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15 Jul 2011 Interactive Signal Processing Tutorial

Free web-based interactive tutorial that introduces MATLAB for signal processing and filter design

digital sig..., academic, video, biomedical..., downloadabl... 1580 2
4.5 | 2 ratings
5 Feb 2010 Simulink Based Interactive Pedagogy for Teaching DSP

Recorded Webinar on how Simulink can be used to introduce DSP concepts interactively

academic, aerospace e..., biomedical..., digital sig..., electrical... 153 1
12 Jan 2010 Simulink for teaching Signal Processing courses

Simulink models for interactively introducing signal processing concepts in the classroom

academic, communicati..., digital sig..., downloadabl..., electrical... 773 1
29 Jun 2009 Supporting Undergraduate Research with MATLAB and Data Acquisition Toolbox

Article on DSP course at VMI that uses MATLAB for live measurement, analysis and visualization

academic, article, data acquis..., digital sig..., dsp 79 1
22 Oct 2011 Using Simulink in the Classroom to Enhance Engineering Education

Recorded webinar on incorporating Simulink into controls and signal processing courses

academic, control sys..., country us, digital sig..., electrical... 67 1
5.0 | 1 rating
24 Aug 2011 MATLAB Educational GUIs for Signal Processing

Educational GUIs (virtual labs) for exploring basic concepts in signal processing

academic, digital sig..., simulink in..., biomedical..., downloadabl... 823 1
5.0 | 1 rating
1 Jun 2011 Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Course

Lab handouts, assignments and final project material for a real-time DSP course using MATLAB

electrical..., academic, course mate..., digital sig..., embedded sy... 865 2
9 Aug 2010 Signal Processing Teaching Materials from The MathWorks and Texas Instruments

Course materials for teaching advanced DSP and imaging concepts, with implementation on TI hardware

course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl..., image and v..., academic 815 1
3.0 | 1 rating
7 Dec 2009 A Practical Approach to Signals and Systems

Introductory textbook for teaching signal processing and controls concepts (with MATLAB examples)

academic, control sys..., digital sig..., downloadabl..., electrical... 288 1
16 Sep 2010 Biosignal and Medical Image Processing, 2nd edition

Textbook for a single semester course on biomedical signal and image processing

academic, biological..., biomedical..., book alert, computation... 503 1
5 Feb 2010 COLEA: A MATLAB Software Tool for Speech Analysis

A MATLAB toolbox for visualizing and extracting formants from speech signals

academic, digital sig..., downloadabl..., language en..., psychology 584 1
22 Oct 2011 Digital Signal Processing with Examples in MATLAB

Textbook on digital filter analysis, digital transforms, and statistical signal processing

digital sig..., academic, books, electrical..., language en... 698 2
5.0 | 1 rating
14 Sep 2012 FiO board and RapidSTM32 Blockset

Tutorial on low-cost embedded target for student projects, model-based design and rapid prototyping

academic, aerospace e..., downloadabl..., control sys..., electrical... 1033 3
4.0 | 1 rating
5 Feb 2010 Fundamentals of Signals and Systems: Using the Web and MATLAB, 3rd ed.

Introductory textbook on continuous and discrete-time systems, with applications to control systems

academic, control sys..., course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl... 641 1
30 Dec 2009 Real-Time Digital Signal Processing, 2nd ed: Implementations and Applications

Undergraduate textbook covering design and implementation of real-time DSP algorithms

academic, digital sig..., electrical..., embedded sy..., language en... 433 1
26 Apr 2002 Signaux et images sous MATLAB: methodes, applications et exercises corriges (French)

Advanced textbook on digital signal and image processing using MATLAB

academic, books, digital sig..., electrical..., language fr... 47 1
4 Feb 2010 The Fourier Series (Video lectures)

Video lectures on the theory and applications of Fourier Transform (with MATLAB examples)

academic, digital sig..., electrical..., image and v..., language en... 1131 1
24 Nov 2009 Topics in Applied Linear Algebra

Course on advanced topics in linear algebra, with extensive MATLAB projects

academic, course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl..., language en... 128 1
12 Jan 2010 A Framework for Teaching Real-Time DSP With FPGAs

IEEE article on undergraduate course that combines MATLAB and VHDL programming

academic, digital sig..., electrical..., embedded sy..., language en... 238 1
24 Nov 2009 A Signals and Systems Laboratory using MATLAB & Simulink

Tutorial introduction to MATLAB & Simulink for signal processing concepts (PDF, 71 pages)

digital sig..., academic, biomedical..., electrical..., language en... 970 1
21 Aug 2013 Accelerating the Design of Radio Astronomy Instruments in South Africa and Worldwide with Simulink

Accelerating the Design of Radio Astronomy Instruments in South Africa and Worldwide with Simulink

casper, digital sig..., dsp, hdl code ge..., kat-7 20 1
5 May 2001 An Introduction to Signal Processing in Chemical Analysis

Tutorial on smoothing, differentiation, harmonic analysis, convolution, etc. in chemical analysis

academic, chemical en..., chemistry, course mate..., digital sig... 149 1
1 Jul 2009 Auditory Toolbox

MATLAB toolbox implementing several models of peripheral auditory processing

digital sig..., academic, downloadabl..., language en..., psychology 3221 1
5.0 | 1 rating
20 Feb 2004 Biomedical Signal Processing and Signal Modeling

Advanced textbook on biomedical signal processing, with MATLAB and Simulink examples

academic, biomedical..., digital sig..., signal proc..., biosciences 456 1
28 Dec 2012 Biomedical Signals and Sensors

