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4 Aug 2011 Using MATLAB to Teach Problem-Solving Techniques to First-Year Liberal Arts Students

MATLAB and an "inverted classroom" help students hone critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Contributed by: Linda Webb
aerospace e..., academic, biological..., biomedical..., business ec... 86 1
16 Feb 2012 MATH/CMSC 206 - Introduction to Matlab

This is a one credit online course that will introduce many of the basic features of MATLAB.

Contributed by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
mupad, tutorial 185 1
8 Sep 2010 Calculus II including application examples

Course materials and MuPAD examples to teach concepts related to integrals & differential equations

Contributed by: Dan Doherty
Updated by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
numerical a..., academic, course mate..., language en..., mathematics 216 2
7 Sep 2010 Calculus / Precalculus II

Demonstration of fundamental concepts in calculus using MuPAD notebooks and Symbolic Math Toolbox

Contributed by: Dan Doherty
academic, course mate..., language en..., mathematics, numerical a... 214 1
13 Oct 2010 MuPAD

Perform symbolic computations with the MuPAD language and engine

Contributed by: Denise Tarbox
analytical..., analytical..., analytical..., mathematica..., mathematics 270 1
31 Aug 2009 Analytical Modeling of Aircraft Wing Forces Using MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox

Symbolic Math Toolbox is used to derive a mathematical model of a basic engineering system

Contributed by: Linda Webb
aerospace e..., aircraft de..., aircraft pa..., aircraft wi..., analytical... 273 1

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