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23 Mar 2004 BAE SYSTEMS Controls Develops Autopilot for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using MathWorks Tools

Using MathWorks tools, engineers at BAE SYSTEMS Controls in Johnson City, New York, and Santa Mon...

aerospace, industry, stories 171 1
23 Mar 2004 Argonne National Laboratory Develops Sensor for Chemical Agent Detection Using MathWorks Tools

Learn how Argonne National Labs developed an instrument to reliably detect and identify gaseous c...

aerospace, industry, stories 8 1
13 Sep 2002 Aircraft Control Toolbox

The Aircraft Control Toolbox is a complete aircraft control system design and simulation package....

aerospace 164 1
7 Apr 2000 Stellar and Spin Axis Attitude Determination Toolboxes - Tools for performing stellar and spin axis attitude determination

The Stellar Attitude Determination Toolbox implements a complete stellar
attitude determination s...

aerospace 85 1

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