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20 May 2010 MATLAB code on

Algorito lets you share algorithm implementations in various languages, including MATLAB.

Contributed by: Ned Gulley
algorithms, code 39 0
9 Apr 2012 Visualization tips for geoscientists: Matlab, part II

Posted some new code snippets and discussion about enhanced visualization of Geophysical maps

3d, article, code, earth science, geology 95 1
18 Jan 2011 Automatic Report Generation in Model-Based Design (SAE Paper 2010)

Coverage of key ideas on how to leverage reporting technologies in Model-Based Design

automatic, case, checks, code, coverage 108 1
27 Sep 2010 Matlab for Experimental Research

Hands on Matlab course lecture, labs, and quizzes, with solutions

code, lecture, psychophysi..., tutorial 121 1
4.0 | 1 rating
7 Jun 2012 Formation Simscape STI2D, par Mr Guillaume Martin et David Granjon, académie de Lyon

Contenu et modèles téléchargeables de la formation Simscape STI2D.

Contributed by: Nadia
Updated by: Nadia
academic, arduino, country fr, language fr..., lego 140 1
18 Oct 2013 MATLAB syntax highlighter

A small JavaScript library for online MATLAB syntax highlighting

Updated by: Elad
code, highlighting, online, syntax 161 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
12 Aug 2009 Wiley's MATLAB Resources for Statistics and Engineering

Wiley collection of downloads for MATLAB publications

Contributed by: Helen Chen
books, code 163 1
27 Apr 2011 PID Control Design Made Easy

A new method simplifies and improves the design and implementation of PID controllers.

Contributed by: Linda Webb
c code, code, control system, feedback pi..., feedforward... 242 2
14 Feb 2013 MATLAB Graphics and Data Visualization Cookbook

Very good resource to learn visualisation and graphics in Matlab

e-book, code, graphics, textbook, visualisation 332 1
4.0 | 1 rating
27 Apr 2011 PID Control Design Made Easy

The article describes a method that improves design and implementation of PID controllers

Contributed by: Linda Webb
c code, simulation, code, control system, control sys... 408 2
24 Oct 2013 Fast Random Walker Using Precomputation

Matlab code for the fast random walker with priors and precomputation segmentation algorithm

Contributed by: Shawn
algorithm, code, image proce..., imaging, interactive 582 1
5.0 | 1 rating

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