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15 Apr 2014 MATLAB Cookbook - a collection of example code samples

A bunch of "recipes" focusing on programing technique and plotting

beginner, code samples, cookbook, intermediate, plotting 409 2
22 Mar 2011 Using MATLAB to Teach Programming to First-Year Engineering Students at Boston University

Freshmen learn basic programming concepts and problem-solving with MATLAB at the same time.

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biomedical..., chemical en... 373 2
6 Jul 2009 Programming Patterns: Some Common MATLAB Programming Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Tips and best practices to help you become fluent in MATLAB and achieve your programming goals

article, duality, function ha..., matlab, matrix mult... 217 1
15 Dec 2009 From MATLAB to Embedded C

The Embedded MATLAB language subset closes the gap between exploration and implementation

embedded ma..., matlab to c..., algorithm, automatic c..., c code 167 1
7 Dec 2009 Best Practices for a MATLAB to C Workflow Using Real-Time Workshop

Automatic translation of MATLAB concept code to C code

algorithm, automatic c..., c code, code genera..., embedded ma... 160 1
6 Jul 2009 Cleve's Corner: Experiments with MATLAB

Free, online book for educators and high-school students looking to go beyond the standard courses

google page..., shallow water, t puzzlelin..., article, calendars c... 146 1
2 Mar 2010 Course materials for 2nd year BSc students Earth Sciences

Course materials for 2nd year BSc students Earth Sciences.

Contributed by: JH S
course, earth science, education, matlab exer..., programming 143 1
6 Jul 2009 MATLAB and Simulink Based Books: Real-Time Implementation and Signal Processing Laboratories

Textbooks support the trends of signal processing, introductory programming and model-based design

article, matlab, model based..., paper, programming 143 1
15 Dec 2009 Von MATLAB nach Embedded C

Direkte Generierung von C-Code aus MATLAB-Algorithmen.

algorithm, automatic c..., c code, code genera..., embedded ma... 131 1
4 Aug 2011 Using MATLAB to Teach Problem-Solving Techniques to First-Year Liberal Arts Students

MATLAB and an "inverted classroom" help students hone critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

aerospace e..., academic, biological..., biomedical..., business ec... 88 1
4 Dec 2014 Physics Practical Course Computing Laboratory

A first course in computing for Physics students.

academic, country gb, course mate..., data types, differentia... 25 1
4 Dec 2014 Computational Biology in MATLAB

A first course in computing for Biological Sciences students

academic, biological..., country gb, course mate..., data types 28 1

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