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15 Nov 2012 Introduction to probability & applied statistics - UMASS/Boston Open Courseware

UMASS/Boston open courseware Matlab-based graduate statistics course

Contributed by: Eugene Gallagher
Updated by: Eugene Gallagher
probability, course, online, statistics, symbolic math 318 1
18 Oct 2013 MATLAB syntax highlighter

A small JavaScript library for online MATLAB syntax highlighting

Contributed by: Zoltan Fegyver
Updated by: Elad
code, highlighting, online, syntax 151 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
15 Dec 2010 Introduction to MATLAB - MIT OpenCourseware

MIT OpenCourseware course 6.094 Undergraduate/Graduate class by D. Šćepanović

Contributed by: Helen Chen
curriculum, matlab, online 135 1
27 Dec 2012 Open Courseware: Applied Statistics

UMass Boston open courseware site for EEOS611 Applied Statistics

Contributed by: Eugene Gallagher
environmental, anova, applied sta..., data analysis, graduate 70 1

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