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2 Jul 1999 NNCTRL Toolkit

An add-on for the 'NNSYSID-toolbox'. The toolkit consists of a set of functions for design and si...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
neural netw... 36 1
2 Jul 1999 MathWorks - Neural Network Toolbox

The Neural Network Toolbox provides comprehensive support for the design, implementation, and sim...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
neural netw... 108 1
2 Jul 1999 Netlab Neural Network Software

The Netlab simulation software is designed to provide the central tools necessary for the simulat...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
neural netw... 472 1
22 Feb 2000 SOM Toolbox

SOM Toolbox is a free function library for MATLAB 5 implementing the SOM algorithm, visualization...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
neural netw..., controls, electronics, modeling, systems 1283 1
18 Apr 2000 Neural Network M-files

User contributed neural network m-files from the MATLAB Central File Exchange....

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
neural netw... 365 1
28 Jun 2004 NeuroSolutions Neural Network Toolbox

The NeuroSolutions for MATLAB neural network toolbox enables users to leverage the power of neura...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
neural netw... 210 1
7 Jun 2005 The Spider Tutorial

The spider is intended to be a complete object orientated environment for machine learning in MAT...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
neural netw... 841 1
8 Jun 2005 Computational Intelligence

Introductory course on adaptive filters, machine learning and neural networks (uses MATLAB)

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
academic, computer sc..., course mate..., language en..., neural netw... 144 1
13 Jun 2005 Multisurface Method Tree with MATLAB

Brief Overview of the MSM-T Algorithm and Generation of the Decision Tree...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
neural netw... 106 1
4 Jan 2006 Recurrent Self-Organizing Maps Toolbox

This package contains a few functions to create, train, and simulate RSOM and RecSOM type of recu...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
neural network, neural netw... 210 1
21 Feb 2006 ANN tutorial

Brief but good tutorial for Artifical Neural Networks with MatLab....

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
neural netw... 1383 1
27 Mar 2006 Neural Network backprop algorithm in MATLAB

A starting point for those wishing to develop neural network algorithms in MATLAB...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
neural netw... 593 1
30 Sep 2006 MCMC Methods for MLP and GP and Stuff

MCMCstuff toolbox is a collection of Matlab functions for Bayesian inference with Markov chain Mo...

Contributed by: Aki Vehtari
mcmc conver..., neural netw..., statistics 387 1
29 Jun 2009 Neural Network software

Alyuda Research is one of the world’s leading developers of neural network-based and trading soft...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
Updated by: nirali rathod
neural netw... 348 1
9 Nov 2009 Matlab toolboxes and functions for predictive modelling

Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines, Locally Weighted Polynomials, Radial Basis Functions, ...

Contributed by: Gints Jekabsons
neural netw..., splines, interpolation, machine lea..., polynomials 1285 1
5 Jan 2010 Silverlight 4 Communicating with MATLAB

In this installment I’m leveraging Silverlight 4 and MATLAB to build a simple MATLAB console.

Contributed by: Helen Chen
matlab, neural netw..., silverlight 170 1
14 May 2010 Simple Model of Spiking Neurons

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks article by Eugene M. Izhikevich, The Neurosciences Institute

Contributed by: Helen Chen
neural netw... 234 1
24 May 2011 Reproducible Research in Image Processing

Share the source codes of the latest advances in image processing and computer vision.

Contributed by: Xin
compressed..., computation..., computer vi..., image proce..., machine lea... 135 0
15 Mar 2012 MATLAB Projects Videos

MATLAB/Simulink Projects Videos

Contributed by: Saqer Ali Khalil
control design, image proce..., prediction, signal proc..., coin 279 1
5.0 | 1 rating
28 May 2012 Using MATLAB TO Predict The Lottery

I wanted to see if it was possible to use NN to predict lottery outcomes.

Contributed by: Romaine Carter
Updated by: Romaine Carter
artificial..., lottery, cash pot, neural netw..., nn 581 1
22 Sep 2012 Image Classification using MATLAB SOM/LVQ

Find specific image using LVQ classsification

Contributed by: Romaine Carter
classification, image proce..., lvq, neural netw..., som 672 1
28 Nov 2012 Designing A Custom Neural Network In MATLAB

Blog post by Romaine Carter

Contributed by: Helen Chen
Updated by: Arpit Gupta
neural netw... 467 2
4.0 | 1 rating

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