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10 Dec 2014 Simulink (Embedded Coder) Target for MicroDAQ Real-Time Measurement System

MicroDAQ is a Real-Time Measurement and Rapid Control Prototyping System.

Contributed by: Mikhail
c6000, embedded coder, microdaq, omapl137, prototyping 6 0
9 Dec 2014 Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ)

MATLAB implementation of Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ).

Contributed by: Kamil Wojcicki
Updated by: BO WU
objective m..., speech enha..., speech proc..., speech quality 747 0
5.0 | 2 ratings
30 Nov 2014 Guaranteed Automatic Integration Library (GAIL)

GAIL is a suite of algorithms for integration problems in one and many dimensions.

Contributed by: GAIL
integration, monte carlo... 3 0
5.0 | 1 rating
9 Oct 2014 Control PID con MATLAB y Simulink

Descubra cómo diseñar y simular algoritmos de control PID de manera sencilla con MATLAB y Simulink

Contributed by: Koldobika
control pid, controlador..., diseño de c..., matlab y si..., pid 62 0
8 Oct 2014 GPstuff - Gaussian process models for Bayesian analysis

A versatile collection of Gaussian process models and computational tools required for inference.

Contributed by: Aki Vehtari
["[\"gaussi... 33 0
5.0 | 1 rating
22 Sep 2014 mouse controlling

music control by hand gestures

Contributed by: jayaprakash
mouse contr... 40 0
3.0 | 1 rating
31 Jul 2014 Clustering with Matlab

This page brings together a variety of resources for performing cluster analysis using MATLAB.

Contributed by: Matthew Simoneau
Updated by: baljeet choudhary
clustering 459 0
2.0 | 1 rating
13 Jun 2014 画像処理回路のASIC実装へ向けた、HDL Coder適用事例

ルネサスシステムデザイン社がHDL Coderを利用してASIC向け画像処理IP開発を適用したユーザ事例

Contributed by: Atsushi Matsumoto
asic, fpga, hdl coder, user story 23 0
26 May 2014 Octave and Matlab Snippets

A github gist listing code snippets for matlab and octave.

Contributed by: Christian
gist, github, matlab, octave, snippet 35 0
15 Apr 2014 MatlabQtVTK

The c++ software enables using VTK and Qt via Matlab

Contributed by: Liang Liang
c++, qt, vtk 37 0
1 Apr 2014 Retinal Vessel Detection by Gabor Transform and Machine Learning, a Tutorial

Gabor transform and generalized linear model (GLM) for detection of retinal vessels in images.

Contributed by: Elad
computer vi..., gabor filter, image proce... 59 0
5.0 | 1 rating
30 Mar 2014 Conversion d'un modele 3d Autodesk Inventor vers Simmechanics

Conversion du modele robotino au format Autodesk Inventor vers Simmechanics

Contributed by: Eric Fricot
autodesk in... 12 0
26 Mar 2014 Image Alignment Toolbox (IAT)

A Matlab toolbox for image alignment and registration

Contributed by: Georgios Evangelidis
image align..., image regis... 63 0
24 Mar 2014 Matlab Cheatsheet

A concise two page list of often used matlab functions, tips and tricks.

Contributed by: Thor
cheat sheet, cheatsheet, econometrics, notes, referencesheet 336 0
21 Feb 2014 MATLAB - Radioactive Decay by Monte Carlo Method

This is the code to simulate radioactive decay by Monte Carlo method.

Contributed by: Mahesha MG
matlab, monte carlo 202 0
29 Jan 2014 Resources on stereo vision with MATLAB.

Learn about stereo vision to estimate depth with MATLAB.

Contributed by: Avi Nehemiah
computer vi..., image and v..., image proce..., image regis... 36 0
23 Jan 2014 roller bearing

roller bearing fault analysis

Contributed by: vivek khare
fault vibra... 37 0
4.0 | 1 rating
14 Jan 2014 Blog Post and Plotly Demo: How to share your figures in the cloud

A demo, with embedded graphs and code, for how to use the Plotly MATLAB graphing library

Contributed by: Mateo Sundquist
article, data export, demo, embedded code, gui 13 0
13 Jan 2014 emgr - Empirical Gramian Framework

emgr is a compact open-source Matlab toolbox for model reduction and system identification.

Contributed by: Christian
gramian, model reduc..., system iden..., uncertainty... 10 0
1 Jan 2014 Tools to Improve your Model Based Development (MBD) Process

StyleCheck and unite are MBD tools which will help improve quality and productivity of models

Contributed by: srinivas rao
Updated by: The Matlab Spot
maab, automotive, dspace, gui, iec 61508 a... 88 0
5.0 | 1 rating
5 Dec 2013 Making interactive heatmaps, boxplots, triple y-axis graphs, and more with Plotly and MATLAB

Walkthrough of using the Plotly MATLAB API for graphing (

Contributed by: Mateo Sundquist
aerospace, automotive, biotech, communications, control design 49 0
24 Nov 2013 converting an image to binary and saving it in MATLAB - See more at:

How to convert an image to binary on the first case, then how to save that image and keep it binary

Contributed by: Abder-Rahman
binary image, convert, image proce... 77 0
20 Nov 2013 Increasing the resolution of a grayscale image in MATLAB

How to increase the resolution of a grayscale image in MATLAB

Contributed by: Abder-Rahman
grayscale, image, matlab, resolution 30 0
23 Sep 2013 機械学習


Contributed by: Toshiaki Takeuchi
article, data explor..., mathematics, matrix, modeling 9 0
3 Sep 2013 Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox

Provide a brief overview of the resources found at this site.hbjhjkjjjjjj

Contributed by: Hadi Hadian
root locus 114 0
16 Aug 2013 retinal blood vessel segmentation using support vector machines

support vector machine is to identify optimal seperating hyperplane

Contributed by: Jeya shree
graphs, image proce..., k means clu..., signal proc..., watershed 165 0
31 Jul 2013 Image Processing Toolbox with GPUs - get your GeoInt Accelerator

A comprehensive platform to start developing with GPUs. Sign up to get a loaner GPU workstation.