An undergraduate bioengineering course at University of Washington

academic, biomedical..., computation..., country us, course mate... 156 1
15 Feb 2013 Cochlear Ltd. Streamlines Development of Cochlear Implant Sound Processing Algorithms

Cochlear Ltd. Streamlines Development of Cochlear Implant Sound Processing Algorithms

data analysis, digital sig..., dsp system..., mathematica..., matlab 33 1
30 Jul 2012 Conception et réalisation d’accordeurs de guitare dans le cadre du projet d’examen de terminale STI2D-SIN, par l'académie d'Orléans- Tours

Support de cours et modèles téléchargeables MATLAB-Simulink-Stateflow,

academic, académie do..., accordeur, acquisition, communicati... 89 1
7 Mar 2011 Converting MATLAB Algorithms into Serialized Designs for HDL Code Generation

Making a MATLAB implementation of an adaptive median filter suitable for hardware implementation

adaptive me..., digital sig..., serialized..., simulink, hdl 80 1
3 Feb 2010 Digital Signal Processing (Undergraduate 4th year)

MATLAB problem sets on digital signal processing

academic, course mate..., digital sig..., electrical..., language en... 321 1
9 Feb 2010 Discrete Fourier Analysis and Wavelets: Applications to Signal and Image Processing

Web page with resources and MATLAB code to support the textbook named in the title

Contributed by: Kurt
digital sig..., electrical..., academic, downloadabl..., image and v... 404 1
11 Mar 2015 DSP Design Flow Workshop and Teaching Materials

This XUP course is an introduction to FPGA-based DSP design using MATLAB/Simulink

academic, computer sc..., country us, course mate..., digital sig... 145 2
5.0 | 1 rating
13 Sep 2012 Electromechanical Engineering Systems Courseware

Course materials by Professor Kevin Craig, Mechanical Engineering, at Marquette University

academic, classroom r..., control sys..., country us, course mate... 55 1
21 Mar 2012 Embedded System Design Flow Workshop and Teaching Materials

This XUP course is an introduction to FPGA-based embedded systems design.

academic, computer sc..., country us, course mate..., digital sig... 101 1
13 Sep 2012 Fixed-Point Signal Processing (Padgett, Anderson)

This addresses how to build fixed-point algorithms for DSP or FPGA implementation.

academic, communicati..., country us, digital sig..., downloadabl... 43 1
20 Mar 2015 GPS Technology Laboratory (Graduate)

An overview of topics in satellite-based navigation, with labs using MATLAB

academic, aerospace e..., computer sc..., course mate..., digital sig... 719 2
5.0 | 1 rating

Ce document contient une partie initiation à MATLAB et des sujets de TPs pour les niveaux Master 1.

matlab, tps, academic, country fr, course mate... 252 2
23 Oct 2013 Innover en connectant MATLAB et Simulink à votre matériel

Webinar académique

academic, arduino, beagle board, control sys..., country fr 53 1
9 Apr 2010 Introduction to Signals and Systems

Videos of lectures & MATLAB problems & files for class by University of Colorado prof Mark Wickert.

academic, course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl..., electrical... 341 1
21 Nov 2013 iSonea Develops Mobile App and Server Software for Wheeze Detection and Asthma Management

iSonea Develops Mobile App and Server Software for Wheeze Detection and Asthma Management

algorithm d..., digital sig..., embedded co..., embedded sy..., medical dev... 14 1
3 Jun 2010 Kalman Filtering with State Constraints: A Survey of Linear and Nonlinear Algorithms (Tutorial)

Tutorial by Dan Simon, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cleveland State U, Cleveland OH

computer sc..., electrical..., programming..., digital sig..., downloadabl... 876 1
2 Nov 2012 Lab-in-a-Box

Student owned hardware for learning the principles of linear AC and DC circuits

academic, country us, course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl... 71 1
20 Apr 2012 Logiciels temps réel

Ensemble de logiciels telps réel concernant le traitement du signal et les asservissents

academic, control sys..., country fr, digital sig..., downloadabl... 53 1
2 May 2013 Making All the Right Noises: Shaping Sound with Audio Beamforming

Develop audio beamforming technology that varies the TV sound levels for two people in the same room

acoustical..., amplifiers, audio output, beamforming, digital sig... 46 1
13 Sep 2013 Matlab cody contain code for different problem. All are interesting probleb to understand.

This blog will cover these topic mostly:
1) DIP
2) Control System
3) GUI

academic, image and v..., textbook, communication, communicati... 373 2
15 Nov 2011 MATLABで学ぶディジタル信号処理の基礎 [Introduction to Digital Signal Processing with MATLAB Exercises, Japanese]

[Basic signal processing course with MATLAB]

academic, country jp, course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl... 69 1
25 Dec 2012 MATLABによる移動ロボット制御


academic, computer sc..., control sys..., country jp, digital sig... 98 1
25 Dec 2012 MATLABによる音声信号処理入門


academic, country jp, digital sig..., downloadabl..., electrical... 170 1
26 Dec 2014 MATLABを使った確率統計[Probability and statistics with MATLAB]


academic, computer sc..., country jp, course mate..., digital sig... 41 1
16 Feb 2010 MecLab - Introduction to Mechatronics

MecLab is a turn-key solution for introducing the principles of Mechatroncis

academic, automation, course mate..., digital sig..., industrial... 173 1
20 Jun 2013 Modeling and Bulding Basic Radios in ECE Laboratory

SimElectronics and SimRF Resources in the ECE Department at WPI

academic, country us, course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl... 23 1

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