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13 May 2014 XMLTree: an XML toolbox for MATLAB

A parser by Guillaume Flandin

Contributed by: Helen Chen
Updated by: Allen
data export, data import 494 2
5.0 | 1 rating
12 May 2014 MATLAB scripts and programs

A lot of MATLAB scripts and programs...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
Updated by: sandeep
utilities 397 2
6 May 2014 Pattern Recognition Toolbox

The PRT provides access to a wide range of pattern recognition tools in a simple unified framework.

Contributed by: Peter
Updated by: pramod bhatt
rvm, pattern rec..., machine lea..., bagging, data mining 4064 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
29 Apr 2014 VOICEBOX: Speech Processing Toolbox for MATLAB

MATLAB toolbox for speech processing, coding, synthesis and recognition

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
Updated by: Toan Phuong
academic, downloadabl..., http://www...., signal proc..., speech proc... 3743 2
4.0 | 1 rating
20 Apr 2014 Speech Processing and Synthesis Toolboxes

By Donald G. Childers, ISBN 0-471-34959-3...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
Updated by: muthu
books, signal proc... 182 2
4.0 | 1 rating
15 Apr 2014 MATLAB Cookbook - a collection of example code samples

A bunch of "recipes" focusing on programing technique and plotting

Contributed by: Rob Campbell
Updated by: Zongge
beginner, code samples, cookbook, intermediate, plotting 367 2
14 Apr 2014 MathWorks - Data Acquisition Toolbox

The Data Acquisition Toolbox provides a complete set of tools for controlling and communicating w...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
Updated by: alaa
measurement, signal proc..., test 168 2
5.0 | 1 rating
11 Apr 2014 Nonlinear Dynamics I: Chaos

Lecture materials, assignments & related MATLAB files for course by MIT prof Daniel Rothman

Contributed by: Lissa
Updated by: Mark Easton
course mate..., academic, downloadabl..., earth atmos..., language en... 530 2
1.0 | 1 rating
3 Apr 2014 Solving of the discrete optimization problems in Matlab

Some of the discrete optimization problems on the basis of the Matlab function bintprog are solved

Contributed by: Pavel Kogan
Updated by: Wlodek Tych
academic, computation..., country ua, language ru..., mathematics 228 2
31 Mar 2014 Convolutive extension of the FastICA source separation method

The C-FICA algorithm (Convolutive extension of FastICA) is a time-domain fast fixed-point algorit...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
Updated by: Filip Franek
signal proc... 447 2
23 Mar 2014 Free Online MathWorks Seminar: Using MATLAB for Fixed Income Modeling

This online webinar will present how financial services professionals can develop customized algo...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
Updated by: mohammed
economics, finance 189 2
17 Mar 2014 Fractal dimension from image

Blog post showing how Matlab can be used to compute the fractal dimension from an image.

Contributed by: Alceu Costa
Updated by: Vineel
feature ext..., fractal, fractal dim..., image proce... 466 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
17 Mar 2014 M_Map: A mapping package for Matlab

M_Map is a set of mapping tools written for MATLAB v5. These include: Routines to project data in...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
Updated by: Philippe
mapping, earth sciences 1232 2
4.0 | 2 ratings
11 Mar 2014 Matlab Sphinx documentation

Sphinx filter for Matlab documentation

Contributed by: Ioannis Filippidis
Updated by: Milan
documentation, sphinx 241 2
5.0 | 3 ratings
16 Feb 2014 Eude de la chaîne son du projecteur scénique sous MATLAB. par Serge Siot-Taillefer et Jean Louis Tayan, de l'académie de Nice.

Eude de la chaîne son du projecteur scénique sous MATLAB pour STI2D

Contributed by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
Updated by: Olivier Guillotin
academic, académie, académie de..., chaîne, country fr 69 2
3.0 | 2 ratings
11 Feb 2014 Portail solaire avec MATLAB/Simulink Par Système d'Etude Technique (SET)

Projet pédagogique MATLAB/Similunk.sur le portail solaire

Contributed by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
Updated by: laz
academic, control sys..., country fr, course mate..., language fr... 89 2
5.0 | 1 rating
7 Feb 2014 SUAS Code: UAV State Estimation Examples

A set of MATLAB routines that estimate a UAV's position and orientation using sensor measurements.

Contributed by: Jeff Barton
Updated by: fafa
ekf, kalman, we need sim..., academic, aerospace 975 2
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Feb 2014 Creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) in MATLAB

Learn how to create a custom MATLAB GUI.

