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30 Jun 1999 Spatial Statistics toolbox

Contains procedures for quickly finding neighboring observations and for speedy estimation of sev...

statistics, generate ra... 596 1
30 Jun 1999 Statbox Toolbox

A toolbox of statistical routines, including ordinal logistic regression, Poisson regression, non...

statistics 189 1
2 Jul 1999 MathWorks - Statistics Toolbox

The Statistics Toolbox is an easy-to-use environment for analyzing historical data, modeling syst...

statistics 184 1
31 Aug 1999 glmlab

glmlab is a free MATLAB toolbox for analysing generalized linear models. glmlab can fit all type...

statistics 186 1
2 Nov 1999 MLR with Fit and CV Statistics

The function mlr.m generates an MLR model fit and does 'leave one out' cross-validation of the mo...

statistics 147 1
7 Apr 2000 Resampling Stats in MATLAB - Software for computer-intensive statistical resampling methods

Resampling Stats in MATLAB is designed specifically for the "new
statistics" of resampling includ...

statistics 62 1
18 Apr 2000 Statistics M-files

User contributed statistics m-files from the MATLAB Central File Exchange....

dsp, signal proc..., statistics 36 1
28 Apr 2000 Spatial Statistics Toolbox for MATLAB 1.1

Spatial Statistics Toolbox for MATLAB 1.1 includes code for simultaneous spatial autoregressions ...

statistics 92 1
2 May 2000 Stixbox

Stixbox, developed by Anders Holtsberg, is a statistics toolbox for MATLAB, Octave, and Matcom/Mi...

statistics, economics, finance 303 1
21 Aug 2000 50-50 MANOVA with rotation testing

The Matlab function ffmanova.m performs general linear modeling with multiple responses (MANCOVA)...

statistics 46 1
22 Aug 2000 Stat/Transfer - The Easiest Way to Move Data In and Out of MATLAB

Stat/Transfer provides a seamless connection between MATLAB and leading statistical packages such...

statistics 119 1
17 Dec 2000 Probability, Random Variables, and Random Signal Principles, 4e

Written for junior and senior undergraduate and first-year graduate electrical engineering studen...

books, probability, statistics 156 1
8 Aug 2001 Duelling Idiots and Other Probability Puzzlers

Written for undergraduates and mathematics enthusiasts, this book teaches the fundamentals of ele...

books, probability, statistics 34 1
11 Nov 2001 Probabilites et Statistiques avec MATLAB et Maple

Written in French, this book is intended for graduate mathematics students. The book begins with ...

books, probability, statistics 44 1
11 Nov 2001 Probability, Random Signals, and Statistics: A Textgraph with Integrated Software for Electrical and Computer Engineers

Written for senior undergraduate students and practicing engineers, this book serves as an introd...

books, probability, statistics 30 1
26 Apr 2002 Statistik mit MathCAD und MATLAB (German)

By Hans Benker. ISBN 3-540-42277-3. Written in German, this book gives an introduction to probabi...

books, probability, statistics 22 1
13 Feb 2003 ARMADA Data Mining Tool

An association rule data mining tool for experimentation and analysis. The associated files can b...

statistics 241 1
10 Dec 2003 Kernel Density Estimation Toolbox

A MATLAB class with MEX routines for creating and manipulating non-parametric (kernel-based) dens...

statistics, good jop 604 1
24 Dec 2003 An Introduction to Stochastic Processes

By Edward P.C. Kao, ISBN 0-534-25518-3
This text takes a modern applied approach to stochastic pr...

books, probability, statistics 111 1
24 Dec 2003 Applied Factor Analysis in the Natural Sciences

By Richard A. Reyment & K.G. Joreskog, ISBN 0-521-41242-0
This textbook introduces students to po...

books, probability, statistics 38 1
24 Dec 2003 Elements of Engineering Probability & Statistics

By Rodger E. Ziemer, ISBN 0-02-431620-2
This book covers the essentials of probability and statis...

books, probability, statistics 131 1
24 Dec 2003 Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing: Detection Theory Volume II

By Steven M. Kay, ISBN 0-13-504135-X
Designed for practicing electrical engineers, researchers, a...

books, probability, statistics 389 1
24 Dec 2003 Introduction to Probability and Random Processes

By Jorge I. Aunon & V. Chandrasekar, ISBN 0-07-001563-5
This book presents an introduction to the...

books, probability, statistics 52 1
24 Dec 2003 Metodi Numerici e Statistici per le Scienze Applicate

By Valeriano Comincioli, ISBN 88-408-0757-8
This book covers topics in numeric computation and st...

books, probability, statistics 24 1
24 Dec 2003 Ordinal Data Modeling

By Valen E. Johnson & James H. Albert, ISBN 0-387-98718-5...

books, probability, statistics 29 1
24 Dec 2003 Probabilistic Methods of Signal and System Analysis, 3e

