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13 Apr 2010 Using Information-Theoretic Statistics in MATLAB to Understand How Ecosystems Affect Regional Climates

University of Illinois researchers explain how climate changes affect the ecosystem

academic, civil and e..., language en..., statistics..., technical l... 129 1
2 Sep 2010 Using Web Map Service Data for Visualization and Analysis in Geospatial Applications

Using WMS to find geospatial raster data and Mapping Toolbox to analyze data and create map displays

dem, digital ele..., geographic..., geographic..., geographic... 83 1
29 May 2012 Forecasting GDP with a Dynamic Factor Model

MATLAB models enable economists to measure the growth rate of the Spanish economy in the short term.

dynamic fac..., butterworth..., common fact..., estimated c..., forecasting... 185 0
12 Sep 2014 Article is live: Analyzing and Visualizing Flows in Rivers and Lakes with MATLAB

Analyzing Water Flow Data in MATLAB

data analysis, data proces..., data visual..., flow data, matlab plot 31 1

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