Contributed by: Julia Levites
geoint, gpus, image proce..., image proce... 40 0
14 Jul 2013 31 MATLAB programming tricks

31 favorite MATLAB programming tricks by Stack overflow users

Contributed by: nate
matlab prog... 161 0
19 Jun 2013 Teaching Physics webinar

Learn how you and your students can benefit from incorporating MATLAB in your physics curriculum

Contributed by: Deepak Ramaswamy
analytical, concepts, learning, physics, symbolic 19 0
24 May 2013 Introduction and download links for new Tobii SDK Mtalab binding

How to install and get started with the new cross platform Tobii Matlab binding

Contributed by: Tim Holmes
api, eye-tracking, sdk, tobii, toolbox 34 0
24 Apr 2013 sidelobe

sidelobe cancellation in radars

Contributed by: VINODHINI
signal proc... 39 0
7 Feb 2013 Mapping A Maze Using Matlab Image Processing Toolbox

Recently I saw an article about mapping a maze and I thought to myself; how could this be done

Contributed by: Romaine Carter
image proce..., morphologic... 77 0
8 Jan 2013 Virtual Reality Builder

Reads Airloads®-V4 Geometry Files And Creates An Indexed Face VRLM Model

Contributed by: ZerO
aerospace, modeling, simulation 32 0
4 Jan 2013 Airloads®-V4

An Object Oriented Symbolic Algorithm For Aero/Hydrodynamic Design And Simulation.

Contributed by: ZerO
aerospace, modeling, simulation 49 0
28 Dec 2012 Monte-Carlo Simulation of Particles in a Box - Diffusion using Matlab

Particle diffusion problem is simulated by Monte Carlo Method

Contributed by: Mahesha MG
diffusion, matlab, monte carlo, random numbers 414 0
28 Dec 2012 Double slit interference and diffraction combined

Shows the intensity distribution in case of double slit interference and diffraction combined

Contributed by: Mahesha MG
diffraction, double slit, interference, matlab 59 0
25 Dec 2012 1D Schrodinger wave equation (Time independent system)

to solve 1D Schrodinger wave equation (Time independent system)by finite difference method

Contributed by: Mahesha MG
finite diff..., matlab, schrodinger 262 0
25 Dec 2012 PI value by Monte-Carlo Method

MATLAB code to find the value of PI by Monte Carlo method

Contributed by: Mahesha MG
matlab, monte carlo, pi value 407 0
30 Oct 2012 Modélisation physique dans le monde académique, par MathWorks

Comment motiver vos étudiants par la simulation d'exemples réels d'applications diverses.

Contributed by: Nadia
academic, biomedical..., civil and e..., communicati..., computation... 79 0
24 Oct 2012 Self-capacitance of basic conducting objects – BEM/MoM numerical solution

an accurate 3D electrostatic MoM solution for a self-capacitance of basic conducting objects.

Contributed by: Sergey Makarov
basic condu..., capacitance, charge dist..., electric fi..., self-capaci... 10 0
24 Sep 2012 ディジタルフィルター


Contributed by: Toshiaki Takeuchi
article, signal proc... 3 0
24 Sep 2012 周波数解析


Contributed by: Toshiaki Takeuchi
article, signal proc... 18 0
24 Sep 2012 フーリエ変換


Contributed by: Toshiaki Takeuchi
article, signal proc... 4 0
12 Sep 2012 Matlab Finance Code Collector

Matlab Finance Code Collector

Contributed by: Zhiyong
Updated by: Zhiyong
optimization, data export, finance, statistics 203 0
5.0 | 1 rating
29 May 2012 Automating Electron Beam Free Form Fabrication with MATLAB

NASA Langley’s MATLAB based control system automates the welding process and produces components.

Contributed by: Linda Webb
cad, ebf3, electron fr..., fuzzy logic, g-code gene... 60 0
29 May 2012 Forecasting GDP with a Dynamic Factor Model

MATLAB models enable economists to measure the growth rate of the Spanish economy in the short term.

Contributed by: Linda Webb
dynamic fac..., butterworth..., common fact..., estimated c..., forecasting... 175 0
26 May 2012 hand gesture controlled music player

i have used k curvature algorithm for this project

Contributed by: Mohammed Hafiz hfiz
Updated by: Mohammed Hafiz hfiz
hand gesture, k crvature, matlab, music player, virtual mouse 110 0
4.0 | 1 rating
16 May 2012 Design Optimization in MATLAB and Simulink

Learn how MATLAB and Simulink can be used to support Design Optimization activities

Contributed by: Seth DeLand
design opti..., multiobject..., optimization 68 0
13 Mar 2012 Optimization of Microstrip Patch Antenna using Particle Swarm Optimization/IE3D

The Microstrip antenna is constructed from dielectric substrate and patch metal

Contributed by: Pawan
final year..., mathematics, matlab ante..., simulation 357 0
5.0 | 1 rating
5 Mar 2012 Creating DoodleJump in MATLAB

Great blog post by zerocross_raptor how to make a game using MATLAB

Contributed by: Lindsay Coutinho
article, demo, game, physics 51 0

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