Contributed by: Sarah Wait Zaranek
Updated by: Tristan LIN
gui, guis 393 2
5.0 | 1 rating
28 Jan 2014 SimMechanics Virtual Reality MATLAB GUI 3DOF Isoglide Parallel Robot

Simulink 3D Animation GUI

Contributed by: Simulink Dude
Updated by: kamal
3d, animation, gui, hmi, reality 375 2
4.0 | 1 rating
20 Jan 2014 Test and verification of dynamic safety relevant embedded software, Simulink models using Time Partition Testing.

TPT the model based testing tool enables systematic testing and verification of Simulink Models.

Contributed by: Jens
Updated by: Norbert Büttner
aerospace, automotive, control design, data explor..., embedded code 73 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
20 Jan 2014 MATLAB/Simulink testing using TPT

TPT the unique model based testing tool for all Simulink models

Contributed by: Jens
Updated by: Norbert Büttner
automotive, model, simulink, mil, model in th... 124 2
5.0 | 3 ratings
23 Dec 2013 MathWorks - Link for ModelSim

Link for ModelSim® is a cosimulation interface that integrates MATLAB® and Simulink® into the har...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
Updated by: zhang ning
signal proc... 799 2
5.0 | 1 rating
1 Dec 2013 MATLAB Interface to Microsoft Kinect

MATLAB interface for working with natural interaction devices such as Kinect and Asus Xtion

Contributed by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
Updated by: norfreezailah ghazali
academic, computer sc..., country us, downloadabl..., image and v... 1240 2
27 Nov 2013 Code examples of the book, "Kalman Filter for Beginners: with MATLAB Examples"

MATLAB examples on Linear/Extended/Unscented Kalman filter, low-pass filter, complementary filter

Contributed by: Phil
Updated by: Madhvi
unscented k..., attitude re..., kalman filter, extended ka..., complementa... 3225 2
22 Oct 2013 K Means Clustering Tutorial

Simple tutorial on what is k means clustering, how the algorithm works, and numerical example of ...

Contributed by: Kardi Teknomo
Updated by: Franck Dernoncourt
statistics 3807 2
2.5 | 2 ratings
19 Oct 2013 Unified framework for rapid prototyping of Linux based real-time controllers with Matlab and Simulink

This paper describes how to remotly develop a real-time controller for a robot by Simulink.

Contributed by: Mohammad Aref
Updated by: Ali
aerospace, article, automotive, communications, control design 69 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
19 Oct 2013 Examples of data visualization in Google Earth made with Matlab

Examples of various types of plots made with Matlab and Google Earth

Contributed by: T.
Updated by: Ruben Danilo
data visual..., google earth, kml, kmz, open source 392 2
1.0 | 1 rating
18 Oct 2013 MATLAB syntax highlighter

A small JavaScript library for online MATLAB syntax highlighting

Contributed by: Zoltan Fegyver
Updated by: Elad
code, highlighting, online, syntax 136 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
15 Oct 2013 Bearing Fault Analysis through Vibration-Using Matlab

This page gives a software for performing different analysis on vibration based Condition Monitoring

Contributed by: Santhana Raj
Updated by: Siva Srinivas Kolukula
bearing, condition m..., discrete fo..., discrete wa..., envelope de... 273 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
30 Sep 2013 DDS (Data Distribution Service) Blockset for Simulink

Easily share data from a Simulink model with other applications using Data Distribution Service

Contributed by: Ronald Leung
Updated by: Dave Everett
data distri..., communications, dds, integration, messaging 163 2
22 Sep 2013 Using Agilent N1996A CSA Spectrum Analyzer from MATLAB

Agilent N1996A CSA Spectrum Analyzer Instrument Driver

Contributed by: The Instrument Control Team
Updated by: Jianzhong Chen
agilent, instrument..., ivi, keysight, n1996a 115 2
5.0 | 1 rating
20 Sep 2013 Simulink and Digital Communications – A Perfect Match for the Classroom

Recorded webinar on teaching communications and feedback concepts using simulation

Contributed by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
Updated by: pavan
academic, communicati..., country us, electrical..., language en... 143 2
13 Sep 2013 Matlab cody contain code for different problem. All are interesting probleb to understand.

