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2 Nov 2012 Human Body Triangular Surface Meshes for Electromagnetic Simulations

This link provides downloads for 19 human body meshes suitable for electromagnetic simulations.

acoustics, bioelectrom..., biomedical..., boundary el..., electromagn... 277 1
23 Oct 2012 Shock & Vibration Software & Tutorials

Blog posts by Tom Irivine

acoustics, fft, iso 2631, power spect..., sound 242 1
23 Dec 2010 Wave Animation

Wave animation and MATLAB code by Ralph Muehleisen

acoustics, animation, sound 421 1
8 Jun 2005 Dynamic Time Warp (DTW) in Matlab

The code and example on this page show a simple implementation of dynamic time warp alignment bet...

signal proc..., acoustics 3709 1
11 Aug 2004 VTAR - Vocal Tract Acoustic Response Calculation

VTAR is a MATLAB-based computer program for vocal tract acoustic response calculation. Based on a...

acoustics, signal proc... 232 1
15 Jul 2004 SINUS Measurement Toolbox (SMT) for MATLAB®

Two families of data acquisition hardware with a common dynamic MATLAB® interface for the field o...

acoustics, signal proc... 53 1
5 Mar 2004 Acoustic Ideas Toolboxes for MATLAB

The four Acoustic Ideas Toolboxes for MATLAB allow computation of ultrasonic focusing parameters ...

acoustics, signal proc... 335 1
7 Apr 2000 SIMTEST Toolbox - Vibration analysis and control for multi-axis simulation testing

The SIMTEST Toolbox addresses the needs of noise, vibration, and structural durability test labor...

acoustics, signal proc... 148 1
7 Apr 2000 SaberLink™ Analysis Interface to MATLAB - Interactive analysis interface for circuit simulation

The SaberLink Analysis Interface to MATLAB lets you use the power of
MATLAB 5.0 from within the S...

acoustics, automotive, consulting, controls, electronics 56 1
7 Apr 2000 Adaptics, Inc. Training and Consulting - Consulting and training in automated multivariable system identification

Adaptics offers consulting and training services in the area of automated multivariable system id...

acoustics, controls, courses, modeling, signal proc... 8 1
5 Apr 2000 ACUSYS -Simulation and analysis of pressure pulsation in complex piping and plants

ACUSYS, developed using MATLAB and Simulink, simulates the stationary and transient response of t...

acoustics, automotive, signal proc... 145 1
5 Apr 2000 PSonE2 and PSonE3 - Design and evaluation of passive sound transmission for multi-layer structures

PSonE2 and PSonE3 are programs that offer detailed evaluation of sound transmission for multi-lay...

acoustics, signal proc... 85 1

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