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7 Apr 2000 Feedback Control Experiments - Experiments for feedback control education and research

Quanser Consulting, Inc., offers a complete line of feedback control experiments. The systems are...

control sys..., academic, aerospace e..., controls, curricula 133 1
11 Apr 2000 Ptolemy Simulation Engine

Ptolemy Simulation Engine - Ptolemy Simulation Engine - Ptolemy is a full simulation suite and co...

academic, controls, curricula, electrical..., engineering 82 1
5 May 2001 An Introduction to Signal Processing in Chemical Analysis

Tutorial on smoothing, differentiation, harmonic analysis, convolution, etc. in chemical analysis

academic, chemical en..., chemistry, course mate..., digital sig... 149 1
26 Apr 2002 Signaux et images sous MATLAB: methodes, applications et exercises corriges (French)

Advanced textbook on digital signal and image processing using MATLAB

academic, books, digital sig..., electrical..., language fr... 47 1
20 Feb 2004 Introduction to Linear Algebra, 5e

Introductory textbook on matrix theory and systems of linear equations, with MATLAB examples

mathematics, academic, books, language en..., numerical a... 59 1
20 Feb 2004 Biomedical Signal Processing and Signal Modeling

Advanced textbook on biomedical signal processing, with MATLAB and Simulink examples

academic, biomedical..., digital sig..., signal proc..., biosciences 456 1
3 Mar 2004 Matt Kawski's Personal MATLAB Resource

This page provides various m-files for use in calculus, ODEs, linear algebra, PDEs, visualization...

academic, curricula, mathematics, people 28 1
2 Apr 2004 Indiana University MATLAB Tutorial

Topics covered include MATLAB Overview, sales, availability, licensing, using the PDE toolbox and...

academic, curricula, mathematics, probability, statistics 33 1
2 Apr 2004 MATLAB Tutorial Information

A series of MATLAB tutorials from Clarkson University, Dept of Mathematics.

academic, curricula, matlab, tutorials 22 1
10 Jul 2004 Numerical Computing with MATLAB

Numerical Computing with MATLAB is a textbook for an introductory course in numerical methods, MA...

academic, curricula, mathematics, numerical c... 78 1
8 Jun 2005 Computational Intelligence

Introductory course on adaptive filters, machine learning and neural networks (uses MATLAB)

academic, computer sc..., course mate..., language en..., neural netw... 161 1
17 Feb 2006 MATLAB tutorial in Spanish

Thorough tutorial of MATLAB 7.0 in Spanish (128 pages, PDF)

academic, computer sc..., language sp..., programming..., tutorial 116 1
28 Dec 2007 Linear Algebra (Undergraduate)

This course introduces the central ideas of matrix theory and linear algebra. It emphasizes topic...

academic, curricula, linear algebra, mathematics, tutorials 77 1
12 Mar 2008 DSP log - Thoughts on digital signal processing for digital communication

DSP log
The blog started some in February 2007 on the free Blogger platform and was hosted at htt...

academic, blogs, curricula, electrical..., engineering 76 1
2 May 2008 Signal Processing Labs Based on DSP First Labs

Series of labs showing how to synthesize music with Simulink and then target a TI C6000 DSK

academic, electrical..., course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl... 274 1
28 May 2008 Robot-Arm Control System using xPC Target

Webinar on using Simulink and xPC Target to control a robot arm in real-time

robot arm, academic, electrical..., embedded sy..., language en... 670 1
30 May 2008 Calculus and Transforms

A Power Point 2007 presentation...

academic, curricula, mathematics 17 1
30 May 2008 Linear Algebra & Solution of ODEs

A Power Point 2007 presentation...

academic, curricula, mathematics 25 1
30 May 2008 Elementary Math Functions

A Power Point 2007 presentation...

academic, curricula, mathematics 48 1
26 Jun 2008 Vorlesung MATLAB/Simulink [German content]

Diese Vorlesung stellt eine Einf? in die numerische Simulationsumgebung MATLAB und Simulink dar. ...

academic, curricula, electrical..., engineering 145 1
26 Jun 2008 Feedback Control Systems

Develop fundamentals associated with the analysis, design and simulation of automatic control sys...

control sys..., academic, curricula, electrical..., engineering 100 1
5 Sep 2008 Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers

This course uses MATLAB to introduce the elements of procedural and object-oriented programming. ...

