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9 Feb 2004 Lessons in Estimation Theory for Signal Processing, Communications, and Control

By Jerry M. Mendel. Providing an introduction to the general field of estimation theory, the subj...

books, communications 131 1
9 Feb 2004 Mobile Fading Channels

Written for senior-level students and engineers in telecommunications and electrical engineering,...

books, communications 118 1
9 Feb 2004 Multimedia Signals and Systems

By Mrinal Kr. Mandal. Written for advanced-level courses and professionals, this book provides a...

books, communications 18 1
9 Feb 2004 Principles of Communications, 5e: Systems, Modulation, and Noise

By Rodger E. Ziemer & William H. Tranter. Written for senior-level undergraduates, first-year gra...

books, communications 109 1
9 Feb 2004 Simulation and Software Radio for Mobile Communications

By Hiroshi Harada & Ramjee Prasad. Written for researchers, this book discusses how to design wir...

communications, books 937 1
9 Feb 2004 Wireless Communications and Networking

By Jon W. Mark & Weihua Zhuang. Written for senior-level undergraduate or first-year graduate cou...

books, communications 123 1
9 Feb 2004 Antenna and EM Modeling with MATLAB

By Sergey N. Makarov. Written for students and professionals in the field of antenna design, this...

books, communications 327 1
24 Dec 2003 Digital Communications: Design for the Real World

By Andy Bateman, ISBN 0-201-34301-0
This book introduces readers to the fundamentals of digital c...

books, communications 72 1
24 Dec 2003 Distributed Feedback Semiconductor Lasers

By John Carroll / James Whiteaway & Dick Plumb, ISBN 0-85296-917-1...

books, communications 135 1
24 Oct 2003 MathWorks - Communications Toolbox

This toolbox is a library of MATLAB functions that facilitates the design of communication system...

communications 162 1
24 Oct 2003 MathWorks - Communications Blockset

This blockset builds on the Simulink system-level design environment by providing more than 150 b...

communications 194 1
26 Apr 2002 Electronic Communication Systems, 2e

By Roy Blake. ISBN 0-7668-2684-8. Written for students in two-, three-, and four-year programs in...

books, communications 48 1
26 Apr 2002 Video Processing and Communications

By Yao Wang, Jörn Ostermann & Ya-Qin Zhang. ISBN 0-13-017547-1. Written for graduate students and...

books, communications 80 1
10 Nov 2001 An Introduction to Digital Communications

By Jack Kurzweil. Written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, this book focuses on ...

books, communications 68 1
10 Nov 2001 MATLAB und Simulink in Signalverarbeitung und Kommunikationstechnik

By Josef Hoffmann. Written in German, this book is intended for engineering students and practici...

books, communications 7 1
10 Nov 2001 Space-Time Processing for CDMA Mobile Communications

By Pieter van Rooyen, Michiel Lötter & Danie van Wyk. Written for research students and design en...

books, communications 160 1
10 Nov 2001 ADSL, VDSL, and Multicarrier Modulation

By John A.C. Bingham. This book is written for graduate students, designers, and system planners ...

communications, books 180 1
10 Nov 2001 Digitale Signalverarbeitung in der Nachrichten?bertragung: Elemente, Bausteine, Systeme und ihre Algorithmen

By Peter Gerdsen & Peter Kröger.This book, written in German, provides a short introduction to MA...

books, communications 8 1
8 Aug 2001 Telecommunications Demystified

By Carl R. Nassar. Written for electrical engineering undergraduates and professionals, this book...

books, communications 47 1

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