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19 Jun 2013 Teaching Physics webinar

Learn how you and your students can benefit from incorporating MATLAB in your physics curriculum

analytical, concepts, learning, physics, symbolic 19 0
7 Jan 2010 MATLAB Blog posts from Serendipity

A Korean blog by freezkim

Contributed by: Helen Chen
blog, korean, learning, matlab 20 1
22 Feb 2010 Resources for the MATLAB class

Robert Talbert's post overviewing MATLAB resources for class Computer Tools for Problem Solving

Contributed by: Helen Chen
academic, education, learning, reference 28 1
29 Jul 2014 PZGui interactive graphical tool to study all aspects of single-input single-output transfer functions, both continuous-time and discrete-time. Matlab 2014b Graphics Ready!

PZGui - world-class interactive tool to study all aspects of SISO transfer functions, C-T and D-T

Contributed by: Mark
Updated by: Mark
2014b graph..., academic, academic so..., bilinear tr..., bode 37 1
5.0 | 1 rating
16 Apr 2010 MATLAB - An Introduction

By Beuth and Teschl, Technical University of Chemnitz

Contributed by: Helen Chen
education, learning 56 1
17 Feb 2011 Intro to MATLAB video series from Software Carpentry

These episodes are an introduction to MATLAB, a popular desktop numerical programming tool.

Contributed by: Helen Chen
learning, video 62 1
22 Jun 2009 MATLAB overview from Introduction to Programming in Java

Matlab has built-in support for manipulating matrices, complex numbers, and data visualization.

Contributed by: Helen Chen
learning, matlab 62 0
15 Apr 2010 MATLAB and Simulink videos from iloveMATLAB (Chinese)

The iloveMATLAB community in China publishes videos to help learn MATLAB and Simulink

Contributed by: Helen Chen
chinese, learning, tutorial, video 95 1
11 Mar 2013 Matlab Chinese Forums

The hottest matlab chinese forum, mainly for researchers in China!...

Contributed by: Hong Zhang
chinese, community, learning, newsgroups 146 2
22 Jun 2009 MATLAB Summary and Tutorial

University of Florida user startup page

Contributed by: Helen Chen
learning, matlab 160 1
23 Jan 2013 PZGUI Toolbox (Pole Zero Graphical User Interface) for Matlab

Highly interactive GUI, for learning about poles zeros FRF's & controller design.

Contributed by: Mark
Updated by: Mark
academic, bilinear tr..., bode plot, c2d, closed loop 219 1
5.0 | 1 rating
22 Jun 2009 Computer Methods in Chemical Engineering -- MATLAB

Links to tutorials, documents and other references

Contributed by: Helen Chen
curricula, learning, references 203 1
1 Dec 2010 MATLAB Cheat Sheets

A collections of MATLAB Cheat Sheets on

Contributed by: Helen Chen
cheatsheet, learning, matlab 475 0

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