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9 Mar 2010 Optimization Using Symbolic Derivatives

Alan Weiss presents techniques for the calculation and use of gradients using Symbolic Math Toolbox

computation..., derivative..., gradients, hessian, language en... 124 1
17 Feb 2010 Introduction to MATLAB [English and German]

Web-based MATLAB tutorial covering programming, data analysis, and plotting

biomedical..., electrical..., industrial..., language en..., mechanical... 1532 1
16 Feb 2010 MecLab - Introduction to Mechatronics

MecLab is a turn-key solution for introducing the principles of Mechatroncis

academic, automation, course mate..., digital sig..., industrial... 173 1
9 Feb 2010 Discrete Fourier Analysis and Wavelets: Applications to Signal and Image Processing

Web page with resources and MATLAB code to support the textbook named in the title

Contributed by: Kurt
digital sig..., electrical..., academic, downloadabl..., image and v... 403 1
6 Feb 2010 Exploratory Data Analysis with MATLAB

Textbook on exploratory data analysis methods, with extensive use of MATLAB examples and GUIs

statistics..., academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological... 494 1
5 Feb 2010 Nonparametric Statistics with Applications to Science and Engineering

Advanced textbook on nonparametric statistics using MATLAB and Statistics Toolbox

downloadabl..., academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological... 329 1
4 Feb 2010 Demos for Symbolic Math Toolbox

Tutorial demos of Symbolic Math Toolbox (MATLAB and MuPAD) for applications in math and engineering

numerical a..., academic, downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics 252 1
4 Feb 2010 Course on Scientific Computing

Survey of practical numerical solution techniques for ordinary and partial differential equations

academic, aerospace e..., computation..., course mate..., language en... 195 1
3 Feb 2010 Assignments for Mathematics courses using MATLAB

MATLAB files for a variety of mathematics courses (calculus, matrix theory, numerical analysis etc.)

academic, computation..., course mate..., downloadabl..., language en... 415 1
2 Feb 2010 Technical Computing on Campus: A Curriculum View

Recorded webinar on the role of technical computing in engineering, & how best to introduce it

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 30 1
11 Jan 2010 Symbolic Computing Tools for Academia

Recorded webinar on new features of Symbolic Math Toolbox, MuPAD language, & their use in teaching

academic, language en..., mathematics, mw webinar, numerical a... 146 1
11 Jan 2010 Teaching with MATLAB - Tips and Tricks

Recorded webinar on MATLAB features that facilitate classroom teaching and visualization

aerospace e..., academic, all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 293 1
7 Dec 2009 Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications, 9th ed.

Introduction to theory and computational techniques in linear algebra (with MATLAB exercises)

academic, analisis nu..., computation..., downloadabl..., language en... 424 1
7 Dec 2009 An Introduction to Scientific Computing: Twelve Computational Projects Solved with MATLAB

Graduate-level textbook on computational methods in a variety of engineering areas

academic, computation..., downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics 759 1
7 Dec 2009 An Introduction to Optimization, 3rd edition

Introduction to optimization methods at the senior undergraduate level, with MATLAB exercises

downloadabl..., academic, statistics..., industrial..., language en... 641 1
24 Nov 2009 Numerical Analysis [French]

Course on numerical methods for linear systems, with MATLAB exercises and lecture notes.

resource, academic, computation..., course mate..., downloadabl... 209 1
24 Nov 2009 MATLAB Tutorial [German]

An overview of MATLAB. Topics covered include functions, vectors, matrices, cell arrays, & graphics.

academic, language ge..., mathematics, programming..., tutorial 422 1
24 Nov 2009 Linear Algebra and Applications

Introductory course on linear algebra, with extensive MATLAB assignments

academic, course mate..., downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics 177 1
24 Nov 2009 Introduction to Computational Neuroscience

Course notes on mathematical concepts in computational neuroscience (with MATLAB examples)

academic, biological..., course mate..., language en..., mathematics 968 1
24 Nov 2009 Topics in Applied Linear Algebra

Course on advanced topics in linear algebra, with extensive MATLAB projects

academic, course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl..., language en... 128 1
24 Nov 2009 Computational Methods in Economics

Graduate course on formulating and solving economic models with MATLAB

academic, business ec..., computation..., course mate..., downloadabl... 509 1
24 Nov 2009 Analytical and Computational Methods in Electrical Engineering

MATLAB course on numerical linear algebra and applications on image processing and circuits

academic, computation..., course mate..., electrical..., language en... 209 1
24 Nov 2009 Structure and Interpretation of Signals & Systems

Covers mathematical modeling techniques in signal processing; includes lectures & online textbook

academic, biomedical..., course mate..., digital sig..., electrical... 301 1
24 Nov 2009 Advanced Mathematics and Mechanics Applications Using MATLAB

Companion software to "Advanced Mathematics and Mechanics Applications Using MATLAB, 3rd ed.