By George R. Cooper & Clare D. McGillem, ISBN 0-19-512354-9...

books, probability, statistics 80 1
24 Dec 2003 Probability and Random Processes for Electrical Engineers

By Yannis Viniotis, ISBN 0-07-067491-4
Suited for the advanced undergraduate and graduate student...

books, probability, statistics 44 1
24 Dec 2003 Probability and Stochastic Processes: A Friendly Introduction for Electrical and Computer Engineers

By Roy D. Yates & David J. Goodman, ISBN 0-471-17837-3
The goal of this text is to help the reade...

books, probability, statistics 367 1
24 Dec 2003 Probability, Random Processes, and Estimation Theory for Engineers, 2e

By Henry Stark & John W. Woods, ISBN 0-13-728791-7
Designed for a first-year course in probabilit...

books, probability, statistics 117 1
24 Dec 2003 Spatial Error Analysis: A Unified Application-Oriented Treatment

By David Y. Hsu, ISBN 0-7803-3453-1
This book is an all-in-one sourcebook on error measurements i...

books, probability, statistics 35 1
20 Feb 2004 Applied Functional Data Analysis: Methods and Case Studies

By J.O. Ramsay & Bernard Silverman. Written for graduate students and researchers, this book intr...

books, probability, statistics 131 1
20 Feb 2004 Probability and Random Processes with Applications to Signal Processing, 3e

By Henry Stark & John W. Woods. Written for junior- and senior-level undergraduates, this book be...

books, probability, signal proc..., statistics 303 1
20 Feb 2004 Statistical Process Adjustment for Quality Control

By Enrique del Castillo. This book presents control theory at the elementary level, focusing on s...

books, probability, statistics 48 1
20 Feb 2004 Applied Stochastic Modelling

By Byron J.T. Morgan. Written for senior-level undergraduate and graduate level students, this bo...

books, probability, statistics 108 1
2 Apr 2004 Indiana University MATLAB Tutorial

Topics covered include MATLAB Overview, sales, availability, licensing, using the PDE toolbox and...

academic, curricula, mathematics, probability, statistics 33 1
12 Aug 2004 Statistical Computation: Archives of MATLAB Functions

Archives on MATLAB functions. Packages include, regresssions, LAD, logit, factor analysis, distri...

statistics 35 1
12 Aug 2004 MATLAB, Statistics, and Linear Regression

Introduction to MATLAB for Statistics. Includes some material on Variance and Covariance, and Lin...

statistics 132 1
12 Aug 2004 Statistics Utilities by Peter J.Acklam

Statistical functions, probability distributions, random numbers. Functions and examples....

statistics 41 1
3 Jun 2005 Tutorials on Processing of Data using MATLAB

Tutorials below aimed at freshman engineering students using Student Version 7.01 of MATLAB, i.e....

statistics 18 1
15 Jun 2005 Resources for K-Mean Clustering

Aside from my tutorial (in Visual Basic Code or in MATLAB code), there are many books and journal...

statistics 278 1
15 Sep 2005 Data Description Toolbox (dd_tools)

The data description toolbox wants to provide tools, classifiers and evaluation functions for the...

statistics 281 1
29 Nov 2005 Mixmod : cluster analysis and discriminant analysis sofware

The MIXMOD (MIXture MODelling) software fits mixture models to a given data set with a density es...

statistics 180 1
16 Feb 2006 RMTool: Random Matrix Calculator

RMTool is a simple MATLAB Symbolic Toolbox based code for analytically predicting the eigenvalue ...

statistics 39 1
2 Jun 2006 MANI: Manifold Learning Demo

This Matlab GUI provides a simple interface for visualizing and experimenting with various dimens...

statistics, manifold gu... 581 1
30 Sep 2006 MCMC Methods for MLP and GP and Stuff

MCMCstuff toolbox is a collection of Matlab functions for Bayesian inference with Markov chain Mo...

mcmc conver..., neural netw..., statistics 420 1
22 Oct 2007 Spatial Analysis 3D

Spatial Analysis 3D is a user-friendly, graphical user interface (GUI) that allows statistical an...

graphics, statistics, visualization 489 1
5 Sep 2008 Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers

This course uses MATLAB to introduce the elements of procedural and object-oriented programming. ...

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 412 1
19 Jun 2009 Multivariate Bayesian Statistics: Models for Source Separation and Signal Unmixing

By Daniel B. Rowe. This text presents the Bayesian statistical approach to the source separation ...

1, 1 1 1, biosciences, books, probability 166 1
19 Jun 2009 Modeling and Simulation of Natural and Engineered Systems

MATLAB problem sets for teaching stationary processes, linear dynamic systems and neural networks

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 230 1
19 Jun 2009 Introduction to Applied Scientific Computing with MATLAB

Uses MATLAB to introduce topics such as simulation, visualization, statistics, and data processing.

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 256 1

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