 Sep 2011 Calculus for the Life Sciences: A Modeling Approach

Freely downloadable textbook for introductory life sciences students, with MATLAB examples

academic, biological..., biomedical..., computation..., language en... 175 2
4 Sep 2011 Introduction to Linear Algebra, 4th edition

Textbook by Gilbert Strang (MIT), with downloadable MATLAB examples

academic, country us, downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics 371 1
4 Oct 2011 Scientific and Engineering Applications Using MATLAB

Freely-downloadable book on applications of MATLAB in seismology and meteorology

academic, civil and e..., country us, earth atmos..., language en... 369 1
5 Oct 2011 Physical Modeling in MATLAB

Online textbook on MATLAB programming with a focus on modeling and simulation of physical systems

civil and e..., academic, aerospace e..., books, chemical en... 425 2
21 Oct 2011 Practical Genetic Algorithms, 2nd ed

Theory and techniques of optimization with genetic algorithms, with MATLAB examples

academic, textbook, computer sc..., language en..., statistics 558 2
22 Oct 2011 Digital Signal Processing with Examples in MATLAB

Textbook on digital filter analysis, digital transforms, and statistical signal processing

digital sig..., academic, books, electrical..., language en... 695 2
5.0 | 1 rating
10 Feb 2012 Heat Transfer -- Lessons with Examples Solved by Matlab

* discuss about technical issues
* cut and paste MATLAB Codes
* philosophical discussions

downloadabl..., academic, computation..., country us, course mate... 1037 1
18 Apr 2012 MATLAB en zijn Symbolic Math Toolbox

Leergang voor geïnteresseerden in de Computeralgebra - Systemen MATLAB en zijn Symbolic Math Toolbox

academic, country se, language dutch, mathematics, symbolic maths 19 1
13 Sep 2012 Fixed-Point Signal Processing (Padgett, Anderson)

This addresses how to build fixed-point algorithms for DSP or FPGA implementation.

academic, communicati..., country us, digital sig..., downloadabl... 43 1
2 Nov 2012 Lab-in-a-Box

Student owned hardware for learning the principles of linear AC and DC circuits

academic, country us, course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl... 71 1
6 Nov 2012 An Introduction to Matlab

Teaches you the basics of Matlab without requiring any previous experience of programming.

academic, business ec..., computation..., computation..., computer sc... 478 1
14 Feb 2013 MATLAB Graphics and Data Visualization Cookbook

Very good resource to learn visualisation and graphics in Matlab

e-book, code, graphics, textbook, visualisation 340 1
4.0 | 1 rating
15 Apr 2013 Iterative Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Equations

Textbook on iterative methods. MATLAB codes accompany the text.

academic, country us, language en..., mathematics, numerical a... 112 1
8 Jul 2013 Matlab - Modelling, Programming and Simulations

Free electronic book with articles on using MATLAB for teaching and research in engineering

textbook, delta-sigma..., antenna array, biomedical..., control sys... 2064 3
4.0 | 1 rating
13 Sep 2013 Matlab cody contain code for different problem. All are interesting probleb to understand.

This blog will cover these topic mostly:
1) DIP
2) Control System
3) GUI

academic, image and v..., textbook, communication, communicati... 373 2
3 Apr 2014 Solving of the discrete optimization problems in Matlab

Some of the discrete optimization problems on the basis of the Matlab function bintprog are solved

academic, computation..., country ua, language ru..., mathematics 279 2
29 Dec 2014 Modeling and Control of Fuel Cells: Distributed Generation Applications

Comprehensive overview of fuel cell dynamic modeling and controller design for fuel cells

academic, book alert, electrical..., energy prod..., language en... 405 2
3.0 | 1 rating
9 Feb 2015 Undergraduate Geoscience: Teaching Data, Simulation and Models with MATLAB

This page links to curriculum, books, case studies, and code for teaching geoscience with MATLAB.

academic, control sys..., country au, country de, country us 26 1

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