This blog will cover these topic mostly:
1) DIP
2) Control System
3) GUI

Contributed by: shehbaz Ali
Updated by: Chetan Rawal
academic, image and v..., textbook, communication, communicati... 359 2
11 Sep 2013 Computer Vision in Matlab

A blog post from Seeeing and Believing

Contributed by: Helen Chen
Updated by: Muhammad
computer vi..., cv, image proce..., options 168 2
5.0 | 3 ratings

A blog that introduces the engineering students with the MATLAB and its applications in engineering.

Contributed by: quiz
Updated by: Jeya shree
signal proc..., dynamic pro..., image proce..., k means clu..., multiscale... 2126 2
5.0 | 1 rating
27 Aug 2013 BEST Robotics Library for Simulink with the VEX Cortex Microcontroller

Simulink block library and target for creating programs that will run autonomously on a VEX robot

Contributed by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
Updated by: Sandeep Math
academic, downloadabl..., electrical..., language en..., mechanical... 669 2
9 Jul 2013 Mechanical Trading System in MatLab

MEX API to TA-Lib functions released.
Documentation of API at

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
Updated by: Mark
economics, finance 315 2
3 Jul 2013 EKF-SLAM Toolbox for MATLAB

6DOF "active search" SLAM using the classical EKF implementation

Contributed by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
Updated by: Sangyoon
downloadabl..., academic, country us, electrical..., language en... 1574 2
5.0 | 1 rating
19 Jun 2013 Teaching Math and Physics with Symbolic Math Toolbox

Recorded Webinar on using Symbolic Math Toolbox and MuPAD notebook interface for teaching

Contributed by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
Updated by: Deepak Ramaswamy
mathematics, numerical a..., academic, language en..., physics and... 191 2
5.0 | 1 rating
19 Jun 2013 Teaching Physics with MATLAB Through Project-Based Learning

Recorded webinar on using MATLAB to teach physics theory and lab courses

Contributed by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
Updated by: Deepak Ramaswamy
academic, language en..., measurement..., physics and..., project bas... 223 2
5.0 | 1 rating
24 May 2013

Software for copy protecting MATLAB algorithms, GUIs and stand-alone applications.

Contributed by: elgamal
Updated by: Goryn
data encryp..., copy, copy protec..., cryptography, cryptology 234 2
31 Mar 2013 SwarmOps

Particle Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution.

Contributed by: Magnus
differentia..., direct search, evolutionar..., global opti..., optimization 300 2
11 Mar 2013 Matlab Chinese Forums

The hottest matlab chinese forum, mainly for researchers in China!...

Contributed by: Hong Zhang
Updated by: Ahmed Hakim
chinese, community, learning, newsgroups 144 2
29 Jan 2013 MathExplorer: Learn about math interactively with MuPAD!

MathExplorer is a set of hyperlinked MuPAD notebooks for teaching mathematical concepts.

Contributed by: Justyna Zander
Updated by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
course mate..., electrical..., language en..., mathematics, numerical a... 80 2
13 Dec 2012 WaveLab Toolbox

Library of MATLAB routines for wavelet analysis, wavelet-packet analysis, cosine-packet analysis ...

Contributed by: MATLAB Central Team
Updated by: John-Christopher Wells
black, litterman, signal proc..., wavelets 753 2
28 Nov 2012 Designing A Custom Neural Network In MATLAB

Blog post by Romaine Carter

Contributed by: Helen Chen
Updated by: Arpit Gupta
neural netw... 485 2
4.0 | 1 rating
2 Nov 2012 Orbital Mechanics with MATLAB

A comprehensive collection of MATLAB scripts and functions called Orbital Mechanics with MATLAB.

Contributed by: David Eagle
Updated by: Richard
aerospace o... 330 2
18 Sep 2012 IRIS Toolbox

IRIS is an open-source toolbox for macroeconomic modelling and forecasting, by J. Benes (IMF).

Contributed by: Giampiero Campa
Updated by: Jaromir
computation..., academic, business ec..., country us, downloadabl... 514 2
5.0 | 1 rating
28 Aug 2012 Fish Classification in Matlab Source Code

This project uses Gray Level Texture feture to classify fish images

Contributed by: rupam das
Updated by: harry yao
cbir, image class..., matlab sour..., power syste..., wcdma detec... 1131 2
5.0 | 1 rating
26 Aug 2012 Image Classification Practical [MATLAB-based project]

 Tutorial on semantic image classification with bag-of-words representations and SVM classifiers

Contributed by: Andrea Vedaldi
Updated by: ankit arya
academic, computer sc..., image and v..., language en..., tutorial 2491 2
5.0 | 1 rating

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