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 412 1
5 Sep 2008 Advanced Programming with Matlab

This course reviews the basics of MATLAB and additional advanced topics: object-oriented programm...

tutorials, academic, curricula, matlab 804 1
5 Sep 2008 Dynamical Astronomy

This course teaches concepts in comutational dynamical astronomy, such as calculating the mass of...

academic, astronomy, course mate..., curricula, language en... 219 1
5 Sep 2008 MATLAB Programs for Modeling and Simulation in Medicine and the Life Sciences and Population Mathematics

1 Population Dynamics
1.1 Population Numbers; 1.2 Epidemics; 1.3 Genetics; 1.4 Biogeogra...

academic, biology, curricula, life sciences, medicine 270 1
5 Sep 2008 Psychophysics Toolbox, Version 3

Free MATLAB toolbox for visual and auditory psychophysics research

academic, curricula, psychophysics, psychophysi..., social scie... 2037 1
17 Sep 2008 PPR toolbox

PPR (robust poles placement) is a set of Matlab functions for the design of digital controllers....

academic, control sys..., curricula, electrical..., engineering 59 1
16 Oct 2008 Scientific Computing

Aim of this course: This course intends to teach mathematical methods for the numerical solution ...

academic, computer sc..., curricula 36 1
16 Oct 2008 Interactive MATLAB Course

This course is designed for students of the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical ...

academic, biomedical..., course mate..., curricula, language en... 168 1
19 Jun 2009 Computer programs for modeling Escape Dynamics (economics)

MATLAB programs for promoting intuition about the escape from Nash to Ramsey inflation

business ec..., academic, computation..., downloadabl..., language en... 35 1
19 Jun 2009 MATLAB Tutorials for an introductory Mechanical Engineering course

Brief tutorials on MATLAB programming and plotting

academic, introductor..., language en..., mechanical..., programming... 545 1
19 Jun 2009 Numerical Methods for Engineers

Online textbook and lecture slides for teaching linear algebra, ODEs, etc. using MATLAB

academic, aerospace e..., computation..., course mate..., downloadabl... 392 1
19 Jun 2009 MASTAN2: Linear and Nonlinear Matrix Structural Analysis Software

Free MATLAB toolbox for structural analysis. Comes with a graphical interface and tutorials.

downloadabl..., academic, civil and e..., computation..., language en... 929 1
19 Jun 2009 Bioinformatics and Proteomics: an Engineering Problem-Solving Based Approach

Article on the use of MATLAB toolboxes (Bioinformatics, Statistics, etc.) in a graduate-level class

academic, biological..., biomedical..., computation..., language en... 145 1
19 Jun 2009 MATLAB Simulations for Radar Systems Design

Comprehensive set of MATLAB functions (including GUI) for radar design and analysis

academic, communicati..., downloadabl..., electrical..., language en... 1062 1
19 Jun 2009 Automotive Research Lab at Penn State Gives Students Practical Hardware-in-the-Loop Experience

Article decribing the use of Simulink and xPC Target in a graduate-level automotive research course

academic, electrical..., embedded sy..., language en..., mechanical... 148 1
19 Jun 2009 Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering

Course on PDEs and models for advection, convection, and diffusion using MATLAB

civil and e..., academic, computation..., course mate..., downloadabl... 1052 1
19 Jun 2009 Sea-MAT: MATLAB Tools for Oceanographic Analysis

Comprehensive page of MATLAB tools for time series, numerical modeling, mapping, hydrographics, etc.

academic, downloadabl..., earth atmos..., language en..., resource 679 1
19 Jun 2009 Modeling and Simulation of Natural and Engineered Systems

MATLAB problem sets for teaching stationary processes, linear dynamic systems and neural networks

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 230 1
19 Jun 2009 Introduction to Applied Scientific Computing with MATLAB

Uses MATLAB to introduce topics such as simulation, visualization, statistics, and data processing.

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 256 1
19 Jun 2009 Applied Numerical Methods in Economics

MATLAB problem sets in economics (covering linear & nonlinear optimization, ODEs, interpolation etc)

academic, business ec..., computation..., computation..., course mate... 358 1
19 Jun 2009 Mechanics of Growth

MATLAB course on theoretical and computational models of the biomechanics of growth

academic, biological..., biomedical..., computation..., computation... 133 1
19 Jun 2009 Numerical Methods with MATLAB: Implementations and Applications

Introduces MATLAB programming and numerical methods; comes MATLAB files and lecture slides.

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 592 1
19 Jun 2009 Econometrics

Graduate course on econometric analysis of conditional models and linear causal relationships

academic, business ec..., computation..., course mate..., downloadabl... 419 1
19 Jun 2009 Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design

Concepts and the tools used in design and operation of of chemical and biochemical reaction systems

academic, chemical en..., course mate..., downloadabl..., language en... 642 1
19 Jun 2009 Optimization Models in Computational Biology

Graduate course on computational problems in bioinformatics and their applications

downloadabl..., academic, biological..., computation..., computer sc... 201 1
19 Jun 2009 Code for Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning

MATLAB code for neural network research (e.g., backpropagation, real-time recurrent learning)

downloadabl..., computer sc..., academic, language en..., madaline rule 2950 1
19 Jun 2009 Teaching engineering problem-solving using MATLAB

Purdue University standardized on MATLAB to provide first-year students with core engineering skills

academic, aerospace e..., biomedical..., electrical..., language en... 247 1
19 Jun 2009 Teaching computer science concepts to engineering students

Georgia Tech uses MATLAB to introduce programming and CS concepts to engineering students

academic, aerospace e..., biomedical..., computer sc..., language en... 46 1
19 Jun 2009 MATLAB: A Fast Paced Introduction

Overview of MATLAB commands and syntax for mechanical engineering students

academic, language en..., mechanical..., programming..., tutorial 63 1

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