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1 Dec 2011 Image Processing tips for geoscientists

I just started a blog series of image processing tips to enhance geoscience maps

Contributed by: Matteo Niccoli
convolution, edge enhanc..., filtering, geology, geophysics 160 1
23 Sep 2010 Open Source Geophysics Software

Lots of code maintained by Frederik J. Simons

Contributed by: Ned Gulley
geophysics, cartography, mapping 474 0
9 Apr 2012 Visualization tips for geoscientists: Matlab, part II

Posted some new code snippets and discussion about enhanced visualization of Geophysical maps

Contributed by: Matteo Niccoli
3d, article, code, earth science, geology 94 1
11 Feb 2012 visualization tips for geoscientists in MATLAB

Second in my blog series on visualization of geoscience data

Contributed by: Matteo Niccoli
data, geophysics, geoscience, visualization 79 0

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