academic, computation..., downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics 243 1
29 Jun 2009 Improving Optimization performance with Parallel Computing

Parallel computing can accelerate the solution of computationally expensive optimization problems

article, computation..., computation..., fmincon, gradient es... 155 1
22 Jun 2009 The Predator-Prey Equation

Teaching material for the ODEs of the Predator-Prey model

demo, mathematics, ode 414 0
19 Jun 2009 Experiments with MATLAB, by Cleve Moler

Online textbook that introduces MATLAB through the use of interesting puzzles and problems

academic, all departm..., biological..., biomedical..., computer sc... 461 1
19 Jun 2009 Introduction to Applied Scientific Computing with MATLAB

Uses MATLAB to introduce topics such as simulation, visualization, statistics, and data processing.

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 256 1
19 Jun 2009 Numerical Methods with MATLAB: Implementations and Applications

Introduces MATLAB programming and numerical methods; comes MATLAB files and lecture slides.

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 592 1
19 Jun 2009 Modeling and Simulation of Natural and Engineered Systems

MATLAB problem sets for teaching stationary processes, linear dynamic systems and neural networks

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 230 1
19 Jun 2009 Numerical Methods for Engineers

Online textbook and lecture slides for teaching linear algebra, ODEs, etc. using MATLAB

academic, aerospace e..., computation..., course mate..., downloadabl... 392 1
19 Jun 2009 Sparse Grid Interpolation Toolbox

The Sparse Grid Interpolation Toolbox is a Matlab
toolbox for recovering (approximating) expensiv...

fitting, interpolation, mathematics 621 1
19 Jun 2009 MATLAB Code - NMF

Simple implementation of divergence-reducing NMF in Matlab....

mathematics 1951 1
12 Nov 2008 MATLAB - 테크니컬 컴퓨팅의 언어

MATLAB은 C, C++ 및 Fortran과 같은 기존 프로그래밍 언어보다 더 빨리 연산 집중 작업을 수행할 수 있는 상위 레벨 언어 및 대화식 환경입니다....

mathematics 6 1
11 Nov 2008 MATLAB - 科学计算语言

MATLAB 是一种用于算法开发、数据可视化、数据分析以及数值计算的高级技术计算语言和交互式环境。使用 MATLAB,您可以较使用传统的编程语言(如 C、C++ 和 Fortran)更快地解决技...

mathematics 31 1
5 Sep 2008 Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers

This course uses MATLAB to introduce the elements of procedural and object-oriented programming. ...

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 412 1
23 Jul 2008 How to upgrade the computing velocity of computer

One of built-in function required in building micro-processor of computer is infinite series of t...

mathematics, numerical c... 30 1
20 Jun 2008 chebfun - Chebyshev Function System

The chebfun project is a collection of algorithms, and a software system in object-oriented MATLA...

mathematics 207 1
30 May 2008 Calculus and Transforms

A Power Point 2007 presentation...

academic, curricula, mathematics 17 1
30 May 2008 Linear Algebra & Solution of ODEs

A Power Point 2007 presentation...

academic, curricula, mathematics 25 1
30 May 2008 Elementary Math Functions

A Power Point 2007 presentation...

academic, curricula, mathematics 48 1
22 Jan 2008 Absolute Math Tutoring

Absolute Math Tutoring is an in-home math tutoring company serving the areas of Westlake Village,...

mathematics 13 1
28 Dec 2007 Linear Algebra (Undergraduate)

This course introduces the central ideas of matrix theory and linear algebra. It emphasizes topic...

academic, curricula, linear algebra, mathematics, tutorials 77 1
20 Jul 2007 True (non pseudo) random number generator

It claims to be a generator of real random numbers: has several implementations (including Matlab...

mathematics 185 1
17 Jul 2007 Matlab

Teaching Matlab to Persian's....

mathematics 13 1
13 Jul 2007 Stochastic Differential Equations Toolbox

SDE Toolbox is a MATLAB package for simulating the solution of a user defined Ito or Stratonovich...

calculus, mathematics 750 1
5 Jun 2007 The Matrix Cookbook

"The Matrix Cookbook" is a free mathematical desktop reference on matrices.

Includes things like...

mathematics 560 1
22 May 2007 Vedic Mathematics, Vedic Maths, Vedic Math India

World's Fastest Mental Math system is Vedic mathematics hailing from Ancient Indian Scriptures ca...

mathematics 86 1
13 Apr 2007 PAMM: Acoustic propagation in multilayered media

Software PAMM (Propagation of Acoustic waves in Multilayered Media) developed in the Applied Math...

mathematics, numerical c... 259 1
8 Jan 2007 LibLip multivariate scattered data approximation toolbox

LibLip is a Matlabtoolbox, which provides many methods to interpolate scattered data (with or wit...

fitting, interpolation, mathematics 110 1

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